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  1. Cooperman

    Night Master Mount

    Hi Mossy, yes I’ve had the same problem, but I eventually found these - you can these off eBay or from this place - which I’ve no affiliation with but did buy from them. They are great for £30, the only limitation is that I can only find them in inch fitting. This works for the ludicrous lumens torches but not for my others. you can buy the scope picatinni rails on flea bay for £3. https://www.ant-supplies.uk/scope-sight-optic-accessories/laser-torch-illuminator-mounts.html
  2. Thanks for that. I think 6XC is probably the way to go. John MH - Would you mind sharing more load data - FPS achieved, brass (Norma / Peterson / Lapua?) charge weight, neck turned etc? Would you rebarrel in the same chambering? Many thanks
  3. Hi All, thanks for the suggestions. The gun has a BAT action, Jewell trigger, nice thumbhole stock, and oddly a Remington floorplate / bottom plate. I’ll try and borrow some 22 br cases and see if it will cycle. Saying that, it isn’t always great cycling with 243! Feels like a XC, 243 or 6.6.5x47. I had originally thought of 6mm creedmore but remember seeing one of Baldie’s posts that wasn’t overly positive on the round, so had discounted it. Has anyone found improved SD /ES from their 6XC / 6x47, say compared to a 243? thanks
  4. Hi All, Apologies for a subject done to death but I keep on swapping between cartridge choice and I’ve just bought a Brux barrel In 7.75 twist, hoping to shoot 103g ELDX for deer and plinking. The rifle has a floor plate in a shehane stock, and is not really suitable In my eyes (looks wise) for a magazine conversion, and I’d like to keep it repeating. Current barrel is superbly accurate but only shoots 55g bullets. It’s an overbore faulty 1:8. It’s near end of life. I love shooting tiny groups so I’m chasing accuracy and 2900 FPS + for the odd deer on the farm. A pals 22br is incredibly accurate and SD of 5 normally. How likely is it that BR would work in the floor plate? I guess no. I presume 6xc would work perfectly. Would 6XC give me better accuracy and reduced SD than 243? thanks all, Cooperman
  5. Hi Skany you can’t receive any more messages! I’ve bought your latest nightsaber three Led torch so if you can pm me the code I’d be grateful thanks matt
  6. I’m wondering if you get more consistent fps from small primers in a 243 case...
  7. Hi All, Laurie pointed out that small primer 243 brass has become more available and I was wondering if anyone had tried it, and what the results were? Peterson brass do it for example. Thanks, Cooperman
  8. Cooperman

    .243 comparisons to 6br

    I’ve got a couple of 243’s, both very accurate, but I’m having the same thoughts as you. A mate now has a 22br and gets almost no velocity variations through my chrono, and now shoots better at long range than me. I’ve seen him use my magneto and achieve results I’m keen to replicate. My 243’s fps vary significantly more. We both home load well, and I’m obsessive with it, but can’t match the variations. im wondering whether to go 6br or dasher next, in case, no pun intended, that the SD of the BR contributes to its accuracy.
  9. Cooperman

    Lapua brass

    Hi Steve, the 222 arrived today and of course exactly as described. Perfect! Thanks for being so prompt and responsive to send them out so quick, Happy New Year, Matt
  10. Cooperman

    Lapua brass

    I will take a box of 222 please, will pm you.
  11. I will take this - as long as it links t9 StrelokPro
  12. Cooperman

    Pulsar xq38f

    Hi, I don't know about cost, but at night I have to use my Helion monocular just with my left eye, so I can use the right for the rifle. I think it’s the difference between the bright vision in the helion suddenly contrasting to the night. During the day it’s fine. i turn the brightness really low which helps but I still get shadowy vision. I think the same as OSOK.
  13. I’ve tried the SST to 3300 FPS, where the bolt was stiff, but no real pressure signs at 3200, so it’s not lack of speed. The 58s go well at 3600.
  14. Another horrible result this weekend was trying different SST loads at 200 yards and it managed a 6 inch group first was through the middle? Worst group I’ve ever seen. A bedded BAT! the 100 yards were normal😜 at fair to crap near MOA. rebarrell seems the most likely option long term. Tremo sold me 200 58s which work well enough until the frustration reaches that point. ive reloaded for 5 years now, and the other 243 and 270 I shoot are great.

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