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  1. This is seriously cheap for a seriously good rifle! I might be interested in the barrel adapter if the buyer of the rifle doesn't want it.
  2. simgre

    TRG Mag

    I’ll have it, please.
  3. simgre

    RCBS .308 FL die

  4. simgre

    RCBS .308 FL die

    Scored the inside of my RCBS full length die. Anyone got a spare they’d part with? Thanks.
  5. simgre

    HS Precision new gen 2 bottom metal.

    Are Gen1 bottom metal and mags desirable, then? I was contemplating binning the metal and mag on my HS STR in favour of an AI conversion....
  6. Does the spare barrel come with the rifle included in the price? And what's the round count of that?
  7. simgre

    British Army MTP Heavyweight Goretex Jacket 190/120

    I have a brand new windproof smock.... the one you're after, is it actually marked up "Gortex", or only referred to as that?
  8. £695 for the Leupold, one and only drop or I'll keep it for a later project...
  9. S&B sold. A number of requests for pics of the Leupold which have all gone out. So a little bump...
  10. S&B, SPF. Thanks to all the others for the enquiries and pic requests.
  11. Cabinet clear out and other things on the wants list means I have two quality scopes for sale.First up a Leupold Mk4 8.5-25x50. Illuminated TMR reticle and metric turrets, FFP. Comes with flip up Leupold covers, but not the Alumina ones. Really nice condition with a rub or two in the turrets. £750Next a Schmidt & Bender PMII in the somewhat rare 4-16x50, illuminated P3, FFP reticle. 34mm tube. One or two rubs on the turrets from cabinet but in lovely condition. Comes with a set of Warne high 34mm rings. £1350Imageshack being a bitch so I'll get pics up as soon as I can. If someone wants them quicker, I can email them
  12. simgre

    Bushnell Elite 6500 4.5-30x50

    All sorted, many thanks.

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