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  1. david harvey

    3D machining

    very nice
  2. david harvey


    welcome aboard
  3. Nightforce 8-32x56 NP2-dd 1/8 clicks First class condition always mounted in optilock rings comes with box and papers no marks on glass. Only one small mark on body of scope which can't be seen when mounted £720 posted
  4. david harvey

    SCOPE SURVEY: We need your help!

  5. Hi what is the twist rate
  6. david harvey

    Triton predator 11 .224

    Thanks for the help lads will check again with the importers
  7. david harvey

    Triton predator 11 .224

    The one I have is 7.5 unless the mod is labelled wrong
  8. Does anyone with this mod know the size of the exit hole
  9. Hi I will take the viper hs-t vmr 1 6-24x50 pm me your details how you would like paid
  10. Does the prices include P&P
  11. re 6br and 22br .subject to twist and barrel lengths confirmation I will take this
  12. david harvey

    long range 223

    Thanks bradders max range will be 800
  13. david harvey

    long range 223

    thanks baldie will give you call next week
  14. david harvey

    long range 223

    Hi I have a tikka master sporter in 223 which I love, but with its 1 in 12 twist its not very good for long range. I was thinking of re barreling with a 1 in 8 twist 28 inch barrel to shoot 80grain SMK,s, would the action be suitable for this length, if so what profile would be best. Also would it be a good idea to get the bolt bushed with small firing pin,and finally can the metal mags be adjusted to accommodate the longer bullets. all input greatly appreciated.

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