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  1. Swarovski Z6 2.5-15x56P Blaser rail quick detach, A4 fine reticle, parallax and ballistic turret, serviced in 2014, bit of a scratch on the parallax dial, with original documents but no box - £1320.00 posted rm signed for If this wasn't with the Blaser rail fit I would be keeping it, great glass and really nice zoom range, sad to sell but hey-ho.
  2. Thank you both, I had no idea, makes things flexible for mounting indeed.
  3. Contessa Blaser mount picatinny rail,FXB03, bought from Alan Rhone a few months back, £198.00, little use, perfect conditions, but no original packaging £160.00 posted
  4. Also purchased a few months back from Swillingtons: Hard to get hold of and a long delivery time from what I gather - Blaser R8 6.5 Creedmoor fluted match barrel, threaded no spigot, has had approx 95 rounds put through it £1000.00 Plus RFD fees and postage, barrel registered with Blaser for the extended warranty.
  5. Blaser quick detach saddle mount with TierOne 20moa 34mm tacrings. A small section .5mm deep has been professionally milled in the middle to allow a big S&B scope to clear properly, doesn't affect the mounts in any way. in excellent condition. £350 posted
  6. Creedmoor barrel moved to individual sale advert and is not part of this advert, only the .308 rifle complete.
  7. Blaser R8 rifle in .308 standard profile, threaded with spigot, in a black GRS Bifrost stock, brought from Braces of Bristol a few months back, includes 2 magazines and one standard trigger. This stock has a wide inlet so will take match barrels, also it's very adjustable, and a little lighter than the standard stock without the astronomic cost of the Blaser adjustable stock option, recoil management from the stock is also very good. The bolt has cycled 95 rounds of ammo without issue. The .308 Barrel is Brand new unused, except for proof. Type C travel case, takes 2x scope, stock, 2x barrels, 2x magazines and tools. All original paper work and registered with Blaser for the extended warranty £3000.00 plus RFD fees and postage Items will be posted from my RFD to your RFD, or if you are local to Bangor, North Wales, then you can collect from Valley Arms.
  8. SOLD £300.00 inc 1st RM tracked. payment by PayPal. kestrel 4500 with applied ballistics and Bluetooth. This also has multi target, g1,g7 and Litz Custom Curve. Plus ability to load at least 3 different guns. works perfectly and has latest update applicable to this model- will Bluetooth to windows10 and android but not iOS/Mac. comes with lanyard and original cloth pouch, no original packaging. Has a crack on the battery compartment hinge, but this closes fine and the waterproof seal still works, this takes AAA batteries.
  9. Hi, sorry sold a while ago, apologies for not updating the advert.
  10. Brummy Mark

    New Defender

    These are the people to visit - amazing engine installations and they manufacture Landrover parts from scratch. I saw a vid of a 90 defender thet put a BMW engine into - 0-60 in less than 6 seconds with all the handling and stopping power to match. https://www.4x4fabrication.co.uk
  11. Sold Only mounted for pics and review. The new Vortex Strike Eagle 5-25x56 mil/mil ffp 34mm tube in as new, boxed with everything new and Vortex lifetime warranty. Illuminated Enr-7c reticle inc unopened battery and all tools, zero-stop sunshade and bikini cover. £680 inc signed for postage. PayPal please. These are £750 new, a great scope for prl etc
  12. Brummy Mark

    Problems with Vertabrae

    Hi There, I have also had items from Thomas in the past few months, I did wing them a Messenger after a 3week wait, and about 10 days later my items arrived - It was a postal delay circa 4 weeks.
  13. Sold. Minox ZP5 5-25 x 56 MIL/MIL MR5 Reticle FFP. Condition is Used. This scope has exceptional glass and comes with a choice of 'One' Tier-1 unimount: either a 20MOA or 0MOA . It is in good condition with signs of use, (some blemishes on the turrets and around the Battery Cover). £1770.00 posted Royal Mail special deliver by 1pm. Also for sale elsewhere.
  14. Brummy Mark


    Jarred Shoeman, you have posed as 3 different people now to try and buy this scope. you have already had one account on UKV deleted by admin today. I have 1 landline number for you in London which is associated with a few phone scams, I have 3 email addresses and one mobile number. you are in South Africa and I have the WhatsApp Africa mobile number you gave me. I have no intention of selling this scope to you or any of your friends or associates. You are wasting my time having to remove adverts from Guntrader and then still emailing me directly. David James or David Maine or Jarred Shoeman, I don’t care. It is not difficult to spot the abnormal. Jees never had so much hassle trying to sell a scope. Unbelievable. and then have nerve to say I’m the scammer just because I won’t have anything to do with them!!
  15. Brummy Mark


    Yes, but as you contacted on another site, using an email address and a telephone number, 02072343456, that is associated with phone scams, I will continue to ignore you.
  16. Brummy Mark


    Weekend bump to top.
  17. These scopes have been selling like hot cakes - massive amount of elevation means they are really useful for .22lr too. Really surprised this hasn't sold.
  18. Brummy Mark

    Load data RS62/Scenar 123gr

    All my previous loads for different calibre have been worked up using OCW; but thought I would try the satterlee method for the first time with the 6.5 creedmoor and see what happens, perhaps I have dropped lucky just this once.
  19. Brummy Mark

    Load data RS62/Scenar 123gr

    Thanks for this, informative data for the RS powder and satterlee. I also recently used the 10 shot ladder for 120gn Nosler ballistic tips, but with Viht N135 powder - large rifle magnum primer, And identified 2 flat spots, one at 2840fps and one larger one near the top of the load ladder at 2940fps. ( I stopped at 40gr with 2997fps due to pressure signs) Long and the short of it was using 39.6gr of N135 at COAL 2.775" gave the lowest ES/SD and further tweaking with seating depth and brass prep really tightened everything up. Happy days.
  20. Brummy Mark

    Has anyone seen any fox cubs yet?

    Cubs out round here and now practicing their hunting skills

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