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  1. Yes, Brilliant first event. Thanks to Mark and his team for putting on the event, hopefully it will grow and improve into its full potential.
  2. From what you've said so far an AT rebarrelled to 6.5 creedmoor or 6.5x47 would suit your needs. Baldie, excellent smith and will give you good advise. Having said that a T3 in a decent stock and rebarrelled in the same calibres will give you excellent service, a lower residual value but cheaper to start with. 308 is an excellent and versatile calibre but there's no getting away from the fact that it starts to loose out in ballistic terms beyond 700yds to the 6.5 and 7mm calibres.
  3. MJR

    65x47 cases

    Are you still using the R8 Gary? Sorry I mean Lapua.
  4. Love the man maths there Scotch...😀
  5. Looks like a SEB rear bag, Brian Fox has them for Sale.
  6. Fill in your profile please to use the for Sale section. Thanks.
  7. I decided to have a try at pillar bedding a T595 I have in .243. The rifle shot ok and I had previously skim bedded the action but I wanted to see if it could be improved still further. I should point out that before trying this i'd read up on the subject and spoken to a rfd friend who does build some very fine and consistently accurate rifles. I won't name that person but thanks for the time taken and advice given, its much appreciated. Also, this post is not meant to be a 'how to' guide, i'm not an expert, just an insight as to how I approached the job. First the old bedding needed to be removed and pockets machined in the stock for the front and rear pillars. I milled the material out of the stock and machined deep enough for a 3mm thick bed under the action and deeper around the pillars. Next I machined up two pillars. The rear one is a simple tube with grooves machined on the outside to provide some mechanical grip for the bedding compound. Anyone familiar with the 595 action will know they don't have a remington style recoil lug but do have a cylindrical boss on the bottom of the action where the front action screw attaches. I machined the front pillar to accomadate this boss internally and provide a form of recoil lug for the stock. Next it was time to prepare the action for bedding. I plugged all the holes in the action with plasticine and gave the whole lot two very thorough coats of Kiwi polish, buffed between coats and making sure everything was covered! I masked up the stock with masking tape and wound electrical tape around the barrel where it exits the stock fore end to ensure correct fit of the barrelled action in the stock. With the action sitting in the stock the only points that made contact were the rear most part of the rear tang and the electrical tape on the barrel. I put more tape around the barrel to act as a dam for the beeding material but this was not weight bearing. With everything ready, paper roll and cotton buds to hand for the clean up I mixed up the Devcon. Mixing it is easy, just follow the instructions on the box but be warned, it sticks to absolutely everything. I applied the Devcon to the action and inside the stock making sure to poke some down the holes for the pillars. With everything coated in Devcon I mated the two parts together and began the tedious process of removing all the excess bedding that oozes out of everywhere. I'd been advised to take my time and make sure everywhere was cleaned up including up inside the magazine well. i did and eventually secured everything in place with a couple of wraps of electrical tape around the action and stock. With nothing left to do, I tidied up and left the rifle overnight to cure and fully harden. The following day I removed the electrical tape and gently tapped the underside of the barrel with the palm of my hand. It was around this point I was convinced i'd glued the action into the stock and now had the 595 equivalent of an AW bonded in action! I tried several times and it wouldn't budge. In annoyance/desperation I gave it a proper thack and there was a cracking sound. I'd either broken the stock or the action was free. Thankfully it was the later and the action had moved very slightly. 5 minutes of gentle rocking later and the action came free of the stock. I returned to the milling machine and machined the excess bedding out of the stock and relieved the trigger well and clearance for the safety catch. Bedding material had also oozed under the tape infront of the action so I removed that to and cleaned it up to a crisp edge. I removed all the plasticine from the action and cleaned it up and finally it was ready for reassembly. Take a close look at the pictures and you will see the bedding is not perfect. There are a couple of small air bubbles in the bedding around the rear lug and a couple not visible on the vertical sides of the stock but overall i'm happy with the results. The bedding provides good surface contact with the stock and most of all a ggod recoil attachment. Has it improved the Rifle? Accuracy wise I don't yet know, I havent had chance to shoot it yet. One thing that has definately improved is the feel of the gun, it feels far more solid and together. So thats it, my attempt at pillar bedding. Like I said, not a 'how to' guide just how I did it. If anyone else is considering a similar project I hope this gives you some encouragement to have a go - but don't blame me if you glue the action in!
  8. Neil, please fill in your profile to use the For Sale section. Thanks.
  9. https://quickload.co.uk/collections/top-sellers/products/quickload-quicktarget-ver-3-9-quickload-quicktarget-version-3-9-is-supplied-with-a-comprehensive-user-friendly-manual-included-on-the-quickload-cd-rom-disk
  10. MJR

    Primer seating tool

    Then what about the press mounted one? http://www.primalrights.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&path=101&product_id=136
  11. You could do that or bed the floor plate in also.
  12. So, round two of trying this type of load development. This time using 308 with 155 Sierra TMK with Varget powder in Palma brass and Br4 primers. The round were loaded to 2.880" and as the graph shows velocity increases steadily as the charge weight increased. As regards accuracy all rounds fired with the magneto speed fitted could be covered with a pound coin which made me wonder how an ocw test would have compared. I did plot the individual shots but to be honest its such a tight cluster i'm not sure what you can interpret from the plot. Anyway I chose 46gn as the best load and fired another 10 rounds over the chrony. The result was all ten shots into less area than a 1" shoot n see circle, average velocity of 2946fps and s/d of 7fps. Very happy with the velocity and now looking to shoot the same load at longer ranges. 155TMK Velocity graph.xlsx
  13. Scooby, please fill in your profile. thanks.
  14. MJR

    Satterlee load development PtII

    Sorry, that should be Varm.
  15. MJR

    Satterlee load development PtII

    Farm, that's the thing. I didn't batch brass, just the first ten to hand after resizing and the first ten bullets out of the box. I do make sure loaded rounds have little to no run out though.
  16. MJR

    Satterlee load development PtII

    10 rounds to do the load development and 10 to confirm velocity and accuracy. It could probably be tuned further with seating depth but I'd be chasing maybe a 1/10" tighter group. One thing I've found out. I've stopped using 1" aiming discs and now use 1/2" hence why the middle of the group is missing, it got shot out.
  17. MJR

    Czech mil comp

    Looked like a lot of TRG's being used?
  18. MJR

    New Hearing protection gel cups

    Look like a good idea, my Peltors are getting ready for new cups.
  19. Andrew, that sounds like nirvana!
  20. MJR

    Quickload check

    Would someone be kind enough to run this load through Quickload. I have and see predicted pressure levels within reason but I'm seeing higher than expected velocities. 0.308 using Palma brass, BR2 primers. 155TMK seated to 2.880" COAL 46.1gn Varget. Thanks.
  21. MJR

    Quickload check

    Interesting. I ran the load through quick load using std 308 case so that may well be the difference. Its a 26" barrel and I was trialing another saterlee load development to see if I get repeat results with the 308 following success with the 6.5x47. The results look good so far with higher than expected velocity which is a bonus providing its safe and that what I'm trying to check. No pressure signs whatsoever so far.
  22. BB, Please fill in your profile as per section rules. Thx.
  23. MJR

    Quickload check

    Good spot, yes BR4's. Yes reloading is not an absolute, happy to take the extra velocity but just wondered if my quickload prediction is accurate and if anyone else would run the figures.
  24. Intrigued by the 6.5 Guys interview with Scott Satterlee and in need of developing a load for a 6.5x47 I thought I'd give it a try. The goal is to develop a good stalking load, I already use 129SST's in a 6.5x55 so I decided to try those as I already have some. Previously fired cases were cleaned, annealed, resized and trimmed. Varget was chosen for the powder as I have some left to use up and 14 cases were charged and bullets seated to give a 0.020" jump. Charge weights were 35.7 to 36.9 and two cases were loaded at each increment. This deviates from the Satterlee method as I believe he only loads one round at each increment but I wanted to see what deviation I got at each point. The loads were than shot using a Magnetospeed chrony and the results recorded. Here are the results: 35.7 2790 2759 35.9 2785 2783 36.1 2774 2801 36.3 2812 2807 36.5 2824 2829 36.7 2832 2831 36.9 2852 2832 There is a velocity plateau between 36.5 and 36.7 so the next stage is to load five rounds at 36.6 as the middle of the node and see what SD they will give. Has anyone else tried this method and how did it work for you?
  25. MJR

    Quickload check

    Their max is 47gns and with a shorter coal so i'm on the safe side pressure wise with a velocity of 2909 fps. I'm at 46.1gn with a longer coal but seeing 2940fps.

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