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  1. One on top of two

    22 LR Average Group from your gun

    Well seeing as everyone seems to be having fun I thought I would have a go as soon as I get a nice day ( not too windy ) I only had one box of my usual.22 subs ( RWS subsonic- field line ) and after messing about and zeroing my scope on my new rifle I only had 20 rounds left and I used one to check my hold over at 100m . and some Winchester 42 grain subs for a bit of a comparison, i shot at 60m and 100m off a bipod from a Heston bale , 60 m is my usual zero for my rimfire and so the 100m was hold over I couldn’t be assed to mess with the scope and to be honest I tend to just use the reticule as I only shoot to 100m max anyway with the rimmy . nothing really to write home about but it’s clear to see the RWS is a clear winner there was about 2-3 mph leftish to right wind as you can see by the markers on field and before anyone asks yes I did fluff the 60m RWS target , I pulled one shot and after telling myself of for the school boy error, I went and done the same thing again ....Doh but that’s life . Anni 1416 HB 18” barrel pst gen 2 ( mils/mils ) wildcat predator mod
  2. One on top of two

    Amateur Radio Licensing

    I think you really need to have a read up bob. Strictly speaking most antenna systems require planning permission unless the installation falls under one or more of the following categories. The antenna is considered ‘permitted development’ (usually types similar to TV antennas and ground mount antennas up to three metres in height, etc. but some local councils allow more) The antenna/mast has been present for four years or more and you can prove it. A confirmation letter from your neighbours is usually enough (single residential development only) The antenna/mast is present for less than 28 days per annum The antenna/mast is truly mobile do some homework.
  3. One on top of two

    Amateur Radio Licensing

    Have a look at the “ 4 year rule “
  4. One on top of two

    Amateur Radio Licensing

    Ham radio is a great fun and very interesting also very geeky too. If you like that sort of thing and don’t mind adhering to rules and protocol then go for it ( I’m and old G0 ) but one really should not compare it to CB. CB is the Wild West and anything goes. ham radio is NOTHING like that there are licensing conditions to be met on the operation / usage / protocol. Of the radios and of course while using bands / frequencies. Also power limits associated with your call sign / qualification , in fact your actually permitted to use more power legally on CB than you are with an foundation license .. CB radio 12 watts on SSB And with Foundation license 10 watts SSB . I always advise to find a local club or a local ham that could maybe give you an introduction into what’s expected. But whole reason for licensed ham operation is for research and testing in the eyes of Ofcom. but don’t let it put you off. Your either love it or hate it. as for cost...... well yes you can get up and running on a budget. But so you can with shooting. And we all know how that turns out. 😂 Its a shame your not closer to me you would be more than welcome to pop over , I would do my best to give a bit of an insight,
  5. One on top of two

    Sphur or Tier One Mounts?

    I have sphur on all my rifles , never let me down ..no change in POI when I take scopes off . and I have never had ring marks with sphur just a rock solid bit of kit .
  6. One on top of two

    Night vision

    I have just recently bought a little pard 007 16mm oled thingy and a Solaris laser and it’s the best £500 I have ever spent . stuck on the back of a Kahles K525i or my Swarovski X5i it’s just unbelievably good out to 300 m . it’s just hassle free shooting IMO no chopping and changing scopes or rezeroing that impressed I’m getting rid of all my other NV gear my advice would be find some way of trying a few out and see what suits you .
  7. One on top of two

    IOR Scopes, your thoughts?

  8. That would depend on the model you have ? the fury HD out to 1600 m max on reflective target fury 5000 HD out 5000 m max on reflective target I have ranged out to just over 3K but I have mine fixed on tripod which helps no end . but let’s be honest, how far do we really need ? 1000m is fine me thinks I just think there a stunning piece of glass and nice Binos that suit my eyes a treat .
  9. Well done 👍 glad you got it sorted mate . I have mine set to HCD mode which is great for stalking ( Horizontal Component Distance mode for angle compensated ranging.) And on permanent Scan feature which’s displays continual distance readings when panning across a landscape or tracking a moving animal. once on the above settings I just leave it be and find it covers everything I seem to come up against from foxing to stalking on Isle of Arron .
  10. If you press and hold for about 5 secs it should change display to mode where you have the option to change to line of sight or HRC mode , then you have your unit functions ect ect . I have the fury 5000 HD
  11. One on top of two

    Lead Exposure

    One of the reasons why I made the change to a wet rotary tumbler , no dust , just rise with clean water and dry in separate dedicated case drier . Job done 👍
  12. One on top of two

    laser illuminators

    Yes I use one. To my eyes it nails the DF. very good. Very clean balanced image.
  13. If those are not available I have the very same . I bought as a back up and have never been used in anger , only tried one . And so everything in mint Condition.
  14. One on top of two

    6.5CM - RS70 vs RL26

    Your never going to get a reliable load @ 2850fps with a 147 ELD-M out of a 24” barrel . especially with the powders you have listed . Far too slow . your only chance at getting close will be with RS60 or R17 . but I still don’t think your do it .... not a chance , but I wish you all the best in trying . your need a 28” barrel . And a much better bullet and RS60 !
  15. One on top of two

    Leupold Mk5/6

    This is the model I use for long distance ( has 35 Mrad elev) and currently sitting on my .300 Norma Magnum https://www.uttings.co.uk/p131461-leupold-mark-5hd-5-25x56-ir-35mm-rifle-scope-leu-171776/#.XzmWOC14WhA Out of all my class glass my Kahles K525i is still my go to scope , just love the thing ❤️

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