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  1. justin credible

    6.5x284 Dies

    I have a reading micrometer seating die going spare if that’s what you are looking for.
  2. justin credible

    Redding nitrade bushings

  3. justin credible

    6mmbr conversion kit

    Valkyrie rifles do them.
  4. justin credible

    Arca rail bipod/adaptor

    Black rifle in UK also do them.
  5. justin credible

    Wanted, Stainless Wilson .284 seating die

    Now sorted.
  6. justin credible


    This is now sold
  7. justin credible

    Lenzi rear bag

    I was referring to the Seb Bigfoot Vince.
  8. justin credible

    Lenzi rear bag

    And if you fill them with heavy sand or lead shot you can nearly guarantee to pop a b@llock lifting it😊
  9. justin credible

    Bat Machine HR Action

    Does anyone have one of these actions that they would like to see go to a new home? Cheers Justin
  10. justin credible

    Nightforce competition

    £750 for a Nightforce Competition? Are you sure? Let me know where from and I’ll get 2 if they are that price and haven’t been nicked.
  11. justin credible

    284w dies

    I have a spare Redding competition seating die if you’re interested
  12. justin credible

    Grouping issues

    Ask someone who is known to be able to shoot properly to shoot the rifle, if they put all the bullets in the same hole then you know the answer.
  13. justin credible

    LE Wilson seating die 22BR

    Sorry Mick That all went a few years ago. Justin

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