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  1. Definitely I'll make efforts to pick up various brands and weights, sadly that's a challenge in it self due to lack of retailers
  2. I dont believe the rifle is at fault. I think its the snidey ammunition as its the only brand tried so far. I'll need to invest in more expensive factory ammunition but ultimately its going to be hand loading
  3. Hi its about 12 inches but I'll take a tape to it tomorrow and confirm this. The groupage with freedom bucket was about the size of my hand at 100yds with a bipod and bag. It was never the same poi. I'll try heavier factory ammunition and ultimately look to home load to be more specific
  4. Average of 200yds max 500yds paper targets
  5. Hello, To clarify I've only used the freedom bucket and nothing else. I'll try the heavier hornady then home load
  6. Catch 22 thank you for you detailed advice, definitely food for thought
  7. Your comment was as about s much use as a choclate teapot. If you want to be sarcastic pm me so I can be rude back without disrupting others
  8. Hello Guys, I was wondering if anyone can direct me to reloading data for my rifle. It is 223/5.56 straight pull with a short barrel with a 1 in 8 twist. The barrel is the shortest that is uk legal. Factory ammunition has been terrible and is never consistent. Any advice would be great. Thanks
  9. Too be honest I'm struggling to get ammunition here as there isn't many places that sell decent stuff but I'll definitely keep a eye out
  10. Thanks for that, I'll try and source some
  11. 😆 my apologies,brain fart. It's 223
  12. Hello guys, I have a short barrel straight pull with a barrel with 1 in 8 twist. Could any of you suggest factory ammunition for it. I have been using remington freedom buckets but its like a shotgun blast and no two rounds go the same
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