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  1. if its gone i have one for sale as well
  2. 1967spud

    1967spud World Headquarters is go go go

    more good news to follow soon , we may be moving, now looking for 10k sq feeet
  3. 1967spud

    1967spud World Headquarters is go go go

    hi all not been on latley , quick update we are up to 4500 sq feet and now have new clothing unit opening this spring , guns etc to follow
  4. 1967spud

    That Spud 1967 bloke .......

    cheers guys but none of you have said how dashing i look lol
  5. 1967spud

    1967spud World Headquarters is go go go

    Well a year or so on now. and over 200000 bullets on the shelf and i consider it low on stock compared to where we should be
  6. I'm interested in buying your Rempel ski bipod. Fredjensen48@hotmail.com

  7. 1967spud

    Reloading with Rosie

    Which is exactly why we wear hotpants and spud uk
  8. 1967spud

    .224 Valkyrie

    Capital C little o another curly c and bringing up the rear a kicking K
  9. 1967spud

    Muroms for magnums

    we got loads in stock
  10. 1967spud

    To neck turn or not to neck turn

  11. 1967spud

    To neck turn or not to neck turn

    HERE IS A LINK TO THEM IVE ONLY JUST PUT THEM ON THE SITE BUT ALL GOOD NOW https://www.1967spud.com/shop/km/km-custom-diameter-expand-mandrels/ WE GET THEMIN TO ORDER AT THE MOMENT
  12. 1967spud

    reload costs

    it was good to meet you , and thanks for thje kind words , the cafe aint bad is it ? we have big plans for the new year some of which include lots more you tube stuff, me doing this full time from march onwards, more products more stock more bargains
  13. 1967spud

    Solid tempilaq

    ad some thinnners give us a shout if you need any

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