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  1. Somebody just bought a lovely spec'd rifle. Alan did you record what velocity you got on the rounds fired? And what were they? Thanks.
  2. MJR

    Shoulder bumping

    You should be able to bump the shoulders back a few thousandths with the FL dies without drastically resizing the body although if you do I doubt it would be sufficient as to cause a detriment to accuracy. You do not say if you anneal or not or how many times the brass has been fired and if your chamber is standard or not? If you don't anneal, from my experience the shoulder bumping can be less consistent than that of annealed brass but you'll have to try it. Try not to get side tracked by the other information offered by some other posts. A lot of information offered is not really relevant to simply bumping shoulders back a few thou. Once you have bumped the shoulders try a case in your chamber and see how it feels. Prior good advise is this is best done with any spring ejector or fire mechanism removed from the bolt as it provides better feel to the bolt. If you are sure your shoulders have been bumped and the case still gives resistance to closing the bolt easily then its time to investigate possible other causes. I would suggest looking at the overall case length and checking that it is within spec for your calibre/chamber and trimming if necessary. If the case still doesn't chamber nicely then start looking at diameter changes on the case body. To resize the body only use a body die and forget any notion of trying to reduce the diameter of the case drastically with a FL die as doing so will bump the shoulder still further. That may result in poor ignition as the firing pin pushes the case forward or if resized excessively a dangerous over pressure situation if your reloads are already in the upper part of powder charge.
  3. MJR

    Copper fouling

    Everything gets fire cracked at the throat. Look further down the barrel and see how far it extends to determine 'how' goosed the barrel is.
  4. Scotch, absolutely agree.
  5. "Probably ten years ago, if not longer, the course of fire was devised by Brown Dog and WmS and a very good day we all had Nothing dissimilar to precision rifle shooting that is today  For £75 quid " That was an excellent day and puts into perspective today's PRL cost of £100/day including rcos and markers.
  6. Personally I don't think PRL is 'ridiculously expensive'. With an entry fee of £200 for two days structured competition with Rco's and markers it is not cheap but neither is it 'ridiculously expensive'. There are also many costs to be covered by the organisers, time spent setting up targetry and different courses of fire, Admin, ground rent etc etc. Before criticizing the cost have a think about what you would be willing to organise such a competition for and where you would find land suitable. By its very nature it requires a very large area which dictates it will be located in a remote area. Of course to participate it does incur extra cost but for me personally that's no different to driving down to bisley or blair atholl to shoot long range, ammunition cost is broadly similar and accommodation also if I want to stop over. People tend to look at the entry fee, multiply it by the number of entrants and assume that's all profit - it ain't. Wake up people, everything has a cost. And by way of comparison a quick google revealed the 2020 Bushnell Brawl has an entry fee of $275.... https://nationalrifleleague.org/matches/20-01/
  7. Please update your profile as per section rules.
  8. MJR

    Accuracy, how much is down to the press?

    The last link doesn't work scotch.
  9. MJR

    Hearing protection MSA or Peltor ?

    I have peltors with gel pads and find them fine.
  10. That's a shame to see the damage, mother nature can be devastating at times.. Hope they get it sorted ok, time for something a little more robust.
  11. It might help if you put what you are actually selling in the title?
  12. Anybody shoot 6.5SLR? I like the idea of the longer neck?
  13. Un-trendy👍 Nice job as usual.
  14. Contact 'Brown Dog' by pm

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