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  1. Only if they are a single shot / single barrel or a lever action , s/autos or pumps are a no go.
  2. Moorlander

    Ar10 barrel thread

    5/8 x24 is the recognised muzzle thread.
  3. Cant be used on deer and too expensive for fox so not much use in the UK.
  4. Moorlander

    Unlike dinner partners?

    Its what the cullers use for the traps.
  5. Moorlander

    GRS Bifrost

    All plastic with no alloy chassis in the BiFrost?
  6. Moorlander


    If something is too good to be true ............ You really should inform the Police.
  7. Crap with the NRA has been going on for years , alleged corruption etc , its a real shame , it needs to be run by vetted former business people with a clean track record. https://savebisley.com/nra-litigation/
  8. If you have an open ticket you can shoot anywhere you deem suitable and that you have permission to shoot on , it sometimes takes a bit of work to get this into an FEO`s head , many are civil servants and dont know their jobs very well.
  9. Moorlander

    What coating is this.?

    Ask on a knife forum ?
  10. Moorlander

    Sassen cut rifled barrel

    So what's wrong with Lothar Walther?
  11. Moorlander


    The 8% is what a certain importer / distributor will increase their prices by from what I been told by someone who works for them , I guess a lot will be extra admin work , banking etc , what a great excuse for them to ramp up prices
  12. Moorlander


    Yes it should be , you will always pay the VAT in the country of origin unless you are a UK VAT registered business then its zeroed at source . Edit , post Brexit you wont be charged VAT at source on European purchases BUT there will be import duty , around 8% then VAT on top of everything , payable to HMRC , VAT registered businesses will claim the VAT back but still have to charge VAT on the items when they are sold, expect all guns and related products from the EU to go up by at least 8% , stuff from the US will remain the same as today.
  13. Moorlander


    Bang on , it happens in other markets as well , precious penny pinchers then cry theres no insert shop type here local to where they live , it`ll bite shooters on the arse when the only choice is SGC and the likes left and then you will then get well and truly financially raped.
  14. Moorlander


    Maybe Lapua are telling all their retailers to stick to their territory or get no more stock ?

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