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  1. Hi, spoke to him and it is still for sale
  2. If I get the asking price then I’ll include 400 139gr Lapua Scenars
  3. Not really, there are at least 2 manufacturers of reamers in the UK; BBT and Arc. Arc will also make custom dies. I ordered my sizing die from Hornady, took a while but worth the wait
  4. I’m a firm ambassador of the 284 KMR. If you’re restricted to a 308 bolt face and wanting to shoot f open then the KMR is the way forward!
  5. Reduced to sell. £1600 + RFD. Will do a good deal on 139gr Scenars
  6. SOLD Selling my Labradar (Full Bluetooth Model), bought in 2020 from March Scopes. Had very little use. Comes with a Recoil Activated Trigger, Alignment Sight, Labrador Tripod, Original Box/Papers and Carry Case. £450 posted Don’t have any pictures at the minute as it is at my Northern home. But can get some soon
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