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  1. I have the following bullets for sale 2boxes 6mm (243) hornady interlock 100gr (2453) 195 count £55 posted sold 1x 6mm (243) 100 gr interlock (2455) 50 cont £20 posted , will sell all the interlock together £65 posted 1- 6.5. (264) Nosler 120 gr bt 50 cont unopened £30 posted sold 1- 6.5 (264 ) 123 gr competition 100 ct 12 been pulled £30 posted 1-6mm (243)nosler 90gr bt 50ct £25 posted
  2. I have a open box of the above for sale £40 + pp 100cont sold
  3. I have a open box of the above for sale £40 + pp
  4. I use one excellent very pleased sold my gas anealler
  5. Hi is this still available and would it fit on a short action picatinny rail
  6. Hi are the lenses clear and unmarked and body condition
  7. For sale is my delta Stryker HD 5-50 x 56 with DLS-3 illuminated rec (MOA) target turrets and zero stop 🛑 comes boxed with sunshade and instructions this is a excellent target and long range hunting scope excellent unmarked glass there are a few cosmetic marks through use as can be expected scope only for sale £1000 plus pp price drop now £900 + pp
  8. Hi could you tell me what the price is for the scope please and any pics
  9. Hi interested in the rear big foot bag if you want to split
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