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  1. Brummy Mark

    Load data RS62/Scenar 123gr

    All my previous loads for different calibre have been worked up using OCW; but thought I would try the satterlee method for the first time with the 6.5 creedmoor and see what happens, perhaps I have dropped lucky just this once.
  2. Brummy Mark

    Load data RS62/Scenar 123gr

    Thanks for this, informative data for the RS powder and satterlee. I also recently used the 10 shot ladder for 120gn Nosler ballistic tips, but with Viht N135 powder - large rifle magnum primer, And identified 2 flat spots, one at 2840fps and one larger one near the top of the load ladder at 2940fps. ( I stopped at 40gr with 2997fps due to pressure signs) Long and the short of it was using 39.6gr of N135 at COAL 2.775" gave the lowest ES/SD and further tweaking with seating depth and brass prep really tightened everything up. Happy days.
  3. £300.00 inc 1st RM tracked. payment by PayPal. kestrel 4500 with applied ballistics and Bluetooth. This also has multi target, g1,g7 and Litz Custom Curve. Plus ability to load at least 3 different guns. works perfectly and has latest update applicable to this model- will Bluetooth to windows10 and android but not iOS/Mac. comes with lanyard and original cloth pouch, no original packaging. Has a crack on the battery compartment hinge, but this closes fine and the waterproof seal still works, this takes AAA batteries.
  4. Brummy Mark

    Has anyone seen any fox cubs yet?

    Cubs out round here and now practicing their hunting skills
  5. Nice clear face, with minute markers and 1/2 min markers I can actually see for a change. The top right button is actually a dial that turn the bezel for timing purposes if needed. edit I have skinny wrist!
  6. I'm currently reviewing an Elliot and Brown special edition, MREW, watch, and as waterproof 200m, with very bright luminous markers and simple face, and also a really neat feature is the prismatic glass, being able to read the time easily at an acute angle. 2 straps, rubber and webbing, with retaining pins that screw in, not spring loaded bendy pins. I dont think the movement is anything too special, but it appears to keep time very well.
  7. Magnetospeed received and fantastic condition, many thanks. Mark
  8. Hi, have you some pics of the S&B and the reticle type please, also is this ffp or sfp?
  9. Bought by me a couple of days ago.
  10. magneto speed please, will pm you
  11. thanks. if he changes mind and wants to sell it with the mount, let me know please.

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