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    Lamping foxes and rabbits, improving in longrange shooting, ferreting.

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  1. Hi Will you take £1200 for it Cheers
  2. gaz6br

    Drone pro - possible to view?

    Get your money ready, once you see you'll buy lol
  3. I'm afraid mr Br is right these are going for around £1500 now I have the hd38s and it's fantastic, some say the best model they have done to date Good luck
  4. Can I ask what it sold for as I have the same and may get rid Cheers
  5. gaz6br

    £999.99 scope budget - what ?

    Nightforce NXS One on here £900 a lot of scope for the money I use one myself
  6. gaz6br

    thermal monocular

    +4 My pulsar hd38s is amazing never leave home with out it ?
  7. Cracking buy How old is it mate I've had 2 fantastic and best reticle ? Gaz
  8. gaz6br

    Uk Longrange

    Bout time ?
  9. gaz6br

    Lamping truck

    Yes worked fine, but now I have a thermal spotter on it ? Gaz
  10. gaz6br

    Lamping truck

    Boys and toys ☺️ Gaz
  11. gaz6br

    243 doing as it should

    Cheers guys ? Rest?? Gaz
  12. Hello Where do you live Cheers Gaz Has it got the neck strap ??

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