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  1. Join our club now and get 15 months for the price of 12! 12 Month membership runs from 1st Feb annually, but if you join now you dont need to renew until 1st Feb 2022!! Full Members get access to our 2k Training Range at Eskdalemuir At least 4 club days per month at Eskdalemuir email me at helen.gardnersguns@gmail.com for an application form!
  2. Kestrel Ballistics Heads Up Display won by Mike Barratt from MBE Race Engines Nearest the Bullseye, Paul Ratcliffe BIG SIS Open Trophy to John Morgan Hosey LITTLE SIS Trophy went to Ryan Charlton (thinking i might just engrave his name on it from now on!!) LADIES taken by newcomer, Ali Eustance JUNIOR went to Kester, who beat his sister by a mere 4 points, might be some fighting at home today!! Thanks to everyone who took part, donated prizes or volunteered as staff, a worthy day 😎
  3. OK, home, pyjamas on, a glass of port and time to reflect on todays Kestrel Ballistics Send It Series competition… Firstly let me say a big shout out to my staff today, you really are the best and we wouldn’t be able to keep this train moving without you, so Thank you…. Also a nod to the competitors, some of whom have travelled from the opposite end of the country to take part… you are awesome and its always a highlight of my calendar to see you all, time and time again. Kestrel Ballistics donated a very fine prize to be awarded via a raffle at the end of the day, one of their new Heads Up Display units, which generated some considerable interest, and a lot of fingers crossed for the presentation! Right then, the comp…. weather was, lets just say ‘changeable’ with either miserable dreicht drizzle or dry almost sunny bits, but changing literally every 5 mins…but then this is Scotland, it was brilliant by October standards, so im grateful, no really, I am! The morning started slowly, as it always does with us, bacon sandwiches to start then safety brief and convoy to the firing point to start the first 5 stages. We utilized our new firing point building for 4 of the 5 stages and this wasn’t the best plan in hindsight, with it being difficult to keep timing and communication on target so maybe a rethink for the next one, however, there was some good scoring, including some solid hits for the BIG SIS at the new BlinkTroll moving target system. We also had a stage on the Shotmarker system, with closest to the Bull being awarded a bottle of Whisky donated by Gareth McClelland (who was unable to attend, unfortunately). An early break for lunch due to a target malfunction (how the hell do you guys keep shooting our targets off???) and then a late start in the afternoon saw us a little pushed for time, but you all came through brilliantly, no mishaps and a final shot rang out around 5.20pm. When laying the Course of Fire I had initially thought the Wobbly Pallets would be a challenge, but that was probably the highest scoring stage (I’m going to make it harder next time, don’t you worry!) and instead it was the Apex which caught most of the competitors out, there you go, that’s why I organize these things and don’t shoot in them, I know nothing. So, all in all a good day, positive feedback from all, the atmosphere was great, plenty of banter and laughter going about and plenty of full tummies, we don’t do anything without copious amounts of food being available. Scores on the Doors: Kestrel Ballistics Heads Up Display was won by Mike Barratt First Place in the BIG SIS with an excellent score of 52/76 JOHN MORGAN HOSEY Ladies Trophy went to newcomer ALI EUSTANCE Little SIS was taken by the indomitable RYAN CHARLTON with 67/76 Junior Trophy by KESTER Closest to the Bullseye awarded to PAUL RATCLIFFE #senditseries #gardnersguns #eskdalemuir2ktrainingrange #gardnersgunsrifleranges
  4. hellandback

    Send It Series @ Eskdalemuir 2K Training Range

    Brilliant! and yes, 100m or near-ish 😎
  5. hellandback

    Send It Series @ Eskdalemuir 2K Training Range

    Yes, you get time to Zero at the start of the day 👍 There are a few travelling up the night before, i believe, some staying in Lockerbie and some in Langholm, not sure about the Sat night though? Dont worry, you dont have to do the hill as often as me, just once to each stage for the competitors and its not that bad lol, but im MD so i have to oversee ALL squads, all the time, all day, and they are usually spread over at least 4 stages, from the bottom to the bloody top 😫!!! We have a few guys who are entering both Big and Little SIS, so get on with it...no wussing out on my tab 😅
  6. hellandback

    Send It Series @ Eskdalemuir 2K Training Range

    i think we all need chairs this time, up and down that bloody hill all day killed me!! 😐
  7. A few places left at our next precision shooting competition, Big SIS for upto 30cal, Little SIS for .22 rimfire. All shooters use the same barricades, but with closer targets for the wee .22's! Lunch and plenty of laughs guaranteed (you know who you are...) no cliques, no teams, no sponsorship, just honest to god guys and gals having a great time plinking at stuff from some REALLY awkward positions 😉 email me to put your name down senditseries@gmail.com, entry forms will be emailed out the week before the competition and you can bring them with you, along with your entry fee ON THE DAY 😎
  8. hellandback

    With love from....that B*tch at G*rdners

    my type of humour is best described as 'dark and twisted' 😉
  9. hellandback

    With love from....that B*tch at G*rdners

    gotta love a guy with a sense of humour, right????
  10. hellandback

    With love from....that B*tch at G*rdners

    Ive nothing against Hawaiian shirts, i think Magnum PI was my first crush 😎 You guys are free to wear anything, or even nothing on our range 😉😂🤣😅
  11. My 2 seconds of fame 🤣🤣🤣 IMG_1527.MP4

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