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  1. I waited 6 months for the 338 bolts so you could be waiting a while. It might be worth checking around different retailers as it seems some have stock. There is a 6.5CM in Livens which I assume is for sale and Southport firearms have some but colour might be an issue I guess. Some are advertised on guntrader. Good luck
  2. Thanks TJC So I assume your having issues with yours feeding? Are you getting any support from AI or your retailer? I must admit I don’t want to end up with a rifle that won’t feed consistently from the magazine. This is one of my concerns about aftermarket chassis’s. I had been considering p/x the AT but thought a chassis swap might be the route to go. Although I here the competition trigger in the AT-X is good?
  3. Hi TJC Sounds like you have got some interesting information. Can I pick you brains a bit? when you say “on the hide” is that snipers hide? Are they really on the 3rd version? It’s always difficult to find out much about AI in this country. I have assumed the US were making there ones and the UK factory the ones for this country? The reason I ask is I’ve seen a YouTube video from a supplier in the states. It’s strange that you say quality issues as well, when they then make a big deal on the quality assurance and CNC. I suppose the question would be if it’s a magazine issue (a pre
  4. A little bit of compression is quite often what reloaders go for (good case fill is supposed to be better), but normally VIHTAVUORI tells you when it is compressed. I have always found there max is quite conservative compared to what some people are loading (I’m not recommending going over there max though). Always start lower and work your load up looking for signs of pressure. And because you can see the powder might not mean it’s compressed, there is normally a crunching sound when you are compressing. 22gr seems quite low to be compressing, I’ve loaded 77SMK with 24.5gr of N140 for my AR w
  5. I believe so, call them they are always very helpful. https://www.sportingservices.co.uk/collections/rifles/products/a-tec-338-calibre-sound-moderator
  6. Sporting services do a couple, A-TEC Marksman looks good but expensive, they also have a MAE that’s aluminium.
  7. Yes that’s the AI way, they do seem to be quicker with the AT-X than they were with the AXMC MK3 LOL
  8. I guess you could change the CZ rail for aN Area 419 one. And they look very nice.
  9. Nice job and very satisfying to do it yourself. I assume you used the Long Shot Precision one as inspiration? How much did you do it for, I think Spud is asking £300+. One day I may find room and money to set up a proper workshop.
  10. So far, it’s performed faultlessly. Seems very accurate with the limited rounds I’ve put through it. Was easily 1/2 moa out of the box with 144sako. One comment is the cheek riser isn’t quite high enough with the scope mount combination I have(20moa spuhr). Going to try the pads SS do. Now waiting for the big bolt and magazine so I can Get Baldy to spin me up a 300NM barrel. And yes it’s 1.6mm firing pin as standard. Weight isn’t for lightweights lol. Hope this is of help.
  11. It is very good for the money, I like the mods he did for the torch clamp (I have the old one and it never worked, just had the make my own). He has a face book page Reloader Brass Annealer. also worth a look is https://caselife.co.uk for inductive type maybe - https://www.mgnz-makes.com/ Fluxeon Annie Also there is a South African company who are looking to start importing soon called Quick Anneal that will hopefully be a reasonable price. See them on YouTube
  12. I have a 38/357 so not exactly sure what the gallery boy/girls are using but there is a very good face book group galleryrifle you should try. I think they are probably using mainly N320 4.3-5.7gr.
  13. I don’t believe the AT have yet to be supplied by the factory with 6.5CM. If you found one it would have been rebarreled and round count won’t relate to age of action or serial number. your probably better getting a barrel done for the OEM 308
  14. There are loads of great scopes out there but At the moment this seems like very good value for what you get, https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/athlon-ares-etr-4-5-30x56-ffp-mil-ir-rifle-scope
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