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  1. It’s ok, no passwords breached. Only home addresses and phone numbers. FFS. Thanfully they only had old details for me. Account deleted (which is now an option). Suspect this could be the end of guntrader - shows the importance of cyber security.
  2. I think GMP sent these out a few years ago when I was living there. I carefully filed in the B1N file.
  3. Had the old Lee auto prime - basic, but it just worked. But the plastic got brittle and the lid snapped off primer tray so I bought the newer style. Heap of crap. I’d never before had primers seated sideways but after 4 of these over about 50 cases (and subsequently having to dismantle the thing to try and get the case with protruding, sideways primer out of the case holder...) I chucked it in the bin in disgust
  4. TTSX like a jump. Barnes recommend starting at 50 thou and going up from there.
  5. Fell out of the ugly tree. And hit every branch on the way down. And one my granny used to say (referring to a relationship between two individuals who you don't rate): Well at least they'll not spoil two houses.
  6. No issue here - consistent 1/3 MOA with copper (GS Custom bullets) and sub 1/2 MOA with Barnes TTSX.
  7. Just for a bit of long range plinking and varminting. I’ve got StrelokPro so can manually input wind speeds and use that for ballistic calcs. Anything I’m missing or I’d benefit from on the fancier models? Or would one of the £10 / £20 jobbies on eBay be just as good?
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