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Area 419 Zero press


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Yes and it works 

I'm loading for Fclass open and it was a step forward it saves so much time I just use and check after the first operation, when resizing or seating, and then check again nothing changes it’s the business. 

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7 hours ago, Montey said:

I should add i back off my seating dies but reset from my notes I back them off because they are they are sprung loaded. 

Thank you for the advice.

I have Forster Ultra Micrometer Seater Die, which are sprung loaded. One turn seems to work on my co-ax ?

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27 minutes ago, m1chaelw said:

I’m getting tempted by one of these  , are you planning on ordering direct ? 


No not direct as it’s from the US, there is a TAX and import duty. 
I got one in the end from Spud reloading cheap that way. Thy have one left on the website. 

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9 minutes ago, Catch-22 said:

Not so. I ordered a press, extra tool head, in-line base and 14 die lock rings, and it was infinitely cheaper ordering direct, with with shipping, taxes and duty, than ordering from the U.K. 

I saved about £400 doing it that way!

Usually that is the case if you take the plunge.

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On 12/5/2023 at 8:19 AM, John MH said:

It's shipped, just waiting for UPS to tell me what the Duty & VAT is going to be 🫣

Well the Duty & VAT were less than expected, even with Shipping Costs I've saved over £700 on what it would have cost to source the items in the UK, although you do have to factor in the significant Black Friday Discount from Area 419 that is not directly available here in the UK.

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1 hour ago, martin_b said:

Looks lovely... but does it offer many advantages over a Forster co-ax?  ( other than looking damn sexy!)

Too early to say for me but I have both so can compare, plan at the weekend is to set up for .223, followed by 6XC, 33XC & 300NM.

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