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  1. Usually your mail box and/or the recipeents mail box is full M
  2. Miseryguts


    Hi, some time ago I saw a tub of the above in my local gunshop, and bought it - mainly because it made me laugh. Unfortunately cannot find any load data for metallic cartridges, only shotgun. It appears to be a very fast powder so should be good for pistol calibre loads? Any one used it? I load 357M, 44M, 45C, and use fast pistol powders for 308W and 45-70 subsonic loads M (twiddling thumbs in wet and windy Monmouthshire)
  3. I flew hawks of various makes and sizes for some 15 years when much younger and fitter - that is one very fit hawk, it must be a wild take, no aviary bred bird can get to that level of fitness. Kudos to the handler - that level of sport requires full time work, there is no time for work or family to get to that level. Again, when younger and fitter, I used to go with a keeper friend who flew his golden eagle at hill fox in the Black Mountains. If the bird did not get a head hold, it was fifty fifty if the eagle survived - foxes fight back! Misery guts reminiscing in wet and windy Monmouth
  4. Hi Scotch If you do a search on e bay for induction heater, this unit comes up in the top listing in various guises, prices vary from £235 to £180 or so, they all ship from Grenfell, and they all have the same description which is obviously a bad chinese translation. All the Sellers also seem to have a poor grasp of english in their replies to bad feedback. Unfortunately anything other than these is double or more the price, and at that price level I can buy new brass every few loadings rather than anneal M tightfisted in Monmouthshire
  5. Hi L, The induction heating idea appeals from its simplicity, but the units on E bay seem to be all the same Chinese copy, and the sellers all seem to be chinese shipping from the same uk warehouse and they all appear to have some horrendous negative feedback. So, did your unit work ok and does it do what it says on the tin? The prices do seem to vary a lot for the same unit, as do the delivery times from the same storage unit. M suspicious as ever in sunny but cold Monmouthshire
  6. Hi, I have passed all your wise words on to my friend, who is not a happy bunny (he bought rather a lot of these bullets!) Many Thanks for troubling to reply to all of you who did so M
  7. Hi, a friend of mine has invested in a T3x in 243 calibre for deer shooting. He says that the twist rate is 1:10. He is working up loads on his 100yd range and has shot it with Sierra 70gn and Nosler 95gn with good grouping. Today he tried some Sierra 90gn TGK bullets, and they appear to be unstable and going through the target sideways. Is this just a mismatch between his rifle and this bullet or is his twist rate unsuitable for bullets of this weight? To my simple mind, I would have thought that if a 95gn bullet is ok then the 90gn bullet should also be ok? Powder loads are well below
  8. Hi, Tikka are sound - my Varmint T3x in 12 inch twist is more accurate than I am. I use it on crows to 300 yards with 53gr Vmax Attached a gong shot yesterday at 305 yards(according to my laser range finder) M in sunny monmouthshire
  9. Hi, I see this has cropped up again. I tried N32 in my 308 and 45- 70 when my friend gave me some to try. Unfortunately I could not get either rifle to group, and it was pretty dirty. So I am now back with my Green Dot loads for both rifles - both grouping nicely at 100 and 200 yards. Good luck to those trying it out I hope it works better for you. It certainly did for my friend - he swears by it. M in misty Monmouthshire
  10. 240gr bullet from H&N or LOS ( these are electroplated copper on lead) H&N also have a nice plastic coating as well 6.3 or 6.5gr Unique with H&N TC gives 950 to 980fps 6.8gr Unique with LOS RNFP gives 960 to to 1000fps Both loads are better than 1.5moa ES at 50 to 60yards through a Henry Big Boy, and I am certain that the gun will shoot better than that - me and peep sights are not really compatible! Only problem is that as with all lever rifles with barrel clamps, POI changes as the barrel warms up, which is a shame on a lever action rifle with a fast cycl
  11. I use a labradar unit, it is not cheap, but I can set it up in seconds, and have complete flexibility for programming via the smart phone app. This means I use it every time I shoot - apart from live quarry shooting obviously. Suppressed loads are not a problem, just switch to doppler mode. A sighting add on from 1066 is a game changer for small calibres. I do not know how many you can create without deleting, but I am up to 100+ series now. Down side seems to be that you cannot go back to an old series and add some shots, you have to create a new series. But you can always put the two series
  12. With my dies (cheapo Lee) and shellholder(Also) Lee and the redding shellholder set, on my 223 the lee die and shellholder set the shoulder back to 1.455. The chamber is 1.461 and using the redding 0.004 shellholder I reset the shoulder to 1.458 - all measurements using MY comparator M
  13. Hi, I may be completely wrong, but surely if the die is adjusted to touch the shell holder at the top of the stroke, screwing the die further in only adjust the point in the stroke that the die contacts the shell holder. The shoulder set back is governed by the die. The only way to change the shoulder set back is to use a set of the redding competition shellholders? or shims on the standard shell holder? Either work with my set up, but the (expensive) shellholders are the easiest on my 223 and 308 M ducking back behind the parapet in sunny monmouthshire
  14. Hi, all the small print seems very open to individual interpretation of nuanced aspects of the various terms used in these transactions. A field day for the legals! I can only speak of my own experiences. I have a very good relationship with my RFD as I have dealt with him for a good many years. I fancied a specific rifle that was not readily available in this country - I locate one and asked him to get it whilst I got a variation. The deal was that I would recompense any loss incurred should the variation fall through or I changed my mind. Nothing in writing, but we are both gentlemen(I
  15. Ultrasonic cleaner does inside of case and primer pocket - low power jewellery type are useless, so get decent power. I still tumble for a short time in fine media to get a nice bright shine - I know it is just cosmetic, but that is the way I am M in sunny sunny monmouthshire
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