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  1. TSG


    Thats a volkswagen Polo, MOT expired, so suspect the Traveling Organised Criminals
  2. Certainly looks good. I am assuming that the stock unbolts so there is an option to put a folder on it in the future?
  3. Matt, you are quite right I think! Watches are just easier to hide than rifles form partners! Having worked in the City of London for 30 years the changes are remarkable ( I was there last week and it’s a ghost town) The very rich still have plenty of money to spend on ‘stuff’ and the cost of a Rolex is not much to them, hence the rise of the watch resellers. Perhaps it’s just another way of gambling, which international trade appears to be. My submariner, bought in 1978 for £299 paid for the deposit on my first house! On a more sober note I now think we are creeping towards a far more serious crisis in the UK which we have no resources to control. Both of us however will be able to tell the time!
  4. I see your point with this. I have a seamaster and two Rolex sports watches however they are a considered investment. They outstrip the potential of firearms considerably and of course saving cash. However, I am not actually convinced now that much is worth anything. In the post Covid world will time matter much? For me I look at them and see a potential but if somebody gives me £25 an hour to do a job for them then I am happy. I suspect if I was in my 30s I would be well pissed off with it all!
  5. TSG

    Warm barrels live longer?

    I seem to remember GPMG barrels had stelite ( probably spelt differently) liners in the first few inches to stop any damage. All of our G36s (not a popular carbine) have chrome lined barrels which get very hot but accuracy is not that much of an issue at shorter ranges. Only my opinion but I suspect suppressors do not help much for accurate target shooting as I think they cause much overheating.
  6. TSG

    Alarm mine 12g blanks

    I think Helston Gunsmiths may do these or Primetake. Also quite popular in grenade simulators for the airsoft community
  7. This is now needed to book on BAMS. Anybody seen one? Nothing on the NRA website. thanks TSG
  8. TSG

    Fine things.

    Some show and tell for this morning. (The deactivation mark is on the cylinder in case you were worrying!)
  9. The Smiths is Ok but as I said there is something about the dial. I chose not to but a new Explorer because I thought the crown too small compared to the Air King. I have the Quartz Precista Diver which I like a lot, . Have you looked ar the Christopher Ward Sandhurst? Although I have been told ‘no more watches or large calibre rifles or rifles or knives and why have you got 23 rucksacks and lots of coats’ I shall ignore this and perhaps buy a Seiko Alpinist as its quite niche!
  10. I have one and it is like the old Explorer 1 although not quite right on the dial! ( I have the Rolex Bloodhound Air King which is very fussy on the dial but is essential a Milgaus without the disco glass an double clasp.
  11. Omega Railmaster or Citizen ecodrive Promaster Tough (without the RM badge) this is an original from around 1996
  12. TSG


    Enkosen, who are based in Northern Ireland sell this and some Submariner clones. This one apparently allows you to dive to 1000m and release the helium on the way although I think my own rear mounted release valve would be doing something similar. Anyway I bought one and very nice it is. Still tells the correct time, got 20% off and if you find yourself in a Bond type of situation heavy enough to use as a knuckle duster. ( I took the orange strap off)
  13. TSG

    Best Precision Production Rifle

    Well just my opinion slightly influenced by home delivery beer! AI and Tikka tac are both pretty good, but our doctrine where I work ‘prone is dead’ as far as rifle shooting is concerned and improvised shooting positions being the next new thing. Based upon this I use aTRG in 260 rem and a Tikka CTR in the same calibre for target shooting, but I am starting to think that you could do just as well with a heavy barrel Blaser apart from the magazine capacity. Perhaps part of it is the kit, I collect watches and as my wife point out they all tell the bloody time why do you actually need one that costs £6000. Have a great evening,🦌💀
  14. from memory the SLR kit came in a green box and contained a barrel insert, magazine and internals. Cannot remember how it worked but it was self loadingp

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