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  1. Hi, I have long been a fan of copper plated bullets for gallery rifle loads, and have used the offerings from H&N and LOS in the past. Unfortunately these makes are hard to come by these days, and I have just purchased a quantity of 44Mag calibre 240gr RNFP plated bullets from RG (a Spanish firm I believe) I observe that the Flat portion of the bullet is the same diameter as a large pistol primer as per the attached photo Being of a nervous disposition, I wonder if these are safe to shoot in a tubular magazine such as is normally found on a Gallery(Lever action) rifle??
  2. Hi, I use 6.0gr. Unique behind a 240gr LSWC bullet. MV is 1020fps with a Sd between 7 and 9 Rifle is Henry Big Boy M
  3. Hi, trying to develop a load for a new aquisition (Winchester 1901 lever action 10G shotgun) that will not break my already arthritic shoulders. Lots of stuff on the net from our american cousins about using the cheapo Prochrono series to ascertain MV, but when I try it with my old chrono, the velocities are a tad optimistic to say the least - 4300fps for one, and 3800 fps for the other. Tried the chrono nearer/further away, to no avail. I do not think it is the wad upsetting it - surely that would give low speeds not high speeds? Could the shock wave be triggering the first recepto
  4. Thanks, That confirms what I thought, I do have an explosives licence, and do store and use Blackpowder and Black powder substitutes in various weapons, but as they are so old and not having any data, I shall not bother with the BP. On the smokeless powders, I seem to remember that the time to self conflagration under normal conditions was something like 1000+ years, falling to 8 hours at high temperature (200 deg F sticks in my mind?) - so its off to dig a hole we go!! M searching for his spade in sunny Monmouthshire
  5. Hi, an old friend recently moved house and found a box of powders, probably from the 60's or possibly the 70's which he no longer has a certificate for, so gave them to me. If any one has any details on these powders, I would be grateful for any info. The two black powders have been opened, as has the tub of Unique, but the Nobel powder is still sealed. I imagine that the Unique is the original before Alliant took them over, but I seem to remember that the original was not as powerful as the present day stuff? Next question - are these powders still useable or should I just
  6. Hi , not been on this site for a while, so hence the late response to this thead. As mentioned above, lots of warnings re Federal primers in hand held primer applicators. I use CCI primers in my hand held unit, but I have to use Federal for my 45-70 as the CCI ones regularly fail to go off. For the Federal I prime with the Lee ram prime which uses one primer at a time as recommended, so no chance of igniting the rest. Miseryguts in dark damp Monmouthshire
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