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  1. Better stocked than the average shop!
  2. If you want tidy... https://www.area419.com/product/arcalock-12/
  3. It'd do the job but it wouldn't be pretty. You'd also need to drill holes in your stock and you'd probably want to use threaded inserts so the screws don't pull out and be removeable. Unless your stock is dead flat on the bottom you'd be clamping a flat plate onto a rounded surface and it might rock a bit side to side. Bear in mind that the rail is around 10mm thick whereas the arca dovetail only needs to be about 6mm.
  4. The box is about 4.5 mil above the aiming mark on the hme zero target... If your scope doesn't parallax down to 71'7" then you can get an objective cover and drill a hole in it which decreases the aperture so that it'll be less fuzzy. Besides you literally only have to get the shots in the box, tight grouping is actually frowned upon, they need to see 3 discernable shots. As far as load testing goes, does it matter if your group is a few inches above the aiming mark?
  5. I personally don't find the HME process too bad, I see it as a free go on zero range. Just get to the office when it opens and head straight to zero for 8:00 and pop 3 shots into the generous target box. Then pop back to the office to get it signed and away you go... I'd be inclined to use a 300y zero.
  6. Mat


    It trickles OK in my targetmaster though I agree tweezers are good. I also ended up buying an Area 419 mega funnel which is not 100% but much better than a standard one.
  7. Mat


    👍 With regard to powder, I've found N570 has about half the SD of RS76 and viht has loads of published data. The downside is that it has about the same consistency as twiglets
  8. Fair enough, I know next to nothing about benchrest! I forget what rules there are for .22 prone, but unless it's ISSF sanctioned, no one checks much if at all. I'm pretty sure my aluminium stocked Anschutz is over 6.5Kg but I wouldn't consider it heavy
  9. The stock looks in good shape, I'm fairly sure you'd have no problems selling it. Sights look original, I doubt they're worth anything. If it's a benchrest setup then weight shouldn't be an issue. As a sporter, I reckon other options would be better.
  10. I'm guessing you're not a .22 prone shooter, so if you keep just the barrelled action you still have a big pile of stuff to sell like sights, stock, butt hook, sling etc., it might be easier to sell as a job lot, it might be a good starter package for someone. The stock by itself should be sellable and depending on how modern the accessories are they may or may not sell (you'd getter a better audience/advice at the Stirton forum). If you want to turn it to a benchrest, you could see how the barrel performs before you rebarrel it, unless it's just too unwieldy, shortening it might be an op
  11. I've bought a non-certified set off Aliexpress (i.e. from China), it was about £60 for a set of 100 to cover 6.00-6.99mm I've not used it to measure neck expansion, but I have used it to measure doughnutting and reaming it away (though arguably a waste of time, I converted a batch of 308 to 6.5 Creedmoor). If you want to accurately measure a small hole it's a good way to do it, so a useful addition to my workshop(/garage)
  12. I like the fixture, I was under the impression they were for thick walled uppers only, but evidently not (I've got one of the clamshell ones that Mark sold me)! Looks easy enough to make, I'll have to add it to my todo list
  13. That's for "consignments not exceeding £135" which basically means cheap purchases need to have vat paid up front so they don't get caught by customs and charged vat and handling fee. Anything above that and there's no change.
  14. If there's enough meat on the barrel, you could thread it internally and have an adapter to an external thread. I think that's what Akeld was suggesting...
  15. https://www.reloading.co.uk/berger-30-cal-308-230grn-hpbt-bullet-hybrid-otm-100-pack-bg30112.html Also, check your powder funnel all of mine wouldn't fit the fatter case...
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