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  1. Yeah good point, why can’t we just have a test of skill & feild craft rather than what gear we can or cannot afford.
  2. Withdrawn from sale , left the kestrel at home today and took the garmin , thing is just too handy so I’m keeping it . thanks for looking .
  3. Well I have had a go and I just can’t get an accurate reading. The heat from the flame is giving me mixed readings and if I wait the case moves out of flames cools to quickly so gives me a false reading, if you know what I mean . it would have been nice to have some data , but I just can’t complain with the results I’m getting with the 4 seconds I’m currently giving my Peterson .308 brass . so as they say ....... if ain’t broke.....
  4. As it’s just a bit of fun I thought I would try all the ammo I have used so far ,
  5. Yes your right it is 30m. I have a TacA1 and that’s got the 38mm because of the front chassis and the flat all in one rails. Couple that with the weird size of my Leup Mk 5 HD. Now that was a nightmare to find. sorry for the confusion mate. But we got there in the end 😂👍
  6. I’m going to to try 250 m , just waiting for near as perfect conditions as I can get . this is obviously just for a bit of fun 🤩
  7. No need to say thanks when your welcome.
  8. As you know , if you get them from optics warehouse you can try them and if there not right you can exchange them no problem , OPW and fantastic at getting you sorted ASAP .
  9. Richie , I think your get away with a 34 mm , I have the above rifle with a K525i dumped on top ( 5/25/56 ) I use the 38 mm
  10. Garmin Foretrex 701 Ballistic Edition Wrist Mounted mint condition, all boxed and bits .also updated strap , screen protector and garmin Tempe external thermometer. fantastic bit of kit , with Applied Ballistics Elite and full online updatable databases this this does far to much for me to mention on here , but if your into your Precision shooting or long range varmint shooting then this is amazing. read for yourself https://buy.garmin.com/en-GB/GB/p/583825 £365. 00 includes next day delivery ( U.K. only )
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