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  1. I’m wondering if you get more consistent fps from small primers in a 243 case...
  2. Hi All, Laurie pointed out that small primer 243 brass has become more available and I was wondering if anyone had tried it, and what the results were? Peterson brass do it for example. Thanks, Cooperman
  3. Cooperman

    .243 comparisons to 6br

    I’ve got a couple of 243’s, both very accurate, but I’m having the same thoughts as you. A mate now has a 22br and gets almost no velocity variations through my chrono, and now shoots better at long range than me. I’ve seen him use my magneto and achieve results I’m keen to replicate. My 243’s fps vary significantly more. We both home load well, and I’m obsessive with it, but can’t match the variations. im wondering whether to go 6br or dasher next, in case, no pun intended, that the SD of the BR contributes to its accuracy.
  4. Cooperman

    Lapua brass

    Hi Steve, the 222 arrived today and of course exactly as described. Perfect! Thanks for being so prompt and responsive to send them out so quick, Happy New Year, Matt
  5. Cooperman

    Lapua brass

    I will take a box of 222 please, will pm you.
  6. I will take this - as long as it links t9 StrelokPro
  7. Cooperman

    22 BB Case length trimmer

    Hiya, anyone got anything suitable before I shorten a Lee tool to fit? Thanks Matt
  8. Cooperman

    Quad bike wanted

    Hi there, the lad who sold it to me kept first refusal on a resale I’m afraid. thanks for getting in touch, Cooperman
  9. Cooperman

    Quad bike wanted

    Yes, still looking on there. Sometimes the odd bargain, but no luck so far.
  10. Cooperman

    Quad bike wanted

    Dear all, I’m after a decent 4x4 quad, preferably something like a 420/450 Honda, up to £3k, west or North York’s based, in good nick, but i will consider anything, even spares or repairable. I can borrow a trailer to pick up, it’s for my small holding more than shooting. please pm me with any details. (My 30 year old Honda TRX is starting to show its age and spare parts are tricky to get now), thanks Matt
  11. Cooperman

    Niggeloh Titan 2 sling wanted

    Hi Nick, i really want another Niggeloh Titan 2. I’ve two heavy rifles, and three lightweight ones. I want a similar design for the other heavy one. I’ve got various slings that I can’t quite on with. The z aim was ok but I’ve gone off the loose flappy part you get when putting it back on quad sticks. It was fine for prone shooting. Thanks, Matt
  12. Cooperman

    Niggeloh Titan 2 sling wanted

    Hi All, anyone got one that they can’t get on with? I can part x a Z aim plus cash if someone prefers these? Thanks Matt
  13. Hi All ive lost all my chokes in a house move... am after two skeet chokes, extended preferably, thanks Matt
  14. Cooperman

    110g Nosler 270 heads wanted

    Hi, before I order any, has anyone got any part or full boxes for sale? ive got 130g, just wanted to try a lighter load, thanks for looking Matt
  15. Cooperman

    Wanted km arbour press

    Please om me if you have one. One with a dial preferred, thanks coopermam

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