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  1. Gents I’ve currently got an Atlas BT10 on my 6.5cm but I’m finding not been able to lock the pan and tilt a bit irritating. The Pan I can live with but even with the knob locked down as tight as I can, closing and opening the bolt tilts the rifle. If I am to get something different I’d also like something with a bit wider footprint. Any suggestions. < £300 My other question is the Atlas attaches to the front of my GRS stock with a spigot. Is this a custom fitting unique to GRS and any ideas on if its possible to move it to another bipod?
  2. Or this one? An auction bargain at $7.8million
  3. I dont need a lift as Im a local but im there most weekends. I shoot Clays and Rifles (both this Saturday), Happy to give you a tour. It looks a bit imposing but its not, just a load of like minded guys. If youre there on your own and feel a bit lost just go to Fat Tony's buy a tea/coffee and ask someone, thats what i did!
  4. I use an Aimsports Triton 50 on my 6.5 absolutely no complaints. I'm 100% targets so not worried about the weight, but it doesnt seem that heavy to me.
  5. I hate muzzel brakes! However if you have to use them please show a bit of courtesy to your Neighbours and let them know when you're going using them please. Im in lane X this AM at Bisley in X+1 X+2 and X+3 is a club with between 1 and 3 of them using brakes, The rule about one free lane between shooter seems to be ignored now, the blast is bad enough but its the noise I really object to, so please have the decency to warn your fellow shooters. <Rant over>
  6. Gents I need to talk to my FAO about a couple of things and while Im about it I'd like to sound out putting another rifle on my ticket, Ideally I want something that can shoot out to 2 miles (at eskdalemuir) but I feel it would be easier to justify if I'm also able to shoot it at Bisley, (im a local) so a .338Lapau is out. What calibre whould you suggest?
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