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  1. MJR

    New Defender

    I doubt its aimed at anyone intending to do real work with it, the jap pickups have that market cornered anyhow. More aimed towards the chelsea set now. Having said that I recently followed one around a Land Rover experience day and it did seem very capable but as previously said they are all too complicated to fix when in the real outback. As for the previous defenders, I don't see the attraction, god awful things to ride any distance in.
  2. Dave is there a recessed hole for a QD sling in the fore end? Pet hate on my acc is having to fit a weight to gain a sling mount. Just a suggestion but it would look a lot better with the stock cap screw recessed.
  3. Ronins 260ai is impressive. By way of real workd comparison to a creedmoor shooting 140eldms at 2850fps it has .5mil less elevation and .4mil less windage for a full value 10mph wind at 700mtrs.
  4. MJR

    Send it Series 2020

    The competition was a well run and more importantly a safe event. The weather was poor first thing so the start was a little delayed with light drizzle for the morning giving way to better weather in the afternoon. The venue is impressive and its obvious there's been a serious amount of hard work and forethought put into the range. The competition was shot over 8 stages with RCO, spotter and marker for each stage with the RCO giving targetry, time limit and safety brief on each stage with a clear Hit or Miss given on each shot - well done to those individuals, it makes a huge difference to the shooters. The targets were robust and each with a good backstop that was 'dumb' when damp but gave good feedback once they started to dry out. All the distances were sensible with the shorter range targets used for the more difficult multi positional stages, my particular favourite being an UKD stage consisting of three targets spaced around a hillside - a very well thought out stage. The image below shows the range with targetry out to 2000mtr. The berm on the far left is the 1000yd F class target and there is also a moving target in the centre of the range just to the left of the access road.
  5. MJR

    Bullet Jump

    But then surely if a bullet was jammed it would create higher chamber pressure and hence a different barrel time. Surely there must be a corelation somewhere. And how are the factory loads explained such as gold medal match that seams to shoot in any reasonable 308?
  6. MJR

    Bullet Jump

    All very interesting. With regard to chasing the lands once a precise load is found I also tend not to revisit my loads until the barrel is what I expect to be half way through it's useable lifespan and then if necessary retune the load. Which makes me wonder about all the jump to the lands etc, is it that dimension that really makes the difference or are we actually adjusting chamber pressure and or optimal barrel time?
  7. MJR

    Left hand/S&S pmll

    No it won't in my experience. I run PMII's on several left handed bolt rifles including a custom Remmy clone action. You should be fine.
  8. MJR

    AMP DIY Alternatives - Induction Annealing

    Just a short clip of how quick it is in use. videocompress-050-20200516_210124.mp4
  9. MJR

    AMP DIY Alternatives - Induction Annealing

    Here's my set up. I made a simple stand from some stainless steel tube with an aluminium table. The table has a very simple trap door, slide the lever to the right and the annealer case drops into the hi tech resepticle below... 6.5x47 cases takes 2.1 seconds. I ordered the water cooler for the coil, the foot switch and the adjustable height scissor lift from fluxeon at the same time. I had planned to fully automate it but it's so simple and quick to use I'm not sure I will.
  10. Somebody just bought a lovely spec'd rifle. Alan did you record what velocity you got on the rounds fired? And what were they? Thanks.
  11. MJR

    Shoulder bumping

    You should be able to bump the shoulders back a few thousandths with the FL dies without drastically resizing the body although if you do I doubt it would be sufficient as to cause a detriment to accuracy. You do not say if you anneal or not or how many times the brass has been fired and if your chamber is standard or not? If you don't anneal, from my experience the shoulder bumping can be less consistent than that of annealed brass but you'll have to try it. Try not to get side tracked by the other information offered by some other posts. A lot of information offered is not really relevant to simply bumping shoulders back a few thou. Once you have bumped the shoulders try a case in your chamber and see how it feels. Prior good advise is this is best done with any spring ejector or fire mechanism removed from the bolt as it provides better feel to the bolt. If you are sure your shoulders have been bumped and the case still gives resistance to closing the bolt easily then its time to investigate possible other causes. I would suggest looking at the overall case length and checking that it is within spec for your calibre/chamber and trimming if necessary. If the case still doesn't chamber nicely then start looking at diameter changes on the case body. To resize the body only use a body die and forget any notion of trying to reduce the diameter of the case drastically with a FL die as doing so will bump the shoulder still further. That may result in poor ignition as the firing pin pushes the case forward or if resized excessively a dangerous over pressure situation if your reloads are already in the upper part of powder charge.
  12. MJR

    Copper fouling

    Everything gets fire cracked at the throat. Look further down the barrel and see how far it extends to determine 'how' goosed the barrel is.
  13. Scotch, absolutely agree.

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