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  1. ejg223

    Warm barrels live longer?

    The initial report is a few years old and has nothing to to with the Bartlein development. I don't know in which way Bartlein achieved there improvement. My guess would be they reduced fire cracking as that is i think the biggest evil. Yes right, stretch not crack. Or thermal expansion without / less cracking. Low thermal conductivity leads to higher surface temp which induces more thermal expansion in shallower depth = more stress= more cracking. Meaning higher thermal conductivity = longer barrel life. Edi
  2. ejg223

    Warm barrels live longer?

    Have you made up some of the new Bartleins? Are they that much harder on tooling? How expensive are reamers? A barrel change at almost £1000 is also not cheap. The other way round... material that is easier to machine than say 416, with less tool wear and less round count was also not really a goal... at least I never heard of developments going in that direction. If the function of fire cracking is mainly due to thermal shock behaviour of the material then the cure to less fire cracking is not necessarily making the material harder. My understanding an improvement is achieved by one or more of the following: lower Youngs modulus, higher thermal conductivity, longer elongation before break (bet there is a fancy term for that). Hardness might go hand in hand with some but is not the feature that helps against fire cracking. I would love to try the new Bartlein materials in one of their carbon barrels. edi
  3. ejg223

    Warm barrels live longer?

    A few years ago I read about army rifles used for occasional target shooting on single fire had lower round count until accuracy fell off compared to equivalent rifles that shot full auto. It seemed that a few studies were conducted but I could not find them on the net again. On a German forum the same subject of fire cracking etc. was discussed and this link was attached. http://sv-muenchwilen.ch/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/laufverschleiss.pdf Only issue, it is written in German. Fire cracking is something I know from developing high performance ceramics and always thought we are missing a big point in barrel wear which is thermal shock resistance / behaviour. One part of it is that stiffness reduces at higher temperature which in turn reduces stress... less stress = less cracks. Not sure what Bartlein did to their new barrel material which claims much higher (double) round count. edi
  4. ejg223

    Picatinny rail sako85

    Just fitted a Recknagel mount to a 75 in 270 win yesterday and am using a Recknagel rail on my old L579 since years. They are good. Have a stainless 20MOA Recknagel and an alu 0 MOA rail here at the moment. Both work on 75/85. edi
  5. ejg223

    Tikka T3X Tac/CTR Questions

    If you have the long lever, why not get the replacement lever that follows the trigger guard. you can just replace it once adjusted to the right length. edi
  6. ejg223

    AICS Mag adaption

    Normally only bending the shoulder contact on the aics metal mag a little flatter in the top section. Think we didn't touch the lips but can't remember 100%. RPA sell dedicated Accurate wsm mags as far as I know. edi
  7. ejg223

    Ultimatum Deadline 300WM

    Throw some pictures up once done. edi
  8. ejg223

    Tikka T3X Tac/CTR Questions

    The Atlasworx fit better, I have run a 308 MDT in a CTR before but it is a tight fit as far as I can remember. edi
  9. ejg223

    Tikka T3X Tac/CTR Questions

    Why not buy a T3 Varmint/Lite etc in 223, get the Atlasworx AICS/CTR floorplate and stick with MDT AICS 223. Flog the CTR mag. My T3 Lite 223 with Atlasworx, I could just as well put an original CTR mag into the rifle, both have the same footprint. edi
  10. Perfekt. drop in fit is the way to go. edi
  11. That is a bargain..... the work that went into that stock.... btw the clamp screw can be turned to right hand use. edi
  12. ejg223

    CZ 527 Bedding Questions

    Once had a 527 in 223. Long while back.... Bedding pic before tidy up. Bedding and stock reinforcement all in one go. Carbon reinforcement runs under the bedding. Rifle shot extremely well and consistently well. New owner has not needed to re-zero in about 11 years edi
  13. ejg223

    Barrrel life

    Where do polygon barrels fit in? Were they not used to reduce wear? Gyr from this forum has a 308 with LW Polygon barrel that he uses for long range goats. edi
  14. ejg223


    Kaboom, any pictures? Chris, good fun for the kids... they seem to share the fuel bill. edi

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