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  1. Hi all have for sale two set of dies 1. 22-250 consists of redding f/l sizer and Lyman seating die in rcbs box £22 posted 2. 243 rcbs full set in box £25 posted Will post pics tomorrow B.b
  2. No worries thanks for letting me know b.b
  3. Hi if available will have the 243 let me know
  4. bramble basher


    Bases now sold badger rings still available b.b
  5. bramble basher

    Fitting cabinet

    Here’s mine not bolted to anything weighs over a ton feo happy once he tried to move it😀
  6. HI have the following for sale 1 set of badger 30mm scope rings size 7mm from base of ring to top of picatinny rail £100 posted 1 set of sako extended bases £35 posted sold 1 set of short bases £30 posted regards b.b
  7. HI have the following steel bushing's available .246/.247x2/.248/.249x2/.250 £10 each posted regards b.b
  8. bramble basher

    22-250 ACKLEY

    😉 sorry just seen scope and rings now sold rifle dies moderator still available regards b.b
  9. bramble basher

    22-250 ACKLEY

    Would consider splitting bb
  10. bramble basher

    22-250 ACKLEY

    Hi round count is low about 300 no long shot strings no target shooting thanks bb
  11. Hi all Putting up for sale my 22-250 ackley surgeon action, border barrel 1:14 twist bedded into a MC millan A5 adjustable stock Jewell trigger A-tec moderator comes with a Night-force nxs 5.5x22x56 scope d.d reticle joined to the rifle with a set of lapped Badger Ordnance rings set of redding bushing sizing die, body die and micrometer seating die fire formed brass all ready to go all work done by Dave wild this rifle has very low round count shoots absolutely fantastic just not getting time to use it myself will post pics monday night after work looking for £3000 for everything
  12. bramble basher

    Picatinny rail sako85

    have now had a good look at the near mfg do like the look have got family not to far away from them in Canada so should be easy to sort out😉 bb

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