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  1. Even within the specialist gallery guys there are different ideas. Some of the top guys now go for high magnification. However they spent a lot of time practicing coming up on target developing the muscle memory to do it in one move. I don’t think I would recommend this approach for a beginner though. As stated above a 1-6 type mag will get you on the correct target quickly. If you cross shoot your just be giving the guy next to you points. I use a Falcon 1-8 on my underlever and it is ideal for T&P 1 for me. For small cal I use a 5-20 MTC but I would like to be able to come down to x3 for the closer stuff. If money is no object I think the March 2.5-25 is the ultimate gallery scope (not a cheap option though), but I think you should look around for something that comes down to x3 and as high is you can afford (x15?). SFP is best for gallery and the cheaper optics probably won’t be a massive issue for gallery. Finally find a reticle that suits you and is nice and simple. Maybe something like the Sightron S-Tac 3-16 with duplex reticle? There is a gallery rifle Facebook group that you could join and ask for opinions. Try and have a look through all the scopes at your club if you can as what one guy likeS won’t necessarily suit you. Hope this helps and don’t forget these are just my ideas, your always have to form your Own opinions in the end.
  2. Timbo1963

    AMP DIY Alternatives - Induction Annealing

    Hi Guys I have long wantedto try the Fluxeon Annie, https://fluxeon.com/ as It’s a lot cheaper than the AMP and it’s not constrained by having to feed the case neck down. This in my view is an odd thing to do; as if you feed neck up you can locate equally as well but make automating much easier (gravity is working with you) Yes I have seen the AMP auto feeder but feel it’s just silly.
  3. Timbo1963

    IOR Scopes, your thoughts?

    The one observation I have regarding Richards affiliation with OpticsWarehouse is that OW don’t only retail IOR and in fact do SB, NF and Vortex. It will be interesting to see what his latest test results show. I run the Crusader and it has its plus’s and minus’s but on the whole, Mine is a good scope.
  4. Definitely contact RS, as this will cost you nothing and the more informations you have the better. If your going for heavier bullets you might be better off with RS62. I assume you’re going out for distance with the fast twist rate and heavy bullets? If so, you can trawl though this site , there has been lots of guys giving there load data. Laurie Holland has a massive knowledge on FTR. You might also find it’s worth trying RS52 with 155/155.5 bullets?
  5. Timbo1963

    308 AI AT

    Both work well in my AT. I use Varget/N140/RS52 for 155gr SMK/Scenar. N150/RS62 for 167/8
  6. Timbo1963

    6.5CM 123 scenars & N140

    My Varget load seems to work for N140 as well, its 46.1gr SMK 155gr 2155, 1:12 twist 26” barrel at 2780f/s. I haven’t fully developed it so but looks promising.
  7. Timbo1963

    Rpa action

    Form rifle stocks? I think these stocks are really good and they will inlet to your action if you let them scan it. http://www.formriflestocks.co.uk/
  8. Cheers guys it’s great to get eve tones experiences. I think I.m gong to try both N140 and RS52. Thinking of starting at 37gr and working up on each. I’ll let you know how I get on.
  9. Hi Guys I’m getting near the end of my store of Varget and need to start working up loads to get similar performance from an alternative but unsure what to try first. The powders I’m thinking of are; N140, RS50 or RS52. I heard RL15 can spike easily and as this cartridge does start to go straight to pierced primers I’m reluctant to try it. My current load is 37.9gr with br4 seated 10thou off land at 2950fps. AI AT 30” barrel. Any experience would be much appreciated Timbo
  10. Charles Martin http://charlesmartinwatchcompany.com/ i can recommend
  11. Timbo1963

    Sightron but which one?

    Hi Matthew I’ve an S3 8-32x56 and it’s very good, but it’s also been around quite a while and there are some very alternatives at the moment. Have a look at Richard Uttings latest video on utube. hope this helps Tim
  12. Timbo1963


    Really sorry to hear that your not going to be Making anymore mods. My AI mod is top notch.
  13. Try Charles Martin, you can Facebook message him
  14. Timbo1963

    AI sound mod.

    I have the one less Charlie on my AT. It works well on both my barrels 308 & 6.5x47. It's quite heavy though (which is fine as long as your not lugging the rifle about much). He's on here as well. And because the break has the counter clockwise thread it doesn't work loose.
  15. You need the BT57-QK – Accu-Shot Accuracy International AT (ASAIAT) Monopod

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