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  1. Fondled the 6-36 for a few minutes recently, seems a bit shorter than the 5-25. I really liked it. Good for left hand actions? edi
  2. Seems as if hundreds of trucks arrived and Shot Show is being built up. IWA does not look as promising after the Spielwaren Messe at the same venue was called off. edi
  3. Anyway, no risk no fun. we booked flights to vegas. @ds1 still have your bottle of moonshine at my sisters place. Will attack it again when over at IWA. edi
  4. They keep sending us stuff about the IWA as well as the LE show a day or two before. "Only local authorities could close it" is what I heard. Recent Boat show in Germany was called off a day before opening... imagine all the yachts that were carted from all over for the exhibition, set up and then called off. I was saying they should move the shows from Germany to the UK.... I attended a NEC show a few months ago all as normal. Actually I should make that suggestion on a German forum.😜 edi
  5. Not sure yet our selves, have all sorted to get into the show however will hold off with plane tickets till last minute. The Safari Club convention starts a day later. Was hoping to get that in as well.... edi
  6. A few companies (as well as Beretta) have apparently already pulled out. So far it seems a go ahead. edi
  7. I think a good product needs to grow. Very seldom will a new on the market product be perfect in design or material choice. Any action I have so far seen seems to have room for improvement. In my opinion it is also too much for a single person to design, manufacture and keep quality control to the level needed. I have worked in the past with a few one man show action manufacturers. They had very good points, brilliant features but also some not so great. Over time that can be rectified. The Euro market in long range shooting will grow quite strong in the near future, Long Range comps on t
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