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  1. Fantastic stuff, my daughter's interest came about as she's started Duke of Edinburgh and wanted a skill. She initially wanted to do clay shooting but changed her mind when I suggested joining a local rifle club together . She's not one to go with the crowd. She's presently shooting my foxing rig and doing very well in a short space of time . Little by little. So now we're looking at putting together a rig for her , a friend sourced a BSA CFT with a Krieger 26" barrel ,olden and golden , which is on hold with an RFD . My FAC is due back with a variation this week.. I've also fo
  2. Laurie, Triffid, thankyou. Reassuring, thankyou. My daughter is quite comfortable using the Sightron out to 300 . She does seem to like it wound up though .
  3. Thankyou and well spotted , I hadn't noticed the difference in available adjustment . I've also had a look at your spreadsheet and the Sightron is looking quite favourable. If needed I can always buy a 20 MOA mount at a later date . For the time being she'll be shooting 300 at the club and progressing to 600 at a nearby facility.
  4. Fantastic to see youngsters getting into shooting . I'll be sticking with the . 223 , frankly it was a bargain and if my daughter sticks at it , I'll look to step up then . Big plus is the fact that I already have 200 lapua cases and the rifle comes with 400 bullets . Since I already possess appropriate powder and primers a little reloading and load development , we're on our way . The big issue is an appropriate, budget friendly scope . Considering, second hand Sightron Siii 10-50 power or what appears to be a rebounded Sightron, Falcon ? Am I in the right ball park ?
  5. Thanks , the rifle requires a picatinny rail which I have sourced and has a 26" , 1 in 7.5 krieger barrel with an Anschutz rail fitted . Apparently , it shoots 80grain vld very well . I'll be handloading so no problem there as I already have the components . Bisley seems way off at the moment, but who knows. Cheers
  6. As per the title. My 14 year old daughter is showing some real ability and as such I'd like to support her in this . A friend has found a 223 target rifle and we are waiting for my FAC with variation to return . Since I'm not a target shooter , I'm seeking advice as to what to look for , what to avoid , suitable mag' range and so on . I have a Sightron Siii 6-24x50 I can press into action and the possibility of a second hand NF NXS 8-32 . In real terms we're probably looking at good second hand . She's likely to be shooting out to 600 yards . Thanks in advance.
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