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  1. One on top of two


    I’m only playing 👍 I can truly appreciate everything in the picture.
  2. One on top of two


    Hi maintenance! that wouldn’t last 5 mins stalking on the hills , as long as you could lug it up there 😂 give me a slack bolt any day 👍
  3. One on top of two

    An Alternative Mousetrap

    Looks and sounds great 👍 I’m loving that beast of a scope too ! ! i have just ordered a new Kahles K525i with SKMR ret
  4. You know pops I was just in the middle of asking pretty much the same. But you have hit the nail better On the head than me.
  5. And not too many casualties.
  6. One on top of two

    My Trainer/BR rimmy is finished

    I’ve not tried it in anger yet. But it will focus on my side fence which is 20 m with ease and out to infinity it’s side PA
  7. One on top of two

    My Trainer/BR rimmy is finished

    NID I knew you would like it being a leupold fan too.
  8. One on top of two

    My Trainer/BR rimmy is finished

    Finally got my Trainer /informal BR rifle is sorted , thanks to madyarra for the last piece of the puzzle 👍 Anschütz 1903 MSR Britannia rail vortex precision matched rings Leupold VX3 8.5 x 25 x 50 LRT fine duplex ret
  9. One on top of two

    Sirius Xlt or Dragonfly Laser Illuminator

    Try the The Laserluchs 5000 IR I use one on my NV and love it
  10. Is it anything to do with this ? I heard someone talking about it but thought it was someone just talking out of his bum https://www.bisleyshooting.co.uk/nra-members/
  11. One on top of two


    Nice one nick And well done mate 👍👍 it’s a great hobby and really rewarding. You get lots from it.
  12. One on top of two


    A 50/50 % solution of water and white sugar can be used but only as a very last resort. But it’s not recommended as your do my harm than good . Maybe your mate should think about relocating his hives to a more suitable area . sugar is NOT Part of there diet. Have a look at the above link. There are lots of do’s and don’t with keeping bees. And lots of interesting information to be had on various organisations websites.
  13. One on top of two


    NO ! Stop giving bees honey . your obviously not going to take my word for it as you seem to know better so have a read up and pack it in .... please . These little chaps are so important to just about everything . We need them more than most seem to think https://www.bumblebeeconservation.org/bee-faqs/should-i-feed-bumblebees-sugar-water/
  14. One on top of two


    It is extremely important not to feed honey to bees unless it is from your own disease free hives. Spores of American foulbrood disease can be present in honey. Feeding honey from an unknown source, for example, a supermarket or even another beekeeper, may cause infection in your hives. SO PLEASE DONT ! i have a couple of hives and been having a go at bee keeping for a bit now. Curious, industrious little fellows my homemade efforts .

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