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new watch

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hi ive decided to treat myself to a watch after what ive gone through this year, an omega seamaster 300m,  ive been browsing the web and found  watch master, i was wondering if anyone as dealings with them or thoughts on them ,or could point me in the right direction in purchacing one , cheers dave

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Hi, I have one of the Omegas youve described and have used watchmaster. Their prices are a bit high but you do have the backup with them. If you know what your looking at then they can be bought cheaper. Depends if your buying just to have a great watch or as an investment . My advice would be to look at some of the pawnbrokers online and see if there are any good deals as at this time of year they are looking to offload pricey items. 

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Hi Dave . Whichever you buy it’ll be a great watch . Just make sure you look online for the signs of fakes ! There’s lots of good ones out there! Most pawnbrokers and watchmaster will guarantee that they are genuine ! If you get one at the right money you’ll never lose one it ! Just make sure you keep the automatics well wound ! 

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I have purchased a number of watches (Rolex Sea Dweller, Heuer Carrera, 1942 Military Omega) from: Rolex Omega Patek Philippe Watches at The Old Watch Shop, UK

Always helpful, but the price is as stated and it does depend on what is available, I am sure Mike Wood could get what you require.

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Difficult choice around Quartz or Automatic. I have been caught out with battery changes in the past although there are some reliable people out there. My last service on my Seamaster  was about £300. I do not wear it much now but it has a sentimental value to me. 

Much as you have set your heart on an Omega, the Timefactors Royal Navy Divers watch is in my opinion a great  every day option at under £500. i would not pay nearly £8000 for the latest 007 option in titanium  but you can find some good prices out there. 

Beware of refinished watches. Brown Dog had a good titanium one on here recently but not sure if it sold. Also do not discount the Brietling Super Ocean  Heritage. Very 1960s

Good luck with the search , discount anything with holes in the hands,



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1 hour ago, Re-Pete said:

Wow, that's very bling !  One watch, Rolex Exp 2, worn every day, nearly 20yrs old now, serviced twice, tough as old boots and accurate.

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