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  1. evening all looking for a replacement switch/dimmer for solaris srx small circuit board in dimmer kaput have checked with mates switch just for conformation cannot seem to find any were via a google searchwho are carrying spares hopefully somebody might now of somebodycheers b.b
  2. hi 88gn Berger varmint's if still available pm me how you would like payment cheers b.b
  3. HI have for sale 1 RCBS bullet puller with two collets 1 - .22 Cal and 1 - .257 Cal £28 posted regards b.b
  4. 243 now sold 22-250 available set consists of 1 redding seating die and 1 Lyman f/l sizing die
  5. Hi all have for sale two set of dies 1. 22-250 consists of lyman f/l sizer and Redding seating die in rcbs box £22 posted 2. 243 rcbs full set in box £25 posted Will post pics tomorrow B.b
  6. Here’s mine not bolted to anything weighs over a ton feo happy once he tried to move it😀
  7. HI have the following for sale 1 set of badger 30mm scope rings size 7mm from base of ring to top of picatinny rail £100 posted 1 set of sako extended bases £35 posted sold 1 set of short bases £30 posted regards b.b
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