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  1. MichalS

    Optics and mount for .338 Lapua Magnum

    What do You guys think about Delta Optical Stryker 5-50? It has 100MOA elevation range. Any experiences with it?
  2. Hello, I'm getting a .338LM for long range competition - it's a Savage 110 Elite Precision. The rifle has 20MOA rail built in. Now I'm wondering about what scope and mount to get for it. I do have a Vortex Golden Eagle I initially planned to put on it, but after doing some calculations I figured out I need ~70MOA of elevation @1 mile, and I would like to be able to shoot 2000m (~100MOA?). Vortex GE only has 55MOA of elevation travel... I do like high magnification optics. What would You suggest? What do You use? TIA, Michal
  3. MichalS

    .338LM loads with 250 and 300gr bullets

    Thank You guys! I shall start with some N570 as most of You recommend. What about it's temperature sensitivity? I will be shooting in 0-30* Celsius. Michal
  4. Gentlemen, I have acquired a Savage 110 Elite Presicion in 338 Lapua Magnum. I will collect it in a couple of days, but want to start preparing for load development. The rifle has a 30" long 1 in 9 twist barrel. I plan to test 250 and 300gr Scenars and Bergers, but I'm wondering which "European" powders to try first? Most recommended loads I see are based od H1000, which I have no way to source. What loads are you using? Plan is to compete at 800-1600m. TIA, Michal
  5. MichalS

    300 WSM starting loads

    It fits the neck, but rests on the cartridge shoulders and powder spills around the neck... I would have to shorten it to get the seal.
  6. MichalS

    300 WSM starting loads

    Dear All, I'm just starting to reload 300 WSM for F Open competition. I'll be using Norma brass, Lovex S070, VV560 & Re17 powders, 185-215 gr bullets, Redding Competition dies. Can You share Your loads to get me started? Also, what powder funnel are You using? My Lee doesn't match the 300WSM neck... TIA, Michal
  7. http://bulletin.accurateshooter.com/2019/10/new-high-bc-85-5-grain-224-caliber-bullet-from-berger/ Could this sway FTR (especially mid range) towards .223? Michal
  8. MichalS

    6.5 creedmoor and RS62 temperatures

    What is the case fill? With RS62 and 147ELD @2,80" I get compressed loads around 43 grain.
  9. MichalS

    Affordable factory rifle in 300 WSM?

    Update - I'm in the proccess of ordereing a Sabatti simikar to one I've been shooting in 308. Will update if/when the rifle will be ready.
  10. Dear Sirs, As I recently acquired an AR 10 in 6.5 CM I'd like to add a bolt action in the same calibre. I was reading rave revievs of Tikka Tac A1 - is it really that good? Another option I'm considering is Bergara BMP which also seems to be a popular option. Rifle will be used for precisiin target shooting. Michal
  11. MichalS

    VV N160 - compressed loads in 6.5CM

    Tested the above load at 300m yesterday with no wind, got 0.72MOA @300m, I think its respectable for a semi auto? Temperature was 12°C lower then the last time and I only lost a couple of m/s.
  12. MichalS

    VV N160 - compressed loads in 6.5CM

    Results are in. Range temperature was 32°C. Velocity is fine, SD's are fine but the groups leave a lot to be desired. Tgere was a bit if wind, so I'll bkame it on that and retest the most promising ones... Best group (below) was 0.73 MOA with perfect vertical. Flattend primers at 42.0gr, primer cratering at 42.8gr. Michal
  13. MichalS

    VV N160 - compressed loads in 6.5CM

    It's warmer than expected... Will report the results.
  14. MichalS

    VV N160 - compressed loads in 6.5CM

    Thats an option, first I'll try shooting the ones I prepered, compresion starts around max book load, I may find a node just below. I'm shooting later today, it's supposed to be 32°C so fingers crossed
  15. MichalS

    VV N160 - compressed loads in 6.5CM

    How long are You seating them? I'm shooting semi auto, so COAL limited to 2.80"... What speeds are You getting? I'm using lower capacity brass (S&B, similar weight to Lapua). All data on VV site are for Lapua brass and short COALs, thats why I'm so intrigued by the 46gr load they published. Michal

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