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  1. As previously stated above bud. If it sell and buyer only wants the rifle I will split, not before. Thanks for the private messages and I believe I have replied to them
  2. Hi my apologies Rifle and moddy- £2400 Scope- £270 Bag and rain cover- £130 Magazines- £120 Cheaper as a bundle and if in person can have the ammunition, fac dependent. Once the rifle is sold iam happy to sell individually but until then it will get kept as a package. Thanks
  3. Hello all, I am toying with the idea of selling my lantac straight pull ar15 rifle in 5.56/223. The rifle itself has a 1;8 twist and a barrel of 13.5 inches. It also has an ambidextrous bolt release as well as an aftermarket charging handle. As well as the actual rifle it comes with the following items- A noveske flash suppressor Ase ultra moderator Aim drag bag and rain cover 4x metal 30 round magazines 4x pmag 30 round magazines 2x pmag 10 round magazines flip up sights front grip sightron s-tac 2-10x32 sfp hhr2 30mm 1/4 moa
  4. Sadly your just too far away from me to make it viable as I'd like to inspect before committing but all the best in your sale
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