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  1. That was quick Phil😎
  2. The problem that I see with the lack of transparency of club shoot dates is it makes it difficult for new shooters (and I include those wishing take up the sport as well as those with shines new FACs) and experienced shooters belonging to a different club to find out when they can tag along with a view to joining that club. I am guessing that not many club officials appreciate cold calls about this.
  3. Yes. When John Masefield was Secretary, if I wanted to join in with a shoot at Kingsbury, I would get the date off the website and give John a call.
  4. So how would a non-member get to know the dates to attend as guest?
  5. Brillo

    6.5CM, RS62, overpressure signs.

    It sounds like the cases are not expanding and gripping the chamber wall quickly enough, so they are pushed back against the bolt face as the powder ignites. From my own experience this gives similar symptoms to over pressure signs. 2750 fps is modest for the 139 Scenars, especially as some push them successfully at +2900 fps. My own CM likes 142 gr SMKs at 2850. I suggest increasing the charge weight and you’ll find those pressure signs disappear.
  6. Brillo

    Stock bedding

    My Borden is bedded in my custom PSE stock as Ronin describes.
  7. Unfortunately, even that doesn’t guarantee anything. We had a probationary member who ticked all the boxes. But as soon as he became a full member he became a real pain. I won’t go into details but he didn’t keep full membership very long.
  8. Brillo

    Stock bedding

    Bedding is easy, so they say, and all the videos make it look easy. However, get it wrong and you either start all over again or get someone like Dave (Baldie) to do it properly. When you consider the over cost of shooting, especially the horrendous hike in bullet prices, getting a good bedding job done properly first time is cheap in comparison.
  9. As Furrybean, Roy W and Justin say, the Dorset Riflemen is a club where the shooting standard is very high. The downside is, although I like to think we are a friendly bunch, there isn’t a lot of time to bring on new members with little experience because our main club day is always an F Class competition, and we are predominantly an F Class club. We do have a practice day once a month and they alternate between Bisley and a 100 yard range near Lulworth. I don’t meant to put you off but to start long range I suggest your best bet is to join one or more smaller clubs who are more geared up to introducing someone to long range shooting ( up to 1000 yards) and if that hooks you in enrol in the GBFCA course or one of those mentioned by Furrybean. Then you’ll be ready for the Dorset’s. Otherwise, there are two Oxford based clubs, Ridgeway and Harwell. If they take your fancy and you can’t find contacts by Google I can point you at their secretarys.
  10. Brillo

    Seb joypod wanted

    My wife thinks differently 😂😂
  11. Brillo

    Odd coloured cases after tumbling

    As Pops says. The usual process is to rinse with bicarbonate after cleaning to neutralise the citric acid.
  12. Is there a specific reason you want to join ODRC? As mentioned by others there are other clubs to choose from and some smaller ones make it easy for new members. Ridgeway Firearms Club, one that was Secretary of until lack of time meant I had to pass on the banner, is based in Oxford and has access to ranges close to you. They also have regular monthly shoots at Bisley.
  13. Brillo

    Seb joypod wanted

    Not wishing to deflate you but your asking for gold plated rocking horse droppings. Your best bet is to put your name on the waiting list with Fox Firearms
  14. Brillo

    Phoenix Bipods

    Which Phoenix bipod? The FTR version is different to the one mentioned above.

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