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    I have read a few research papers on this subject and I kind of think that you are 'both right'. The papers stated that small arms barrel damage is caused by thermal stress cracking, which forms along the exposed grain boundaries. There is a reason why a lot of military small arms use hammer forged barrels with chrome lining. Mind you, having seen the accuracy tests on the LMT Sharpshooter rifle after 10,000 rounds, I sometimes think that we overthink the effects of fire cracking on stainless barrels, as long of course that the cartridge is not an 'over bore' design.
  2. Shuggy

    Barrel cleaning: how and why?

    Wipe Out Patch Out - wet patch, soak for 15 minutes and then nylon brush to shift the carbon. Then wet patch, followed by two dry and repeat until satisfied. I have some Accelerator too for the days that I am in a hurry. Then a single wet patch of Balistol for storage, followed by dry patches to ready for shooting. Why? Because it's what my local gunshop had in stock.
  3. Shuggy

    Molten Salt Annealing Rig

    I’ve just read this thread through for the first time and I am hugely impressed by the ingenuity on display. I don’t want to teach granny to suck eggs, but as someone with an explosives engineering background, I just wanted to make a few points about safety. You read ‘salts’, but I read ‘molten oxidising agents’. It’s really very important that everything is kept meticulously clean. You should really try to avoid any form of carbon, oils or wax on the cases or apparatus. Absolutely nothing made from Aluminium near the mix and for God’s sake, keep any ammonia based cleaning solvents well away! There! I feel much better now. I hope that this is helpful.
  4. With all my normal ranges closed, attention naturally turns to tweaking and updating kit. For some time I have wanted a rifle mounted DOPE card holder to allow me to quickly see my ballistic data. I never find using a ballistic app on my phone that great, especially with gloves in the cold and wet. I had looked at all the fancy folding machined ones, such as those from Ulfhednar, MK Machining, or Hawk Hill Custom, but you are looking at £90 for the Ulfhednar, or $90-120 for the US ones, plus the usual postage, VAT and fees. A bit of Google-Fu found a robust ID card holder/card wallet with a metal clip made by ‘GOVO’ - £14.99 off Amazon. This has a clear plastic face for the front card and room to hold 4 extra cards behind. I also obtained some blank PVC ID cards for 64 pence each. You can use a dry wipe marker, but personally I prefer an old fashioned chinagraph (grease pencil) which works well in the wet and wipes off easily with a rag. To fix the card to the rifle I wanted to use a flexible joint so that I could tweak the position and fold it flat when not in use. A cable or wire was the obvious choice. This needs to be flexible, but not so bendy that it sags or gets knocked out of position easily; and with a soft plastic coating to protect my scope. I had some PVC coated 2-core copper mains cable that was left behind by an electrician after he redid my fuse box, which proved to have the ideal balance of stiffness, flexibility and surface finish. So what do you think? It’s definitely not as pretty as the fancy machined versions, but I think that it will do the job nicely; and at a far lower cost too.
  5. That’s very kind of you BD. But at present my AI only gets used on the range, so never wears a sling. However, that nice Mr McKillop is currently building me a lighter rifle, which may well get out into the field one day. So I will gratefully take one off your hands if it turns up.
  6. Well, for me it’s just a simple way of knowing my elevation settings for each 100 yard range, without having to mess about with my phone or having to find a bit of paper. And if I want to get really fancy, I suppose that I might have one card for cold and one for hot. For a 1000 yards in the UK, that might be worth, say 0.5 of a mil of elevation differnce?
  7. Choices are good: we should end up with workable solutions from 65p to £100. But some people will always want the ‘reassuringly expensive’ option!
  8. This - from Ant Supplies at £12. Ant seems to supply mainly cheap Chinese stuff, so I will report back on quality when it arrives.
  9. I played around with it just like that and ultimately decided that I preferred it on the rifle. Bear in mind that I shoot exclusively on ranges, rather than hunting or PRL style events. Therefore stuff on the rifle doesn’t bother me very much. The absolutely simplest version would be to punch a hole in one of the blank ID cards and tie it onto the rifle with paracord - cost about 65 pence. However, DaveT’s response got me thinking about camera fittings, so I have a few more bits arriving which should replace the existing cable lash up. I reckon that I may be able to build something just as good as the Ulfhednar or Hawk Hill, for about half the cost. I will post again if it all works.
  10. Shuggy

    Scope mount 34 mm

    I believe that’s a Sako TRG mount.
  11. Shuggy

    Sphur or Tier One Mounts?

    Era-Tac are also good. These are the ‘tactical’ brand for Recknagel in Germany. These also allow you to fit accessories such as bubble levels, picatinny rails, or red dot direct mounts.
  12. Shuggy

    Fitting cabinet

    There is some really good guidance in this document. I believe that the associations had a hand in developing the guidance. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/915934/25072019_Firearms_Security_Manual_2019.pdf
  13. Shuggy

    Incompetent RFD

    Agreed. If they have been formally designated as an ‘Investigating Officer’ then they do have certain powers.
  14. Shuggy

    Incompetent RFD

    The clue is in their job title. FEOs are employed to make enquires on behalf of the police in the administration of the firearms acts. However they have no formal police powers of interview and arrest. I am absolutely no solicitor or legal expert, but I suspect that this would be described as a ‘consensual conversation’, i.e. the FEO could only appear in court as a witness to be cross examined on what was said.
  15. Shuggy

    Incompetent RFD

    Ah, if the interview was conducted by the FEO, then I think that there is less cause to be concerned. An FEO is a police civilian employee, so has no powers to conduct a formal or voluntary interview under PACE - only a police officer can do that. I get that you are upset; and who wouldn’t be in the circumstances? However I think that this is a very good reason for letting someone independent speak on your behalf, such as the BASC.
  16. Shuggy

    Incompetent RFD

    That would appear to be an unlawful procedure. As was explained earlier in the thread, it is perfectly lawful to possess an unproved firearm. An offence only occurs if you attempt to sell, exchange, or export an item that is not in proof. Even more reason to get the BASC etc. involved.
  17. Shuggy

    Incompetent RFD

    I am sorry to hear that. Your rights should have been explained to you irrespective of whether it was under caution or voluntary. Time to get your solicitor and / or national association involved I would think.
  18. Shuggy

    Incompetent RFD

    How was it a breach of your lawful rights? Presumably this was a voluntary interview conducted under the PACE code of practice? Therefore your rights should have been fully explained to you at the start of the interview.
  19. Shuggy

    Fitting cabinet

    You basically need to find an external or internal load bearing wall. Some big anchor bolts and you are there.
  20. Shuggy

    9mm straight pull options?

    I have an Armalon PC9, bought way back when with pistol compensation money. It’s a quality bit of kit, which I shall never sell. But I am not sure if Peter is still making them. In terms of AR15 pattern carbines, I see that Calibre Innovations is advertising a 9mm straight pull.
  21. Shuggy

    Incompetent RFD

    Isn’t that the joy of UKV? 😊
  22. Shuggy

    Incompetent RFD

    I have to disagree. That’s exactly the same principle that’s applied in gun proof, except that by definition a firearm is dynamically rather than statically pressurised. I believe that CIP specifies that the proof test should be set at 125% of the maximum specified design pressure. As with boilers, the proof pressure is always selected to remain within the elastic region of typical barrel and breech steels, e.g. 416R stainless, so no permanent weakening of the material will occur. If something fails proof, it will be down to a crack, or improper heat treatment etc. that has taken the yield strength of the material way down into the normal elastic region.
  23. Shuggy

    Arca / Swiss rail systems

    Well, you are not wrong. I have to say that looks extremely nice. How does the price compare?

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