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Pair Rimrock F Class Rifles

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I took the decision last year to change my trusty Barnard P actioned F Classer for something a little different.


Not that there was anything wrong with the Barnard, but it was not quite how I wanted it to be and that meant major changes to the stock.



With a blank canvass, I planned a ground up build:



The spec was basically to F Open standard, 7mm calibre to utilise the high BC bullets available and of course built to very tight tolerances coz this gun will be going to the States in August as part of the Team GB in the 2013 F Class World Championships.



Calibre is 7mm/270 WSM - the reamer was tweaked a little to my spec by PTG



So, the component parts:


Borden Rimrock WSM action, fluted, coned bolt, right port, right eject.


Polished Ally guard and stainless custom action screws.


Trigger - Jewel


Barrel - 32 inch Broughton 9 twist (5R)


Stock - Manners F Class - carbon fibre with 4 way adjustable butt and cheek piece.


Rail is from Third Eye Tactical


Scope is 8-32 Nightforce I've had for years



The Action was sourced through PRS in Scotland who import Borden actions.


The barrel was one of several Broughtons I have here for my own use.


The stock was sourced very kindly by Roger at South Yorkshire Shooting Supplies, who pressed hard for Manners Stocks in the states to make me two at short notice and get them delivered to the UK by the start of the F Class Season and in time for me to make the rifle.



The component parts all arrived by early Feb and I did the machining and metalwork within a couple of weeks of that.


Once the metalwork was done, I pillar bedded the barrelled action in one of the two stocks - the Manners Stocks are really very strong and well made, there is very little flex in the stock despite it being over length from a "normal" F Class stock by about three inches.


I completed the build for the start of the F Class season - the Cancelled Diggle Shoot...


But used the gun at Blair Athol the following month and was pleased with the way it was shooting.


The stock was plain black and it was suggested to me by a friend who also shoots F Class that I should try a new company in Scotland (Bad Boy Graphics) who do dipped coatings.


I duly did and selected a pattern I though would look good, the stock was sent to Shane who runs the company and the stock was coated in 10 days and returned to me at very reasonable cost - the finish is superb.


I used the rifle at the recent Egg Shoot at Diggle (it was uncoated then) and it shot "adequately" ,,,winning the 100 and 300 yd details - I made an error in wind call (and elevation) at 500 - ......I was still in load development stage, still hit paper at this distance and it was holding sub 2", so I'm well pleased.




























The rifle will soon have a twin sister chambered in .284 Shehane, which will serve me for shorter range shoots preserving the life of the WSM barrel ....well, thats my excuse anyway :D

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Its a Mk 1 SEB Co Axial rest Mike.

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Nice rifle Andy


do you have a website address please for bad boys as ive googled them but no joy


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sounds like a porno site!

nice rifle i have a borden action on my 6.5-284 they are very nice.

hope it shoots as well as it looks.

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Thanks guys


the coating is a hydro dip, which I chose because it stands out - I dint want something bland!


The rifle certainly shoots as well as anything I've made before.


If only I could do it justice with wind reading!

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It stands out, it may put off the opposition - and ,,,,I like it.

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  • 4 months later...

Update on the Rimrock, it now has a wicked "twin" sister (another Rimrock, Manners F Class stock, jewel, chambered in ,,,,,284 Shehane........, not sure on the stock finish yet, may have it slightly more conventional,,,,,maybe.


Not had time to do load development for the European Championships as the action only arrived earlier in last week.



Ive just rebarrelled the 7/270 WSM using a Benchmark 8 twist F Class profile barrel.





Load development so far is producing average 5 shot groups in the "more than acceptable" parameter of accuracy..



Ill do a little more of a write up after the Europeans (this weekend)


If you want any more info on these barrels contact March Scopes UK - Gary Costello, he is the importer.



So far, very, very impressed.



Yes, you read that right - re-barrelled after 800 rounds (since June )........ dont want to risk doing the europeans and the Broughton going toast,,,,,good job ive no other vices apart from putting lead down range..

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  • 6 months later...

Following on from my last post, I've been delayed making the second rifle.


Though I've found time in my busy calendar to be busy making a clone of the WSM F Classer.


The 7mm / 270 WSM has had some money spent on glass wear,,,


Im very impressed with it:


March FX 5 - 40 x 56 in 1/8th MOA adjust, 34 mm tube and FMA 2 reticule - awesome clarity.


It also now has a 8 twist Benchmark barrel, again chambered in 7mm / 270 WSM














The rifle has a twin sister now,


Another Borden Rimrock BRL action - these are truly the best precision action available (in my humble opinion), Jewel trigger, Sunny Hill stainless trigger guard, BAT polished stainless action screws, Benchmark Barrel (8 twist), Manners F Class stock - currently painted black over carbon fibre, Nightforce 8-32 - can you spot whats missing….


Im waiting on a rail..hurry up Craig!!













The black rifles stock will be going to Bad Boy Graphics in Scotland for them to work their majik, though not just yet...



Its chambered in 7mm Shehane with a reamer to my spec


Dies also custom made for it (by me)

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