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  1. Is the paint job well done?
  2. Deserttech Europe

    Jack Russell

    Make up your mind is it a Jack Russel or a Pointer you want ??? 🙂 Sorry I know thats crap just couldnt help myself. Ewen p.s. did you manage to get the black target centres organised?
  3. Is the action in a v block or bedded? Ewen
  4. and GREAT marking from you both as usual.
  5. Cant say I noticed 🙂
  6. Deserttech Europe


    Shooting 1200 at Bisley on the 2nd Aug
  7. Deserttech Europe

    MME bullets

    Peter seems a great guy and more than willing to help. I have had several calibers, constructions and weights and go back for more. Ewen
  8. Deserttech Europe

    McMillan Ambush pattern

    And it shoots well as well
  9. Deserttech Europe

    22lr at Distance

    Still have the .22 “AI barreled action “(Hall Action Krieger Barrel) but it is now in an F Class barrel clamp chassis.
  10. Deserttech Europe

    22lr at Distance

    Definitely using subs, there is no way we will keep up above transonic so start below it and keep it in as much smooth air as possible. Ewen
  11. Deserttech Europe

    22lr at Distance

    Hi greg, we take it out to 300 and 400 at Bisley pretty regularly. Their is a "Long Range Rimfire Comp" held there regularly as well. Great fun
  12. Hi Dehane yes please. I would be interested in the three spare ones leaving a .308 for the new owner. Ewen
  13. Hi Dehane, If a buyer only wants the .308, then I would be interested in the other calibers. Ewen
  14. Deserttech Europe

    Choice of 6.5

    OSOK has a very good point, I think the choice of 6mm or 7mm for different goals are superior to the 6.5. Ewen

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