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  1. Agree with pops on this , and as stated have a look at a custom build for what you thinking of spending, I only have TRGs because there used for hunting most of the time . My 6.5 is my main stalking and steel rifle And a few range days with mates the rifle I more than capable of holding it own at 1000/1200 same as the AI’s but neither are pretty compared to others on range days 😂 and yes pops mik does make a good rifle . I was over there last week dropping a rifle off for a spot of mik magic . he’s only down the road from me , He was not a happy bunny as he had just had h
  2. hmm maybe I need to send my HELION 2 XP50 back because it’s not as good as yours The ultimate answer is Learn fieldcraft and call them in , I have shot a few over the 30 + years and the last 12 years as gamekeeper on estate. I have only ever shot 2 foxes over 300 m . normally around 75-150 m tops . Ego shots should be saved for steel or maybe I’m just old fashioned.
  3. You would not be able to tell the difference between a fox … small roe …muntjac….badger …. All your see at 250 m is just tiny little reddish blobs so your not if your aiming at its head or it arse . 350 yards at foxes at night is just daft and unrealistic . if i was shooting at 200m -250m max ( which is a fair shot in the middle of the night ) I would use a drone with a decent laser Positive ID on your quarry .
  4. Neil, maybe you could ask jaguar to make you a ……. F class 🤔 im so sorry I’ll get my coat. . I’ll not say too much as I have a cheesy plate 😊
  5. Sako uses the small firing pin for TRG Creedmoors , this was confirmed to me by Sako 7 months ago when I had mine built . And so will shoot both SRP and LRP with no problems at all I only use large primers .
  6. SAKO fan boy so TRG 6.5 creedmoor here too , plus I really can’t get on with AI ergonomics .
  7. Surly if your having a dolphin you may as well get mik to sort the bi-pod for you . It’s going to be the best option considering.
  8. Neither did the asshole they shot
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