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  1. This is now needed to book on BAMS. Anybody seen one? Nothing on the NRA website. thanks TSG
  2. TSG

    Fine things.

    Some show and tell for this morning. (The deactivation mark is on the cylinder in case you were worrying!)
  3. The Smiths is Ok but as I said there is something about the dial. I chose not to but a new Explorer because I thought the crown too small compared to the Air King. I have the Quartz Precista Diver which I like a lot, . Have you looked ar the Christopher Ward Sandhurst? Although I have been told ‘no more watches or large calibre rifles or rifles or knives and why have you got 23 rucksacks and lots of coats’ I shall ignore this and perhaps buy a Seiko Alpinist as its quite niche!
  4. I have one and it is like the old Explorer 1 although not quite right on the dial! ( I have the Rolex Bloodhound Air King which is very fussy on the dial but is essential a Milgaus without the disco glass an double clasp.
  5. Omega Railmaster or Citizen ecodrive Promaster Tough (without the RM badge) this is an original from around 1996
  6. TSG


    Enkosen, who are based in Northern Ireland sell this and some Submariner clones. This one apparently allows you to dive to 1000m and release the helium on the way although I think my own rear mounted release valve would be doing something similar. Anyway I bought one and very nice it is. Still tells the correct time, got 20% off and if you find yourself in a Bond type of situation heavy enough to use as a knuckle duster. ( I took the orange strap off)
  7. TSG

    Best Precision Production Rifle

    Well just my opinion slightly influenced by home delivery beer! AI and Tikka tac are both pretty good, but our doctrine where I work ‘prone is dead’ as far as rifle shooting is concerned and improvised shooting positions being the next new thing. Based upon this I use aTRG in 260 rem and a Tikka CTR in the same calibre for target shooting, but I am starting to think that you could do just as well with a heavy barrel Blaser apart from the magazine capacity. Perhaps part of it is the kit, I collect watches and as my wife point out they all tell the bloody time why do you actually need one that costs £6000. Have a great evening,🦌💀
  8. from memory the SLR kit came in a green box and contained a barrel insert, magazine and internals. Cannot remember how it worked but it was self loadingp
  9. TSG

    Going shooting during Covid-19

    I like to think we are all sensible as well. I just think its better to leave this alone after seeing some of the rubbish that was put on SD and personal attacks on people with differing opinions of the Covid 19 restrictions and shooting. I will therefore do what I do and leave it to you to do what you do. 🦌💀
  10. TSG

    Going shooting during Covid-19

    This has been all over SD. Could I politely suggest that it is not a subject that needs further discussion here.
  11. There are of course plenty of views on the NRA, its trustees and CEO. My own knowedge of this only encompasses the lease renewal for one of the Rifle clubs at Bisley which was a difficult process as lease negotiations often are. Most of this was due to one person with an agenda.I have also been a tenant of the NRA personally which was cost effective and to be fair although the practices surrounding electricity supply were unusual they were on the whole good landlords. There are however, a lot of people involved with their own agendas some of which do not sit well with some of the ordinary members. Quite a number of the leases were at a price which would be fine when originally negotiated (potentially 21 years ago) but at today's rents are more realistic. Common sense dictates that clubs should anticipate this and budget accordingly but one would expect that the negotiations would be polite and proffesional I have read the NRA press release regarding charitable activities and the Charity Commision Report. I rather think the NRA version of events and the potential seriousness of the situation (whilst not quite Kids Company and that awful woman who ran it) has been downplayed somewhat. I like the idea of the NRA but it has to many committees, councils with members who Seem to have no power to change things and an overall reliance on the Civil Nuclear Constabulary which has in effect paid for a well needed upgrade of all of the ranges. The principles however do need to change. I have no doubt there has been some poor practices surrounding ammunition procurement as an example. The NRA needs to speak for all shooters rather than just being Target Rifle centred. Much as the American version is detested, at least they are a political force to deal with. It needs a charismatic CEO who engages with shooting and listens to members rather than regarding them as a cash reserve and has the drive to make all the shooters who use Bisley to work together rather than arguing with them at the AGM. Personally I think they are wasting their time defending the Charity status now. Get on with making the NRA the organisation that speaks for all shooters spend the money wisely and employ staff who are please to work for them and stay in post.
  12. 300win mag Baser match R93 barrel. 26 inch length. Comes with bolt head and magazine insert. £450 plus RFD cost. Also some 300 win mag fired cases, various headstamps, and around 200 Sako 220gn Hammerhead at £1.50 per round. Pm if interested. Photos can be sent by email.Thanks Gentlemen, thank you for the interest shown but I have taken this off the market for the time being as I may now be keeping it.
  13. TSG

    S&B Reticle Data Sheets

    Thanks John, very useful. TG
  14. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/659421/20171114-3Scots_SI_RoundtripFINAL.pdf This is one of the reasons why. As I understand the rules now, ranges that have fixed templates and are multi use ranges may still be used as they have fixed arcs of fire. You will still have to submit a Range Action Safety Plan (RASP) which will be examined by the Range Officer controlling the range area. Movement from fixed firing positions will need planning and unless you happen to have the appropriate qualification to plan it, then it will be rejected. Range officers at the ranges cannot become involved in the planning. There appears to be no common standard between ranges with the Range Officers having the final say. They do a good job. I deal with them on a day to day basis and although there is little of no flexibility they will try to ensure that the shooting can go ahead. The BAMS range booking system does not help as only MOD can see the spreadsheets but the ranges belong to them. Expect them to be intrusive and come along and see what you are doing. They may well question your shooters about the briefing you have given as the RCO. I am sure somebody will come along with further info but it seems ok in the South East Region

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