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  1. justin credible

    Reasonable price bullets

    What calibre and weight did you get Kipper?
  2. justin credible

    Canine companions

    Yes, 6 Border terrorists.
  3. justin credible

    Canine companions

    The clan hard at work guarding their settee.
  4. justin credible

    McMillan Ambush pattern

  5. justin credible


    Post office normally freak if you describe them as bullets, I always sent them as lead weights and then there isn’t any issues.
  6. justin credible

    L E WILSON .308 neck die

    This is now sold
  7. justin credible

    7 saum powder choice

    “No I deer on why it went there”. It didn’t want shots 10 & 20 to feel lonely from the previous days cock up.😂😂
  8. justin credible

    Triggerstick tripod

    It’s the gen 2. tripod. I would have no idea if it is long or short version, perhaps you could enlighten me how to tell the difference.
  9. Surplus to requirements, very good condition, works perfectly and has had very little use. Jim Shockey Edition Primos Trigger stick £70+ postage.
  10. As per title, surplus to requirements I have this for sale. No bushes included in price, £70 posted.
  11. justin credible

    7 saum powder choice

    😂😂 No mate he managed to miss all of them.
  12. justin credible

    7 saum powder choice

    See Tom, I told you he was in denial of the fact that he simply missed and is looking to put the blame anything but himself. 😊
  13. justin credible

    52gr eld .223

    Anything expands when it comes to a sudden stop after doing Mach 3.
  14. justin credible

    7 saum powder choice

    That old expression ‘A bad workman being a tool’ springs to mind Neil 😂😂

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