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  1. gruntus

    Measuring Case Volume

    😁 Guilty as charged.
  2. gruntus

    Measuring Case Volume

    Hi Pops, If it's of any help, I add alcohol (not the drinking kind, that would be a waste) to the demin water as recommended by a fellow "time wasting, tail-chasing traveller". It helps with the miniscus. With regard to plugging the rear end (ooooh matron), a piece of blue-tac can be used (weighed to 2 x grains) as well. Similarly with bubbles how can you ever determine if the flash hole has air or water in it or a variance in between? How was the bacon sandwich? ATB G
  3. gruntus

    Lee press seating consistency

    Most important question. Where are you measuring and with what? Typically you should be using a comparator to measure off the ogive on the bullet and the base of the case. If your measuring the tip of the meplat and base of the case these will most definitely give you varying sizes!!! All the best G
  4. gruntus

    Bore Scopes

    +1 for inspection and also if your a "clean freak" for checking your cleaning regime it can be a useful tool. It can, however, be one more thing to make you chase your tail and start worrying (unnecessarily?) when you see some pitting, coppering or throat erosion. If you have a look up my old SMLE you could wonder how the bullet even makes it to the target! 😆 How you correlate these things to actual evidence on paper? I'm not quite sure. G
  5. Hi, A question for the gun Smith's. I have a Macmillan stock that I want to fit a removable cheek Piece to (it's a non adjustable stock) so that I can clean the rifle unimpeded and I also want to steer clear of the velcro add on type. I want to be able to simply fit the cheek peice and remove it and thought that using a couple of threaded press inserts would allow me to screw on / off something like the the titan cheek rest. https://www.brownells.co.uk/epages/UK.sf/en_GB/?ObjectID=4428074 Could you provide some advice on the best type of insert to use (threaded or press installation) and if you use epoxy as well? I'm fairly handy and obviously don't want to make a dog's breakfast of it hence the question to start with. All the best and thanks in advance. G
  6. Ah ok, I'm FCSA. Thanks Pops. G
  7. I'm meant to be there next week and I haven't received any info, is there anything I need to be aware of? (you can PM me if its sensitive). All the best G
  8. gruntus

    After barrel cleaning groups

    Ronzi, do you do all five shots of each load and then on to the next set? A few people (myself included) start at the lowest load on target 1 then next increment on Target 2 all the way up until you reach the highest load and then come back down accordingly and repeat until finished. The net effect is that you place all your shots (e.g. 90.5 grains load) on target 1 and (e.g 91 grains load) on target 2 (hope that makes sense?). This method distributes any temp variation. In addition to this waiting a minute between each shot allows yourself and the rifle to settle in to the groove and get good form for shooting. It does take a while though! All the best G
  9. gruntus

    After barrel cleaning groups

    Hi, I have witnessed this behaviour on a couple of rifles (a P14 and my own 308), typically it should settle down within 20 rounds. Please let us know if things settle down and after how many rounds. Interestingly if you follow Mark and Sam after work, he only typically removes the carbon and patches through with some oil. Never copper defouls. HTH G
  10. At least it will provide more ventilation, 🙂a number of people have felt ill (myself included) with the amount of fumes blown back into the area from the muzzle brakes of the larger calibres. Its sometimes like a scene from Apocalypse Now! 😁
  11. Join the FCSA, they have one shoot a month booked at Eskdalemuir and you can shoot at other ranges nearer to you also.
  12. gruntus

    Odd coloured cases after tumbling

    Hi John, A respectful question, why cold water only? I've always used warm water for initial wash and rinsing off. Thanks in advance. G
  13. gruntus

    Odd coloured cases after tumbling

    Hi Cheshire, You haven't compromised your cases at all so don't worry about it, they just won't be as much bling on the range and will come up the same in your next cleaning cycle. I usually use 1/2 a tablespoon of Ariel Actilift Gel and a 1/3 of a teaspoon of citric acid for 50 - 100 cases. I haven't tried Fairy liquid before, how much do you put in? All the best. G 🙂
  14. gruntus

    Merry Christmas!

    And wot e said.☝️😁 Merry Xmas!! G
  15. gruntus

    Reloading for .308 - powders

    The coins are covering the fliers..... Sorry Catch, I'm only joking, I couldn't resist! it is Xmas after all!!! 😋 All the best!! G

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