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  1. Brillo

    Barrrel life

    My barrel life is now extended by several months.
  2. Brillo

    Load development

    Absolutely spot on. Just a note about SD. Many shooters chase an elusive single digit SD and it is totally unnecessary. Because SD is a measurement of a population dispersion from a group mean, it is meaningless for low population counts. Statistically the acceptable minimum population is over 30 data points.
  3. This is an interesting question. Berger provide a twist rate calculator which gives optimum rates for different bullets weights. Most bullet manufacturers give optimum twist rates for their bullets but this is about stability, not necessarily accuracy. You would think the two go hand in hand but we all know that’s not necessarily true. Many top shooters believe the slower you spin a bullet within the recommended twist rate for a bullet weight, the more accurate it will be, especially at high MVs. For example, many top FTR shooters use a 1:14 twist barrel, which at 3000 fps has an SG of only 1.17 and is just marginally stable, but these guys consistently achieve groups of less than 0.25 MOA. The other consideration using a faster than recommended twist rate. I was told by a well respected gunsmith that if you spin a bullet to fast the phenomenon of precession creeps in. This would obviously affect accuracy but how would be seen in terms of, say group shape?
  4. Brillo

    Covid 19 Virus

    We should be so lucky Neil. The timescale to getting back to normal is bound to be slow. Firstly there needs be a significant drop in the number of infected individuals. At this point in time it’s still rising exponentially despite government mandates and advice on social distancing and self isolation etc. The way I understand it, from watching TV expert panel discussions, if the current measures are effective, we’ll see a plateau in the number of infected cases, then a drop off. Logically, I can’t see that happening for months.
  5. The country has gone mad.
  6. I’ve got about 14 oz left. I may swap it for a bag of potatoes😀
  7. Brillo

    Andrex or A max

    I have several dock leaves available at £5 each.
  8. You spawny git Ewen 😄😄
  9. Brillo

    sorted many thanks

    Crikey, that’s a bummer. I might be able to help you out. I’ll pm you.
  10. Brillo

    sorted many thanks

    Is there no retail stock near you?
  11. Brillo

    Balance beam powder scale

    I still use my tuned Redding beam scale with its USB micro camera linked to my laptop. Awesome.
  12. Brillo

    Lenzi rear bag

    Vince, I can’t find anything about the rear bag stabiliser on Foxy’s website. Have you any information?
  13. Brillo

    Rifle clubs near Banbury

    Contact Harwell Rifle Club or Ridgeway Rifle Club. They both have access to Otmoor range. PM me and I’ll send the secretaries email addresses.
  14. Brillo

    Ftr Rifle Stock Suppliers

    Exceedingly expensive. I forgot to mention that HPS make their own modular stock.https://www.hps-tr.com/en/target-rifles-stocks

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