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  1. Thank you for letting me know.
  2. Hi Rick Do you have 34mm Picatinny rings med ?
  3. Sightron SIII SS 10-50×60 Long Range Target Illuminated LR MOA Reticle: MOA-2 All with everything that came with it, purchased from optics warehouse March 2019 There is a mark on the battery compartment Photos to follow I may have medium height tier one rings with bubble level as well, with box thy will be an extra cost £750.00 posted first class recorded
  4. I am running a Spuhr 20moa high mounts with 8-30 x 50 scope all ok
  5. Hi Rick I am after an FTR Bipod I did ring you. What have you left? pm me
  6. MrDuston


    I think thy are sold, but will let you know
  7. MrDuston


    Still for sale
  8. I have rung him with no response, sent me a text to say has had trouble is he’s phone, now has a new one also says he’s been away?
  9. I just about to get one from this. Guy? Now I am just wondering if he's the real deal?

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