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  1. stephentri

    243 bullet weights

    Stability has as much to do with length of bullet as well as weight, you should be able to shoot Sierra 100grain pro hunter through your .243 as these are flat base and short.
  2. Hi leica rangefinder crf1000 for sale all original paper work, box and carry case included. rangefinder shows signs of wear but is in full working condition it can range in yards or meters. £250 thanks stephen
  3. stephentri


    Hi would anyone know if there is a max weight of barrel that a rem or tikka action can take saying barrel is fully floated, just thinking the longer and heavier you go much put a lot of stress on the action , Thanks
  4. stephentri

    Sound Moderation

    I see Ase have discontinued the jet z range of moderators
  5. stephentri

    An Alternative Mousetrap

    What sort of speed is it putting out 140 eldm
  6. stephentri

    Case lube

    Try thinning it down, I find 12 to 1 works well
  7. stephentri

    Rounded Shoulders

    Redding Type s dies both full length and neck size come with a expander, it's the Redding competition die set that has no expander.
  8. stephentri

    reloading 6.5x55

    I had the same rifle what I found with the short barrel N560,RL22 and other slow burning powder that shows good speed in reloading books are lucky to get 2500 fps with a 140g bullet, I changed to RL17 ,RS60 and found good accuracy and 2700 fps,
  9. stephentri

    Removing expander ball on dies

    If you don't neck turn you will end up with a case that's round on the outside but oval on the inside this will give inconsistent neck tension
  10. stephentri

    IOR Scopes, your thoughts?

    I compared a ior recon to my kahles k624i when I was looking for another scope after looking through both i went for another kahles,
  11. stephentri

    Where are all the hardcore Varmint hunters gone ?

    Hi Mark 24 inch barrel
  12. stephentri

    Where are all the hardcore Varmint hunters gone ?

    N140 works well with 77g tmk N135 Will work with 50g v max but N133 would be better if you had it
  13. stephentri

    Where are all the hardcore Varmint hunters gone ?

    Good choice of scope on your setup 👍

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