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  1. Leica HD-B 8x42 Geovid Binos Boxed as new SOLD https://store.leica-camera.com/uk/en/geovid-8x42-hd-b PM for further details
  2. šŸ¤£ Foiled again!!! I would of got away with it if it wasn't for those pesky kids !!!!
  3. hi interested in the 6br items and 6.5x47 bits. Please can i have a price?


  4. Price on the Redding 6BR dies/ bump kit please
  5. Just had a funny little wee....šŸ’–
  6. If this is posted price I will take it please.
  7. Hi Nick, do you have any pics please or a link to what they look linkĀ please?

  8. lambsey

    Under one inch at 600 yards

    Nice Shooting mate
  9. Hi Bob, sure you wont have any drama getting rid of the TRG, there awesome.Ā 


    Daft question but are the barrels on ticket? I'm after a shorter barrel for a project.


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