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  1. As I have not had this out of the cabinet for a year now, I feel that I might as well move it on. Smith & Wesson MP15-22 with Velocity drop in trigger with anti-walk pins fitted. 10 round and 25 round magazines. Original M lock sights and muzzle brake/flash hider. Original trigger group available if required Fitted with a short picatinny rail for fitting a Bipod £350 Optional extras are the Hawke Scope: Endurance 6-24x50 ill SFP LCR reticle: 30mm tube, UTG QD rings, ¼ MoA click, side focus 15yd – infin., 6 step illumination £200 Moderator (appropriate licence required) which is by Colin of One Less Charlie, and is strippable for cleaning £40 3-6 inch Bipod or 5-9inch Bipod £20 With the moderator on, the loudest noise on firing is the action cycling. I use RWS Special Match ammo (Average MV 1020fps), and I have never had a jam or malfunction with this ammo Pictures show rifle fitted with scope and moderator, but these items are priced individually see above. More Pictures by e mail if required. Face to Face in South Wales or RFD transfer at buyers cost
  2. see first post above M
  3. Miseryguts

    Measuring MV

    Hi Roy, yes I do put it close to the muzzle, one of the unit settings is distance from muzzle - these are 0-6, 6-12, and 12-18. I use the 0-6 setting. So, you say that the output is not a beam, but a wave spreading in all directions like the ripples from a stone dropped in a pond? If that is correct, then I can see straight away that it will measure true MV. Obviously I had the wrong idea of the science - Thanks for the clarification! M snoozin' in Monmouthshire
  4. Miseryguts

    Measuring MV

    Hi, bought myself a Labradar for Xmas, and having some difficulty understanding how it measures MV. I get the measurements down range and the science behind it, but how does it measure MV when the unit is anything up to 18 inches from the side of the muzzle and level with said muzzle. Surely the first measurement is when the bullet first breaks the beam, which can be several feet from the muzzle - so is that what it calls MV, or does it extrapolate back to the muzzle? Enquiring minds need to know M scratching his head in sunny(for once) Monmouthshire
  5. PM sent - please advise how much postage and how you want paying
  6. Miseryguts

    replicating the 22 hornet with .223

    Hi, I assume that by 13g you mean grains(gr) not grams(g)? Getting off the pedants pedastle and assuming I have read your post correctly, Modern Reloading gives velocities around to 2500 to 2800 for the maximum recommended loads in 22 hornet. In 223, 28gr of H335 would push a 40gr bullet to 3800 fps, again according to Modern Reloading. Personally, I use 25.8gr of H335 under a 53gr Vmax for 3250 fps, which does everything I need from my 223 M
  7. Miseryguts

    Reloading for .308 - powders

    N140, N540. I use N540 with some success M
  8. Hi have you got any 308 left? I sent a pm asking for payment details a couple of weeks ago
  9. RCBS 2 die set in 25-06 calibre £45 posted in UK
  10. Pacific (Hornady) 2 die set in 30-06 £45 posted in UK

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