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  1. triggersqueezer

    6.5 creedmoor dies

    Any about preferably bushing f/l comp dies,
  2. .223 x500 posted within uk. SOLD SOLD mike
  3. triggersqueezer

    17 hornet or 17 remington

    mine shoots sub half moa with 2 loads with 20 grn v max so just stopped load development . it was good enough / better than i can stear it.
  4. triggersqueezer

    17 hornet or 17 remington

    i chose a 17 hornet over the rem because it moderates better than a hmr imo no where near the noise of the rem.10.2 grn of powder gets me 3580 fps with good accuracy. withoubt a doubt the 17 rem out guns it on every level but where do you stop ? so many things out gun the rem .2" drop out to 200 with my hornet and its for sub 300 yard rabbits . it will push way past 300 but wind reading gets interesting. barrel life will be much less on the rem i assume and is the one your looking at new ?
  5. Can you send me a pic of your K&M press. I am interested.

    Thanks, Nigel

  6. triggersqueezer

    K&M arbour press with dial force gauge.

    keeping mine
  7. this should have zero stop
  8. triggersqueezer

    284 annealing machine disc

    not sure there any different from any .308 bolt face disc if it helps
  9. triggersqueezer

    Dolphin Modular Stock for F Open????

    never heard a bad thing said about them but had my ass kicked by people using them.
  10. triggersqueezer

    gun dogs seen in stratford

    on a gypsy camp
  11. triggersqueezer

    Air rifle to FAC power?

    although i think the above link is priced fair not a total bargain because it is an older rifle the truth is the ranger at fac power can have a power curve that needs mapping. the wolf regulates shots to make hits far more consistent . you can sell sub 12 anywhere to any one but fac has a very small market.i would sell and buy a ready to go wolf etc every time.
  12. triggersqueezer

    Vortex Golden Eagle issue?

    if you dont want to count clicks use a calculator 33 - 3% = 32.01 and dial in or dial for 970 yards depending which way the known error goes. t is almost not worth it because of enviromental voodoo. i know my zero shifts from one range to another even with altitude and wind direction taken into account.
  13. triggersqueezer

    Vortex Golden Eagle issue?

    surely if there is a known 3% difference you would just input a new click value in your balistic program.which is the whole point of the tall target test as few scopes are exact.instead of 0.250 put 0.275 for example
  14. guys i travel from diggle to leicester if it helps anyone

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