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  1. you should have kept your rifle.hope your well are you getting back on the horse?
  2. garyw

    Foxes everywhere today!!!

    shoot a fox and two will come to its funeral.
  3. garyw

    Drone pro problem

    iv found non re-chargable to best in my drone and i think thats what Carl reccomends
  4. garyw

    Diggle Fly Shoot - Sunday 30th July

    Thanks Vince
  5. garyw

    Diggle Fly Shoot - Sunday 30th July

    any results from the fly shoot?
  6. garyw

    6mm Dasher Body Die

    hes just putting his santa suit on-ho ho ho
  7. garyw

    Help needed with Icotec 500

    hes photographing them?
  8. garyw

    6BR or 6 Dasher?

    Les -straight 6br no- f+++++ng about fire forming also the dies are easier to get hold of although Spud will help you out with dasher dies. in my view the dasher has the edge and a bit more horse power but on the day the 6br can hold its own look at the results at Diggle that will tell you something. And where did you conjure up a friend?
  9. garyw

    Great Night Nailing 11 Foxes.

    Ian -calm down lifes too short-have you been to Diggle lateley? Ben rant accepted as constructive critisism i have 3 mates who are full time keepers i shoot with all of them so know the score there. good topic this
  10. garyw

    Great Night Nailing 11 Foxes.

    yes maybe -but im sure we are all wise enough and sensible enough to keep the two apart im not having a go at the total shot far from it- thats a good nights pest control but there are factions out there that would jump all over stories like this if we class it as "sport".you know where im getting at? we shouldnt hide the facts that a lot of us on this forum shoot foxes/rabbitts /rats/pigeons/crows etc as pest/vermin control and do a very good job of it-if we didnt then someone else would jump in our boots.lets not give outside groups and we know who -the ammunition [no pun] to fire back .
  11. garyw

    Great Night Nailing 11 Foxes.

    i didnt say "not allowed" just dont confuse the two -ie they are not the same.

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