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GRS Bifrost

farmer t

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I built a rifle for a customer on a Howa and placed it in a Bifrost that was on customer request - it shot and continues to shoot superbly 

Excellent value for what they are 


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I've been tempted too buy a bifrost for my 6.5x47 as like using it for hunting but as it's in a AICS stock its pretty heavy and bloody horrible too carry over your shoulder because where the sling hooks to the chassis.. 

Swap them over again for a range day...

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Have one on my Blaser R8 with 308 standard barrel and fluted match barrel in 6.5CM, no problems with accuracy and it is just so adjustable that getting  perfect set up for length of pull, shoulder height and offset as well as cheekweld is easy and at 1.35kg its a little lighter than the standard stock.

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I have one with a T3 Super Varmint .223 installed. Ergonomically they are a delight, reasonable weight, comfortable and the angled pistol grip is such an obvious design feature I don't know why it has not been done before. The only down side is that the cheek piece adjustment is quite fiddly. The bolt cannot be removed with the cheek piece raised so it has to be lowered and reset each time. This will not be an issue for some users but for range use where the bolt has to come out at the end of every detail it gets tedious. That said I will be buying a T1 and another Bifrost once we can get out again. 

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I have two Bifrosts, one on my Remy 700 and the other on my Tikka T1x and really like them, the fully adjustable butt is good, but the offset pistol grip is superb. However, both had a strange quirk when you first torque them down, as you're winding the bolts in, suddenly there's a sharp crack. Both times, I stopped and took it off and looked for something broken, but nothing and no problems shooting after. Go figure. 

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