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  1. No problem mucker , I do have a genuine interest in these little sub .22 cals . for a good few years I ran a .17 Remington alongside a .220 swift which to me was the greatest combination I ever had . I will at some point get something else, just don’t know what 🤔
  2. calm yourself.. thats why I put a question mark, I was asking not telling . my question was if you want a .20 cal in 50-55 grain what would the point be ? surly a .223 in 50 grain cant be that bad in comparison? Obviously a 39grain .20 cal will be faster / better than a 50grain .223 but you was asking about a 50/55 grain not a 39 grain .20 cal . maybe thats why you cant get 50/55 grain in .20 cal .
  3. but surely you may as well use a .223 ?
  4. shuggy have pm'd you pics added too , it also comes with iPhone/iPad adapter and the XFR connection so you can use the very good mobile app . as you can see the sensor has been well looked after and cleaned after each use . I have also put a brand new set of lithium CR123 which will last a lifetime.
  5. As per title , my V3 and all associated bits and bobs in the box will be up for sale at some point next week . I’m just waiting for a Labradar delivery and it will be for sale . Looking for £320.00 delivered
  6. Good luck with your sale but ….. I rekon your soon be wanting it back . 30-06 in a 7lb stalking rifle takes some taming, hope you have the minerals for it . 😂
  7. Your need to fill your profile in matey , Else the mods will get you .
  8. Vortex PST Gen 2 …. 5x25x50 FFP Mrad ( EBR-2C ret ) no dents , scratches, only very slight ring marks but no denting or pinching . I rekon you could probably polish them off . over all scope in 9/10 condition vortex no hassle just replace lifetime warranty. electrics all working comes with a set of vortex defender covers tracks perfectly out to 1200 yrds ( tested ) it’s a great scope but I just have nowhere for it to go as I have fitted dedicated NV to rifles , the rest all have suitable glass on them . this is not going to be around for l
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