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  1. Shuggy

    Neck sizing vs full sizing question.

    Said shouty American is one of the top F Class competitors in the US. He has a more recent video where he surveys many other top level competitors. Without exception they all full length resize.
  2. I recently bought the 26 inch version with monitor. Great bit of kit. It has made me completely rethink my cleaning regime, paying much more attention to carbon now.
  3. Shuggy

    Atlasworx bottom metal

    Not UK, but PSE Composites in Ireland sell them.
  4. Shuggy

    9mm bolt action

    The only thing that I don’t particularly care for is the ugly ATI plastic stock. One day I hope to fit a decent laminate stock. Boyds sell one, but it reportedly needs a fair bit of fitting. Here’s hoping that Form Rifle Stocks will start selling one.
  5. Shuggy

    9mm bolt action

    Certainly, here you go. I seem to recall that I paid £650 for it, back in 1997, when I had a large wad of pistol compensation money in my pocket. Over the years I have always enjoyed how it makes the Marlin owners do a double take!
  6. Shuggy

    9mm bolt action

    I have an Armalon PC carbine in 9mm, which is built on a Lee Enfield No4 action. It is truly a work of art.
  7. Shuggy

    Stock Inletting

    No direct experience, but I have seen some superb stock inletting work done by Neil McKillop. I recall him saying that he always prefers to do his own inletting, as this means that everything will be perfect. I believe that laminate stocks with blank inlets can be obtained from Joe West, Form Rifle Stocks and Wood2Stock.
  8. Shuggy

    The new Sig Cross Rifle

    I guess that someone at Sig watches YouTube. https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2020/11/25/sig-cross-recall/
  9. I just bought an SL5i with borelock attachment. The SL5i is shorter and lighter than the Jet Z and given its size, it's frankly quite amazing how good its sound reduction is.
  10. Not UK, but PSE Composites will sell you one from Ireland. However, theirs looks to be about 12" long.
  11. Apologies for my misunderstanding. I suppose that you could, but wouldn't it rather negate the whole point, which is to have a graduated scale, allowing you to fine tune the position?
  12. No, the EC tuner and indeed most of the other designs use nylon tipped grub screws to control the friction on the thread.
  13. Shuggy

    The new Sig Cross Rifle

    Not quite, there is still a competition running. There are 3 contenders: the Sig one, a cased telescoped round and a polymer cased one. The only bit that has been fixed is the 6.8mm General Purpose Projectile and its velocity specs, which is a government furnished design. Personally, I am pretty sceptical. It reminds me a lot of the failed .276 Enfield from 1913. That failed due to excessive heating, recoil, muzzle flash and barrel wear - and it was only about 60,000 psi chamber pressure, rather than the 80,000 psi of the new designs! It remains to be seen whether modern technologies can overcome these issues.
  14. I suppose it could work. Rather than using washers, barrel tuners use nylon tipped grub screws to set the position. I suppose that you could have your Jet-Z retrofitted with one of the spigot mount options and then have the spigot drilled and tapped for the grub screws, but this sounds like an awful lot of bother to go to. However, if you look at the the EC tuners sold by Erik Cortina, these are designed specifically so that they can be fitted behind a muzzle brake or moderator.
  15. Is the rod aluminium alloy or stainless steel?
  16. Shuggy

    Tenabrax scope cover

    It's really difficult to work it out as their website is terrible! What you need are part numbers SB5603-FCV (objective), SB56-AR (adapter) and SB50EC-FCR (eyepiece).
  17. Shuggy

    Glass bedding

    One point not mentioned so far: are you using the original Sabatti plastic stock? The Sabatti that one of our club members owned looked like the stock was made from a glass-filled nylon. If that is the case, then I would be concerned that any epoxy based bedding compounds might have problems with adhesion. You might be better off changing to a fibreglass or laminate stock or chassis, each of which would be more compatible with bedding materials.
  18. With all my normal ranges closed, attention naturally turns to tweaking and updating kit. For some time I have wanted a rifle mounted DOPE card holder to allow me to quickly see my ballistic data. I never find using a ballistic app on my phone that great, especially with gloves in the cold and wet. I had looked at all the fancy folding machined ones, such as those from Ulfhednar, MK Machining, or Hawk Hill Custom, but you are looking at £90 for the Ulfhednar, or $90-120 for the US ones, plus the usual postage, VAT and fees. A bit of Google-Fu found a robust ID card holder/card wallet with a metal clip made by ‘GOVO’ - £14.99 off Amazon. This has a clear plastic face for the front card and room to hold 4 extra cards behind. I also obtained some blank PVC ID cards for 64 pence each. You can use a dry wipe marker, but personally I prefer an old fashioned chinagraph (grease pencil) which works well in the wet and wipes off easily with a rag. To fix the card to the rifle I wanted to use a flexible joint so that I could tweak the position and fold it flat when not in use. A cable or wire was the obvious choice. This needs to be flexible, but not so bendy that it sags or gets knocked out of position easily; and with a soft plastic coating to protect my scope. I had some PVC coated 2-core copper mains cable that was left behind by an electrician after he redid my fuse box, which proved to have the ideal balance of stiffness, flexibility and surface finish. So what do you think? It’s definitely not as pretty as the fancy machined versions, but I think that it will do the job nicely; and at a far lower cost too.
  19. My Mk2 version of my DIY DOPE card holder is now finished. The objective here was to get rid of the bendy cable for something a bit neater. The key component was the Picatinny camera mount from Ant Supplies. As expected, the finish is a little rough, but it is perfectly serviceable. Next purchase was a camera mini ball mount - I got two for a fiver off Amazon, as there was no need for anything fancy. This all got fixed to a Smallrig camera cheese plate, to which the GOVO ID card holder is mounted using some 1/2 inch long 1/4 UNC cap head Allen bolts and nuts. It is important to use half thickness nuts, to get the right spacing. The only tools needed are 2mm and 3/16 Allen keys and a 12mm socket. Total cost about £37, which is about a third of the cost of the Ulfhednar and Hawk Hill Custom versions. It all seems pretty neat and doesn't interfere at all with the operation of the rifle or the scope.
  20. Quick question, how well does a 6mm BR feed and eject in an AX?
  21. Shuggy


    I have read a few research papers on this subject and I kind of think that you are 'both right'. The papers stated that small arms barrel damage is caused by thermal stress cracking, which forms along the exposed grain boundaries. There is a reason why a lot of military small arms use hammer forged barrels with chrome lining. Mind you, having seen the accuracy tests on the LMT Sharpshooter rifle after 10,000 rounds, I sometimes think that we overthink the effects of fire cracking on stainless barrels, as long of course that the cartridge is not an 'over bore' design.
  22. Shuggy

    Barrel cleaning: how and why?

    Wipe Out Patch Out - wet patch, soak for 15 minutes and then nylon brush to shift the carbon. Then wet patch, followed by two dry and repeat until satisfied. I have some Accelerator too for the days that I am in a hurry. Then a single wet patch of Balistol for storage, followed by dry patches to ready for shooting. Why? Because it's what my local gunshop had in stock.
  23. Shuggy

    Molten Salt Annealing Rig

    I’ve just read this thread through for the first time and I am hugely impressed by the ingenuity on display. I don’t want to teach granny to suck eggs, but as someone with an explosives engineering background, I just wanted to make a few points about safety. You read ‘salts’, but I read ‘molten oxidising agents’. It’s really very important that everything is kept meticulously clean. You should really try to avoid any form of carbon, oils or wax on the cases or apparatus. Absolutely nothing made from Aluminium near the mix and for God’s sake, keep any ammonia based cleaning solvents well away! There! I feel much better now. I hope that this is helpful.
  24. That’s very kind of you BD. But at present my AI only gets used on the range, so never wears a sling. However, that nice Mr McKillop is currently building me a lighter rifle, which may well get out into the field one day. So I will gratefully take one off your hands if it turns up.

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