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  1. pest control as in wasps-etc? for furry critters no charge i get access to a lot of land you cant buy that.
  2. garyw


    Chris tell your buddy to load some 87gn vmax in the 6-284 for bunnys there wont be a lot left of them.
  3. garyw


    if you want something differant get a 14/221 i had one on a remmy action shooting 15/17 hp -warp speed and very good on fur in fact i moved my .20 tact on the get the 14.
  4. Lee can you show the rail end on i assume it slips over the panda rail.and what length is it please.
  5. postage is on top send me your address via pm for a postage price.Thanks
  6. i used 65vmax in my sako 6ppc USA no problems at all very accurate for fur.
  7. Terry best to get in touch with Vince Bottomley hes the man.
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