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  1. stephentri

    Tictac .223 F-Class Build

    Looking good, what powder are you using.
  2. stephentri

    Real World 223 Experience

    Hi I have same set up as you I tried the 69g tmk but did not shoot as good as 77g tmk, I am using cfe223 powder bullet oal 2.410 and getting 2900fps
  3. stephentri

    Tictac .223 F-Class Build

    Hi Any updates on the build
  4. stephentri

    Krg bravo

    Hi Andrew Let us know how you get on
  5. stephentri

    Krg bravo

    Thanks for the info
  6. stephentri

    Krg bravo

    How do yous find the adjustable cheek piece, with a two guides that hold it close together is it wobble free,the under side of the buttstock looks to be sloped rather than parallel to the barrel how do yous find it tracking on a rear bag.
  7. Hi if anyone has information on this please post
  8. stephentri

    Krg bravo

    Hi thinking of putting a new stock on my Rem 700 Anyone who has one could you let me know what you think of the krg bravo. Thanks
  9. Yes I know I was just wondering why so many for the 140g eld-m,as most other bullets in the AB library show only one BC in G7 and G1
  10. Hi paddy G1 BC on box is 0.646 but with boat tail type bullets G7 is a better option
  11. Hi Richard Thanks looks like i will go with a average BC between 0.331 and 0.319
  12. Yes I have updated it if you look at my screen shot you will see 6 different BC for the 140g eldm for the Kestrel all from the applied ballistic link ,I was looking to know what one to use, your thoughts please.
  13. On the box hornady give a BC of 0.326 the non personalized BC is 0.291 given by kestrel link ballistics going by this and real data the BC is to low has any one else found this.
  14. Hi looking at the bullet library up loaded for my kestrel 5700 it shows 6 different options for 140g eld-m what BC are yous using in your kestrel

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