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  1. I will take one set of rings please.
  2. I will take this please. Drop me a PM with payment details.
  3. That is very quiet for a 6.5X55. Impressive.
  4. I have just bought a Bifrost for my Tikka T3X. I find that the push button stock adjustments are very finicky, the buttons need a lot of pressure to operate which usually results in them popping through to the other side as they are ambidextrous. The cheek rest and butt pad adjustment increments are by means of fine toothed bars which should make small adjustments possible, but I find locking them at any particular setting is quite awkward due to the effort needed to operate the lock buttons. In a way it is not a major issue as the need to adjust the stock is not going to occur that frequently, however I am wondering if I have a duff example that needs to be returned. I have seen a few reviews and sought out opinion, there seems to be a consensus that the adjustments are fiddly. To those who use the Bifrost, how are you finding the adjustment system in use?
  5. All bases now gone, 1" and 30mm high rings still here.
  6. Thanks, so basically "selling after upgrade". I may consider this, my stalking rifle is a Sako 75 in 6.5 x 55 and a similar stock for my about to arrive T3 in.223 could be an option.
  7. 30mm Medium rings and one blue base now sold.
  8. In response to a question of barrel length, photo added.
  9. 2 sets 1" high blue rings £25 a set. 1 set 30mm high blue rings £40 All items in good condition commensurate with normal use. Ring inserts are intact, all screws present. Prices include UK postage.
  10. Bettinsoli 20 bore Diamond X Grade O/U, excellent condition, very light use. In fitted case with choke set. £450 FTF, RFD transfer at cost approx £35. About 130 cartridges included if FTF. High resolution photos available by email.
  11. Wapinschaw

    Jacket reproofing

    I have found the NikWash and NikWax products to be easy to use and effective. https://www.nikwax.com/en-gb/productselector/productselector.php I also use their waterproofing wax for boots, it does as advertised maintain suppleness and repel water.
  12. Wapinschaw

    Sad news: Bradders.

    RIP Mark. I never met him in person, I am a bit far from Bisley to be one of the crowd. I had contact with him off and on over the years buying a few items and in 2017 a new barrel for my Sako stalking rifle. As others have posted, he was very helpful with advice and straight as a die to deal with. My Sako is the work of a craftsman, a pleasure to shoot and will serve me as his memorial for a long time to come. Fly high Mark, may any God you held in your heart be with you. http://www.bradleyarms.co.uk/category/bolt-guns
  13. Wapinschaw

    Outdoor clothing repairs

    I have had a couple of jobs done by Scottish Mountain Gear: https://www.scottishmountaingear.com/repair-service and am very pleased with the results. With an expensive Goretex item like Harkila I would have more confidence with them than with an unverified local.

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