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2019 10th Long-Distance Polish F Class Championships are behind us :) As in the last year I shot FTR with Sabatti Tactical Sport in .308Win. Last year, when I shot 293/300 points (100@300m, 99@600m, 94@800m which gave me bronze medal in the FTR class) I knew that if I will do my part the rifle is able to deliver close the maximal result. This year I almost succeeded, 298/300 (15X) is the highest result in the history of Polish FTR. Additiinaly, I managed to shoot 284/300 in Sniper (no sighting shots), which Was enough to get bronze in that event. You can actually hit something without sighters! The average group size from the three diatances was 0.54 MOA.

Again, thanks for all the help I got on this forum.







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Good to hear and see how it’s done in other countries, thank you for sharing with usΒ 

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Thanks for posting. Nice to see who shoots what rifles. Good mixture of rifles you had at the starting line.


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