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Found 7 results

  1. Having sold my Sako TRG 22 I have the following items for sale. Spuhr 34mm 6.3mil Mount. This model is a direct mount to the Sako TRG dovetail and it will also work with the Tikka T3X in new condition. Sold Sako TRG 22 magazine. Has been ceracoated black. Sold Third Eye Tactical Tikka T3 20moa rail. Black. Sold KRG intergrated night vision mount. Sold Fortmier bipod with mount. Sold 6.5X47 brass still available £90/100
  2. Tactical / Range gun / Heavy barrelled stalker built on a Weatherby Vanguard action (Same as Howa 1500) The Vanguard action features flat bottomed base and integral recoil lug, benefits from M16 style extractor, fluted bolt and a two stage trigger. The action has had the lugs lapped, but required no further "accurizing work" I fitted a R4 profile (Remington PSS) Border Archer barrel I had in stock (pre Sassen) and finished it to 22" with a M18x1mm thread and knurled protective cap. The action was devcon bedded into a PSE Hunter carbon fibre stock and Atlasworxs bottom metal using AICS 5 round Mag A Contessa steel picatinny rail is fixed to the action. The stock has been recoated with Magpul OD Cerakote The action coated in satin black cerakote The trigger breaks at a crisp 2.5 lbs. I took the rifle to the range prior to the snow hitting us and using a PM 11 10x42 on top and old ammunition made for another rifle (103grain GS Custom bullets, shot the target below) The rifle is for sale in classifieds.
  3. I'm dreaming of building a 6.5x47L and I was just hoping for a little feedback on the direction I plan to take, perhaps from those who have paved the way already. My initial thoughts are to base it on a Tikka T3 action, 26" Border barrel and then mount it all on an AT AICS chassis (if they actually do build the one they have designed for the T3), failing that, something much lighter, like an XLR / MDT / GC Precision. I guess my goal is to have something that will shoot well out to 1000m, shoot the wings of a gnat at 100m and not be too heavy or too long that I couldn't lug it around after fox or deer if I needed to. I guess what I'm asking is would I be better off with a UK built Rem 700 based custom action? Longer or shorter barrel? A fancy Proof carbon wrapped barrel? Scrap the 'chassis' and get a traditional stock from the likes of GRS or Manners?
  4. Dunno if anyone here has tried Lovex SO70 in their 6.5x47L,so I thought I'd share my experience of using it. In short, I don't think it has the legs that some other comparable powders do unfortunately. I bought SO70 as its formally Accurate 4350, which I felt could be a similar substitute (not exact, but maybe same ball park) as H4350. As availability and price was a lot better than H4350, plus it's a single base powder (I don't want to prematurely toast my barrel if I can help it), so I thought I was worth a go. Loading with 123g Matchkings and Scenars in my 24" barrel, I was getting compressed charges at around 41.6 grains - I literally couldn't fit more in the case. With CCI450 primers, I chronographed the following speeds; 41.3g, 2630fps 41.6g, 2650fps I was disappointed to say the least as I've heard other people getting around 2900fps with 123g bullets and a similar/comparable charge of H4350. Accuracy and consistency was fairly good, hovering around the 0.5/0.6" mark at 100m, but the velocity was low. I don't actually know what the energy of SO70 is compared to H4350? Does anyone know? Reading Laurie's posts on VARGET, I wonder if H4350 also has a relatively high energy rating for a single base compared to others in its class, like VARGET with its 4,050 joules energy - high for its type?!? Maybe SO70 is just well short of matching H4350's performance in this respect? Or maybe I need to be using the 139/140g heads with SO70. Does a heavier head help build the pressure better than a lighter head, allowing the slower powders to reach full burn/velocity better? Regardless, I've decided to settle on N140, pushing a 123g Scenar at 2930fps. Zero pressure, good accuracy and consistency and almost no vertical found. Sorry for the long post, just thought my experience with it might be helpful. If anyone has had a different time with this powder, I'd be keen to know. Thanks
  5. I'm new to reloading I'm just getting a custom 6.5x47 built and was wondering which dies are best and where from? Plus any other help and information would be very appreciated on the reloading and anything else to do with this caliber!
  6. A superbly accurate rifle, built mainly from 6061 aluminium with surface protection provided by marine-grade anodising; it also has: •Stainless, fluted, Kreiger barrel, threaded M18x1 and fitted with a custom-made, 'invisible', thread protector •Optional Jewell trigger - beautifully crisp and user-adjustable between 1.5oz & 3lbs •Fully-adjustable Pachmayar butt plate and height-adjustable cheek piece •Optional (& expensive!) adjustable bag-slider as well as the standard butt-spike •HS Precision 10 round magazine •Top quality 30mm scope rings to fit the Picatinny rail (Scope not included!) Condition is 'as new', having fired less than 150 shots. Inspection welcome, more photos on request. You can also read more about Barnard rifles here: http://www.barnard.co.nz Original cost was £3,350, looking for £2,250
  7. Now I ordered this rifle at the end of October and after a long wait I got an e-mail last Thursday letting me know that it was now ready and luckily I was able to pick it up Friday morning before work. It would have been ready nearly a week earlier but the proof house managed to try and proof a 6.5 barrel as a .243 and it had to be sent back and proofed again. Now lets get on to the bit you all want to see. IMG_0216 by peteabbotson, on Flickr Just a tease lets peel the top off. IMG_0217 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0220 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0219 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0221 by peteabbotson, on Flickr As you can see it is an Accuracy International AE MKIII with a folding stock chambered in 6.5x47 with a 26” fluted barrel and threaded muzzle break to take a MAE moderator. Here are some of the goodies that I got to go with it, Tab Gear biathlon sling that it is very comfy for carrying such a beast, Atlas bipod which is almost the standard now for AI’s and AICS’s, an Accushot BT08QK and Adaptor, a Spuhr mount more on that later, some factory ammo and an expensive scope. IMG_0218 by peteabbotson, on Flickr In the white box is the new PMII 3-20x50 LP MTC LT (more abbreviations than a modern car lol) Just a word of warning, I ordered the Spuhr SP-4801 which has 13 MIL/44.4MOA and is the lowest at 30mm/1.18” and the scope and covers clear the barrel, BUT where the bottom of the turret on the 3-20 protrudes below the bottom of the tube it actually made contact on the mount, ONLY though when the side clamp is done up. When the side clamp was removed there was a small but enough amount of clearance. WARNING this next step may void your warranty, I actually filed the centre of the side clamp so that it was level the rest of the mount and was then able to successfully mount the scope. It may be made out of aluminum but it is the hardest aluminum I have ever worked with. Sorry I didn’t get any photos I was to interested in getting the scope mounted. I would reccomend this mount for a double turn 3-12 or 4-16 PMII but for the 3-20 or 5-25 I would us the higher model. IMG_0222 by peteabbotson, on Flickr At this point I had not modified the mount it was fresh out of the box, also that isn't a scratch it just rubs off. Here is a picture of the scope mounted, torqued and leveled. IMG_0248 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0246 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0249 by peteabbotson, on Flickr Unfortunately I had to work over the weekend but fast forward to Monday and I can finally get to the range to zero and stretch her legs, I started at 25m and within 5 shot I was in the red would have been 4 if I dialed the windage the correct way. Then the best group of the day was the first group shot at 92m/100yards. IMG_0251 by peteabbotson, on Flickr Shot 4 was just off the paper to the right, but I had a large white roll of paper on the target board incase that happend. TgtGfx3 by peteabbotson, on Flickr So then I decided to put the moderator on and the POI shifted down by 2” so I re-zeroed with the mod on as this is how I will mostly use it! TgtGfx by peteabbotson, on Flickr The group on the left is without the mod and the group on the right is with the moderator on and no adjustment made to the scope, then the shot in the centre is with the scope zeroed for the mod. TgtGfx1 by peteabbotson, on Flickr Just another target I was zeroing by trying to shoot my bullet hole on the bottom group first two to het close and then I was on. And not to bad of a 5 shot group at the top. All these groups were shot with Lapua 123gr Scenar factory ammo so not bad I then moved back to 250m and shot 2 3 shot groups which are one just over MOA and the other just under 250m 1 by peteabbotson, on Flickr 250m 2 by peteabbotson, on Flickr As others have said these are amazing rifles and well worth the hefty price tag, there is nothing to add that has not been said about these rifles before, they are silky smooth and so precise, it is just a joy to use. I will update you all once I have had the time to do some proper load development, although I need to get some more factory ammo as I am going to Lydd on Sunday and will try to take her out to 1100m. Just like to say a big thank you to Tom at Sporting Services for looking after me, I have a bottle sitting here for him that I forgot to take when I collected the rifle, sorry Tom will drop it off when I collect some more ammo. Thats about it for the range report here are some more photos that were all taken on an iPhone 4 and have not yet been edited. IMG_0250 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0247 by peteabbotson, on Flickr Some views of the 250m range IMG_0244 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0241 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0240 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0242 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0243 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0239 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0238 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0237 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0235 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0234 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0233 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0231 by peteabbotson, on Flickr I have saved the best 2 for last! IMG_0236 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0232 by peteabbotson, on Flickr Thanks for reading Pete.

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