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  1. I've had this on my wrist since 1972, A Rolex Sea Dweller 1665, it been to 310 metres with me in a DDC, and to 215 metres in the N Sea ( back in the day), dived it in Korea, Taiwan, Middle East, Antigua, Brazil, Barbados, Indonesia, Oman. Its not a perfect watch for deer related activities, but .... it is extremely robust, and keeps good time. OK, granted that I wouldn't pay current prices for the modern version, but this old thing has served me well. Its up for sale with original papers and some Comex Dive Logs etc. from the 1970's.
  2. Tikka 260

    Sako A11 Restoration

    Nice One Andy, your client should be very happy with the outcome, and I’m sure it shoots 👍🏻
  3. V nice , great stalking rifle. Interesting that there might be pse stocks for Rem 700 clones in the offing.
  4. Tikka 260

    REM 700 blueprint

  5. Tikka 260

    Magazine for Borden Alpine?

    Scotch Egg, the OAL question will hopefully be resolved when Baldie receives the dummy rounds next week. When he has time to check, I’m sure the answer re feeding the rounds from a Curtis mag will be revealed.
  6. Tikka 260

    Magazine for Borden Alpine?

    Nice set up Lapua, close, but not quite what I am looking for.👍🏻🦌👍🏻
  7. Tikka 260

    Magazine for Borden Alpine?

    Great Thinking Andy, and if that clever person happened to be in UK, even betterer! However with the current obsession with the tactical look I’m doubtful that the potential market would justify the cost and effort. Perhaps a halfway house solution would be for that clever person to come up with a slick 3 round capacity magazine that doesent rattle and also feeds reliably to fit AICS bottom metal? That must be possible? 3 in the box and 1 loaded would do for my usage, even in a Fallow Target Rich Environment . Food for thought if nothing else. (FWIW - I’d put one on the 7x57 too)
  8. Tikka 260

    Magazine for Borden Alpine?

    Agreed; I had a Sako75 Finlight many years ago, and the magazine system was possibly the best thing about it. I’m following up the Curtis option to determine if it will feed the long 260 rounds, and then decide on the way forward. IF it happens , I’ll post the result in due course.
  9. Tikka 260

    Magazine for Borden Alpine?

    Thanks again everyone for your input, it is much appreciated. I'll take it up directly with Baldie and see where I go from there.
  10. Tikka 260

    Magazine for Borden Alpine?

    Yes, agreed, there are ways around it, none of them perfect. Best Practice is to unload before climbing down from a high seat, underloading is probably safe enough, but it's still a compromise in the dark with cold fingers. Anyway, my OQ was not intended to start an online discussion on ways and means of acting safely, but merely to enquire if anyone had found an alternative to the R700 magazine alternatives. Thanks again
  11. Tikka 260

    Magazine for Borden Alpine?

    Thanks all for your input, it would seem that the situation remains the same as ever. I agree with Ronin, the BDL works fine, and I have absolutely no complaints about the Sunny Hill product. , but I just get a bit miffed dumping rounds thru the floorplate and failing to catch them in the dark while in a Ladderseat . OK - That's just my inept fingers you might say, but Scrabbling around looking for live rounds in the dark is no fun at all. Bearing in mind that I'm out for Fallow 3 -4 evenings a week right now, and I have time to reflect on the way that my kit works in practice. A flush fitting Tikka /Sako type magazine profile would be much easier IMHO, but I think that I'm almost alone in this perception. Ronin knows that I've been the HS Mk 1 route and its not good. Noisy, and unreliable feed. Guess that I'll stick with the existing set up ..... ATB T260
  12. Hi All A bit of a long shot here, but wondering still if anyone has yet come up with a magazine/ bottom metal for the Rem 700 clones in a stalking rifle? I've got Sunny Hill bottom metal and a Wyatt box on mine right now, and yes .... its a lovely bit of kit, but ... I would still prefer a detachable magazine ( that is not Tacticool or HS Precision- noisy- , and doesn't hang out of the bottom of the stock) to hold 3 rounds of .260 with 140 Gn NABs , so it needs to be somewhat longer than the usual Factory dimensions. Any ideas out there? Thanks for looking T260

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