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  1. You have a pm re scales RCBS 10 10
  2. Hi all up for sale K & M Mandrel, window riser and press adapter. One week old will not fit my Forster coaxial press Mandrels 6.5 and .30cal will not split. £45.00 posted SOLD
  3. Morning There is an issue with the window riser, the thread is not long enough, so the die will not sit back far enough in the press, as you can see in the photo
  4. Hi I shoot FTR and F Open All my rifles are from Mik at Dolphin. The stocks are Joe West around £600 to £700 and upwards depending on what you want. I am sure if you were to give him a call he would help. Have a look at the Joe West web site
  5. MrDuston

    Removing expander ball on dies

    Hi I will do
  6. Hi all Do any of you resize with no expander ball or replace with a carbide version? All my Dies are Redding Type S Full Length with bushings.
  7. MrDuston

    Removing expander ball on dies

    Hi Thank you all for the information you have kindly give me, it looks like that I will have to do some shopping, an expander mandrel, neck turn and a Wall Thickness Gauge. Keep safe
  8. Hi how much for the Sinclair priming tool?
  9. Evening you have a txt re Berger 155
  10. Hi you do know thy are £71 from spud
  11. Hi is the Brass small or large primer? Is the Brass boxed?
  12. Hi allRedding titanium nitride bushing used.241.242.243 £12 each posted
  13. Seb standard rear bag used, small cuts to the fabric on the in side ridge as in photo and dose not affect it’s use. £40.00 posted, will not be full of sand.

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