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  1. ejg223

    Barrrel life

    Where do polygon barrels fit in? Were they not used to reduce wear? Gyr from this forum has a 308 with LW Polygon barrel that he uses for long range goats. edi
  2. ejg223


    Kaboom, any pictures? Chris, good fun for the kids... they seem to share the fuel bill. edi
  3. ejg223


    The trip supposed to be only a week or two, ended up almost two months. Only had bikini top and soft doors for the bad days. Complete engine rebuild in Mexico cost us 200 USD I worked for a week on it also. Parts were quite cheap. Mex had only 81 octane fuel which was a bit hard on the engine. Rebuilt alternator, new wheel bearings, gearbox seals, welded bits to the frame to hold up gearbox on route. She had a three gear manual box. + low box of course. Never really needed first, second was ok to start, second also got up to around 70 mph if you pushed it. Wish I still had it. Now we have a 82 Master Craft with similar engine, 351 Ford Windsor and 4 Barrel Holley. Lovely toys. edi
  4. ejg223


    Years back I had a CJ7, think it was a 79 Golden Eagle. It had an AMC 360 fitted with Edelbrock intake and Holley 4-barrel. Drove it from Tuscaloosa AL through Texas, past Chihuahua through Copper Canyon dirt track down to Acapulco Mex and over to the Gulf back up. Around 6000 miles altogether. Rebuilt the engine once on the way and had several little issues like gearbox falling out etc. Great fun. edi
  5. Look around for Grovtec. Proven quality. edi
  6. ejg223

    Ultimatum Deadline 300WM

    Nobody seems to stay home here at all. Beach below our house completely jammed up, ad hoc parking and traffic jams. Never seen it that bad in the best summers. First day without rain here in almost half a year... Hope the weathers stays good so I can do more checks on the 300. No Problem getting out to a farm here. edi
  7. ejg223

    Hunting with 6.5 creedmoor

    Frid, what I noticed was that with the 6.5 I had less blood trail and longer runs. Also reaction to the shot is less. With the 308 the deer would drop or wobble away with mostly only 10-50m run. With the 6.5 often around 100m or more into the thick stuff. Of course from the 25 deer I shot with 6.5CM last season a few dropped because of spinal shots but those that were not spinal shot... ran. Discussing this on another forum I was advised to try the Hilar shot placement. I looked it up on the net and tried it on my last deer of the season a small calf at 260m. It dropped on the spot. So I will work on that in the future... or just use a 308. A 308 makes a great bush gun and the 6.5 is more surgical tool. Best is to have both. A 308 can/might help marginally if your shot placement is off but you can't bet on it. edi
  8. ejg223

    Hunting with 6.5 creedmoor

    We have a good customer base in Germany and have quite a bit of feedback on roe-boar shooting. The 6.5CM as well as the Swede have been a fashionable item. At first all were raving about the very good performance on Roe as well as good accuracy of the 6.5's however when it came to boar they sobered up quickly. After a little while they asked themselves why not go back to the 308 which did it all. One just dose not need think about the cartridge with a 308, it is proven. If things go wrong it is down to shot placement or bullet selection. A good friend of mine in Ireland even questioned his move from 308 to 7-08 and said it can't do anything better. (he shoots deer mostly under 300yds.) I have two 6.5CM at the moment and like to test them in the field well. The CM would suit my shooting because I have a lot of longer range smaller Sika hinds/calves after the stag season. Moslty I shoot stags at shorter or close range. …. and at the moment I have a very good dog as well as working on shot placement. As a long range back up I have just finished a 300wm just in case... So my verdict, if you don't shoot over 300m there is no reason to go from 308 to 6.5's. edi
  9. ejg223

    Hunting with 6.5 creedmoor

    I hunted Sika 15 years or so with a 308 and last season except a few deer with the 6.5CM, my verdict is … the 6.5CM is not a 308. I found deer run further with same shot placement and we used the dog more than ever. Deer were all dead. Big advantage are the longer shots even with a bit of wind, the 6.5CM seems to hit much more reliable. Recon out to 300m their is no difference. My take is, if you tend to shoot animals larger than Roe and stay under 400m there is not reason to change to 6.5CM. edi
  10. ejg223

    Ultimatum Deadline 300WM

    Hi Gyr, hope you are all well. You seem to be doing very well with your 300wm. Can you get out shooting at the moment or is it all shut down? edi
  11. ejg223

    Ultimatum Deadline 300WM

    Yes I was warned by some after I had ordered. In my case no issue, no mag or bottom metal modification needed. I know many love the three bolt lug configuration and the small bolt throw is nice (if one notices it) however all other two lug actions I had also shot well. What I liked was that the action seemed very well finished out the box, smoother than most other custom actions I had through our workshop. Think the worst I had come across were 2 BAT actions that needed a good bit of running in or lapping. edi
  12. ejg223

    Ultimatum Deadline 300WM

    Thanks, no just push feed. Initially I heard that there might be issues mag feeding these due to the three lugs. Maybe they referred to the older version. No issues here, feeds very nice. edi Thanks also D Johnson.
  13. ejg223

    Ultimatum Deadline 300WM

    Just came back, tried a 4 shot group again off the hood of the landy. Force 5-6 and shaking car did not help and only managed 20mm, first two were close. Wind blew the chrono off too, but managed to get speed. What is astonishing is the low recoil or better said how nice she is to shoot. Just a big boom. Love this rifle. Proper gun. Early days in the accuracy department. edi
  14. Just finished my new Ultimatum Deadline rifle. Joint Canadian/UK/Ireland build. Canadian Deadline action, Canadian IBI barrel, Canadian Triggertech trigger, barrel work by Brock & Norris with invisible thread cap. Machining looks beautiful, very happy with it. Stock by PSE and I fitted, bedded, sprayed the rifle/stock. Never had a brown rifle before.... Scope 3-27x56 PMII with 262 upward (cm) clicks available after zero which should be enough. Only zeroed with 180 Sako Hammerhead so far, only 7 rounds through including chrono. Accuracy will be checked later. edi
  15. ejg223

    Bullet Surface Texture

    I asked that or similar question Brian Lutz a year or two ago. I was asking if there would be any aerodynamic advantage to use polygon barrels because of the smoother bullet surface after leaving the barrel. He answered "very little". edi

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