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    Most things shooting. Amateur radio, hill walking, bird watching, caving etc.

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  1. I'll take the Lyman rings if they're still available please.
  2. Plecotus

    Outdoor sports update covid 19

    Depends how keen you are....
  3. Plecotus

    338 Lap Mag powder choice

    Thanks, guys. My missus is home now. Not 100% bt well on the way. Only problem I've had with RS80 is that it's the only powder I've tried, thius farr, which doesn't flow well in my autothrow. I've got a few suggestions I'm going to trym next time I load some. Other than that, I find it's great and I use RS powders for pretty much eveyrthing with the exception of my .44 these days.
  4. Plecotus

    338 Lap Mag powder choice

    Apologies for the late return to commenting on this thread - my wife has been unwell and in hospital. On the mend now, I'm pleased to say. I've had no pressre signs at all with my 98grn of RS80 behind a 300grn Berger bullet. I will admit, I've not not shot it that much, thanks to other issues getting in the way but the 130 rounds I've put through it thus far have worked as well as I was hoping.
  5. Plecotus

    338 Lap Mag powder choice

    I've been using 98grn of RS80 with a 300grn Berger bullet. I find this works well in my 32" barrel.
  6. Plecotus

    Range booking system/calendar for clubs?

    Thanks guys. I've taken a look at Google Calendar and, as Pops and Catch suggested, it looks like it will do the job and plenty more. I don't think we need anything as complex as the kinds of systems that Bisley and SSC are using. All that's needed now is to convince a dinosaur or two that this is the way to go. That may be a little more challenging! Again, thank you for all the suggestions.
  7. Plecotus

    Range booking system/calendar for clubs?

    Seems that, in my effort to be concise, I didn't give enough background. Apologies. I think the word 'bookings', without context, was misleading.... This is for one of the clubs I belong to. It has an indoor range. Currently, there are a number of more or less regular shooting nights and a number of ad-hoc sessions run by RCO-keyholders. Members have no way of knowing, currently, if the range will definitely be open on a particular day/night and, if it is, whether whoever is opening it will have access to the armoury to be able to sell ammo and/or make club firearms available as not all range keyholders have armoury keys. Equally, if an RCO plans an ad-hoc opening, perhaps because someone has asked if the range can be opened to do something specific, there is no way currentlly that said person can find out if anyone else will already be using the range when they get there. We don't need to manage commercial bookings or anything like that, just a simple(!) system whereby members can see when the range is booked, what it's booked for, what will be available in that session and, for RCOs, the abilty to post when they are opening and what will be available.
  8. Does anyone have any suggestions or, beter still, experince of an online booking system that coulld be used to allow members to book range slots and see when the range is already booked etc?
  9. Plecotus

    A&D scales with autotrickler/autothrower

    Thanks for that - very informative. I'm going to have another go. RS80 is the only powder I've really had any problems with so, if I can crack that, I'm sorted and if this worked for you, no reason why it shouldn't work for me. I have looked at the V3 but I've not had the V2 a year and loathe to spend the extra cash, no matter how tempted I am. To be honest, I load relatively few rounds with RS80 (I only use it for .338) that I would always manually charge and auto-trickle up but it would be nice to get it working properly. Fingers crossed that we get back on the MOD ranges with HME calibres soon. I think you shoot with ODRC so maybe catch up(!) with you there.
  10. Plecotus

    A&D scales with autotrickler/autothrower

    Thanks for that. I have tried adjusting that screw a bit but it didn't seem to make a great deal of difference. I ust admit, I didn't lube the inside but, based on your experience, it's probably worth trying. I've never used graphite of HbN before and I had to look up what HbN was. I presume with HbN you just dab it onto the plastic? All the products I've seen thus far seem to be powders so perhaps I'm missing something? Sorry if I'm being thick....I just want to make sure I don't end up contaminating my loads with lube.
  11. Plecotus

    A&D scales with autotrickler/autothrower

    Could you tell me what screw you adjusted, please? I keep having problems with RS80 in my V2.
  12. I didn't say I ever actually hit anything 🤣
  13. Not true for me, Pete. It's only 1,200yds at Bisley I believe.
  14. Plecotus

    COAL and Jump to lands

    Not 2155 - these: http://bulletin.accurateshooter.com/2008/12/sierra-introduces-new-308-155gr-palma-bullet/ I've never actually shot at Severnside although have been to Rogiet Moor, with Offas's Dyke RC quite a few times. My home range is Monmouth. I won't be shooting anywhere today though. Did my back moving a bag of cement on Thursday and several hours of gutter cleaning and repair yesterday didn't help either. Hope you have a good day.

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