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Amateur Radio Licensing

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So rather than resurrect the HAM radio thread from  a few years back, I thought I’d post this little update.

Due to CV19 there has really never been a better time to get a license. The old requirements to attend a club and do practical assessment aswell as an exam have all been waived.

Now it’s just an online multiple choice exam, so buy the book, do the practice exams (there are apps out there) and you’ll have a Foundation license in no time at all. This allows 10W which with Cw, HF and/of digital modes will allow worldwide comms.  Much better than the cheap licence free walkie talkies people end up with in their go bags. 

Of course there’s still a place for HTs for local comms but you could upgrade them to 2m/70cm for VUHF operation at upto 10W making them hugely more versatile.

Also with cheap Chinese radios, a mobile HF rig won’t cost the earth these days and can be quite compact, couple that with a long wire antenna and it’s portable worldwide comms in your pack.

Just though I’d mention it, Intermediate (upto 50W) is also available only with the practical assessment waived for now. The full license exam is apparently on the way too (for upto 400W). 

Its a decent time if you were ever considering it, and given the numbers of people studying across various Facebook groups, it seems the old requirement to join a club and do the assessments was always what stopped many people bothering! 

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If you wonder what gets discussed on amateur radio check out one of the radio internet services such as Hack Green:   http://hackgreensdr.org:8901


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Or just do it, i did a few years back,


G0WYD, check out qrz.com





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