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Found 10 results

  1. 2019 10th Long-Distance Polish F Class Championships are behind us As in the last year I shot FTR with Sabatti Tactical Sport in .308Win. Last year, when I shot 293/300 points (100@300m, 99@600m, 94@800m which gave me bronze medal in the FTR class) I knew that if I will do my part the rifle is able to deliver close the maximal result. This year I almost succeeded, 298/300 (15X) is the highest result in the history of Polish FTR. Additiinaly, I managed to shoot 284/300 in Sniper (no sighting shots), which Was enough to get bronze in that event. You can actually hit something without sighters! The average group size from the three diatances was 0.54 MOA. Again, thanks for all the help I got on this forum. Michal
  2. Tough decision but I’ve decided to move away from F Class This rifle was built by me for Open class using quality components capable of competing at top level Spec Borden BRMXD Action (right bolt right port non eject) polished action, 20 MOA rail GB barrels cut rifled 8 twist barrel in F Class profile threaded for barrel tuner Spare Bartlein 8 twist F Class profile barrel threaded for barrel tuner Both barrels chambered in 284 Shehane .312” neck throated for 180 g bullets Custom made barrrel tuner which fits both barrels Stock is Greg West (Virginia USA) F Class in Cherry wood laminate fitted with Dolphin Rifles butt pad system (multi position for length, cant etc) The stock was made for me by Greg fifteen years ago before he retired and is a superb piece of wood - originally inletted for Barnard P action which is same diameter as the BRMXD Trigger - Flávio Flare bench rest single stage - no safety Barrelled action is pillar and devcon bedded into the stock and fitted with BAT machine stainless trigger guard and stainless BAT machine action screws in estucheon The rifle has had 230 rounds though it plus proof The Bartlein barrel requires proof before sale - which I will arrange at my cost included in the sale is all the brass I have (circa 200 pieces of Lapua) and custom made set of dies (Wilson style seater for armour press and Newlon Body and Neck sizing dies) Price - £2850 ono (which is an absolute bargain for the quality of rifle and kit included, so please no low “offers”) Once the rifle is sold I will also be selling an original SEB rest and rear bags if anyone is interested they will only be parted with after the rifle is sold The scope, rings, magneto speed chronograph are not included in the sale The Seb rest is the one pictured in the image (but will not be offered for sale before the rifle goes unless sold as a complete package and will discuss package with purchaser) Images:
  3. .284 Winchester F-Open rifle for sale Barnard Model P action, right bolt, right port, non eject Bartlein 1 in 9 twist heavy taper barrel 31” .312 neck Barnard target trigger Joe West F-Class stock 17 MOA rail 3 way adjustable butt plate Built to shoot Berger 180gr hybrids Built by Mick at Dolphin rifles in January 2016, has fired 537 rounds from new. (log of fired rounds included with rifle). I Haven’t had it out since April last year and it just isn’t getting used so time to let it go, I intended to get into shooting F open but never did and it is too much rifle for the shooting I do now. Comes with all the original paper work, load data, build sheet, invoices. Also will come with an extra long J.Duey cleaning rod. Will travel to meet face to face, Can probably sort out RFD transfer if needed. Looking for £ 1850 ovno Rifle only, scope, rest, etc not included Any questions p.m. me
  4. I'm contemplating getting a rifle for F Open competition. Because of budget constraints I'm thinking about Sabatti's new TLD which is available in either 6,5x47L or 6,5CM. I've done some reading but choosing beetween the two seems really difficult as there are no major differences... Any thoughts? Best regards, Michal
  5. SEB coaxial front rest for sale Comes with almost new 3" bag, new 2" bag and a spare used 3" bag, set of long and short legs and counter balance weight In good condition, one of the thumb screws that adjust the squeeze on the bag is missing its centre cap. It doesn't effect the use of it and could be replaced for a couple of quid of Ebay, just haven't seen the need to replace it myself. Can meet if not too far away or can send it on currier looks like £20 to send it. looking for £500 Thanks.
  6. gilps45-70

    SEB front rest

    Is any of all the F class shooters out there changing their front rest to the new SEB lightweight one and want to sell their other rest contact me please I would be interested got fixed up thanks
  7. Gunsmith - Mik Maksimovic. SOLD This Victrix Rifle is 1/4 MOA and a dream to shoot. When fitted with a Dolphin AB Bipod or Mystic bipod it is absolutely rock solid. Target acquisition after firing, hardly moves from point of aim. This rifle has won Gold at; the 2016 European championships in individuals and Team GB. Plus numerous National F Class league medals. This has a new Bartline 1/13 right twist barrel. 670 rounds fired and has a spare Benchmark 1/11 twist barrel for heavy bullets. 398 round fired. Spec, Chassis - Victrix. Rear Butt - Victrix Advanced Tactical Adjustable Assembly Butt Piece. Trigger - Italian Flavio Fare adjustable. This is the Rolex of triggers. And set to 2oz pull. Action - .308 Victrix Rail - 27 MOA Victrix Barrel 1 - As illustrated; 31 inch Bartlin. 1/13 twist /right. Fluted and anodised black. 670 rounds only fired. 1 inch muzzle. Load data available. RRP £900.00. Barrel 2 - 32 inch Benchmark 1/11 right hand twist. 1 inch muzzle. .308. 398 rounds fired. RRP £900.00 RRP - £5,200.00 Sale Price - £2,475.00. As seen. Can be shipped at cost to nearest RFD or collected. Tel - 07889 681615 for more information.
  8. F-Class NLRC BISLEY Teams League 2015 : An International F-Class Match The FC All Comers Match hosted by NLRC on FRIDAY 19 June 2015 at Stickledown (PM). The EMERALD Cup is being held along side CREEDMOOR Cup on the Tullamore Range in Ireland during late June 2015. SHIRT is the Southern Hemisphere International Shooting Team - an invitational team to take on USA and Ireland. The team will do load development and prep ammunition and practice at Bisley (NLRC 14 to 20 June) and travel to Ireland from 20 June to 7 July 2015. There are at least 2 slots open for any Rutland Teams (4 shooters + Coach) that individuals wish to make up. Any shooters that wish to make up a team are most welcome. This is a great chance to see the best F-Class teams in action - mingle - oggle kit and fib/lie/expand the truth continuously. Thus a very serious match filled with angst and bragging rights! The English versus “The Convicts & Boers”! To give the SHIRT Team a proper practice (i.e. abuse) and get some international match competition the GB F-Class Teams both FTR and OPEN have kindly put up teams in a F-Class Rutland match hosted by NLRC.The SHIRT Team consists of: Name Origin Role Claim to Fame LINDA GALLAGHER : Australia : Captain : Captain AUS to F-Open Gold in Worlds’13 MIAS NIEUWOUDT : South Africa : Manager / Shooter : Manager SA F-Open Bronze in Worlds’13 TIM STEWART : ex South Africa : Wind Coach / Logistics : Euro’12 FTR Champ / Bronze FTR Worlds’13 HENK VENTER : South Africa : Shooter : GOLD SA Internat. Challenge ‘13 / F-TR Worlds’13 MIKE SAMUELS : Australia : Shooter : GOLD NZ Tour 2015 / Aus QLD State Team RAY HURLEY : Australia : Shooter : State Team Western Australia * Primary criteria for SHIRT Membership was being resident in Aussie / Saffa [OR being born in Southern Hemisphere .... We made up / bent rules as we made up team :-). ] The Award & Abuse dinner and prize giving will take place at NLRC from 19:00 Drinks and 19:30 Meal (Carvery). Non shooters are welcome to join. Any Queries and / or Entries to: F-Class@nlrc.org or contact TIM STEWART on 0777 077 1727 http://www.nlrc.org/#xl_xr_page_FC_AllComers

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