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  1. Yes no worries mate, not sure if they’re still for sale now
  2. Hi Tony, I have decided to keep the stock for the time being as I have my eye on a barrelled action to go in it. If I decide to part with it I’ll let you know. Tom
  3. Have you not heard of a brilliant website called ‘Google Maps’? It really does come in handy sometimes… 😂
  4. Got 3 0.5kg tubs, one has been opened but no powder has been used. £35 per tub or £100 for the lot. Regularly at Diggle or I’ll be at Bisley from the 5th-7th.
  5. I am selling my Joe West F Open Lowboy Stock. I had it done by Joe 2 years ago but no longer use it as I have sold the rifle. It is for a Barnard P Action and has the Barnard V Style Bedding Block installed. It works for both right and left port and is for a right bolt. The forend is a 3 inch flat with side riders and the rear end as a flat bag rider that works with 17-19mm stocks. The length of pull is 15 inches and has a Morgan Adjustable Recoil Pad. It was professionally painted in a blue marbelizer finish by Hydrographics in York. The stock hasn’t had much use and is in excellent condition
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