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  1. banus02

    MME bullets

    good afternoon ,any idea of the price for the 6mm 90gr hunting bullet per 100 posted?
  2. banus02

    Reasonable price bullets

    good evening,not sure about about reasonable priced but cdsg < i think> do free delivery if you spend over £50 and you probably will ! dauntseyguns often have stock but getting pricy ,spud1967 again on the expensive side but tends to have stock. bullets have gone up in price my nosler 120 b/t has gone up £5+ a box of fifty.if you find any reasonable price bullets ,feel free to drop me a pm.
  3. banus02

    miss fires

    good morning and thank you for your replies, i have checked my reloading notes and as you thought i have bumped shoulder back as the cases were tight in the chamber <sako brass> and having used a magnifying glass i can see that although at a casual glance the primer strike looked normal it is in fact slightly shallower and this has caused my miss fires. < i hope>job for today pull the bullets etc from the loaded sako cases and run back through the resize die with the die backed back slightly until the case is just a snug fit in the chamber..many thanks for your advice. some times the simple mistakes catch me out!
  4. banus02

    miss fires

    good evening ,question if i may, reference federal 210 l/r primers. i have used federal primers for 40+ years and never had a problem until this week.i have just opened opend my last box of 1000 primers which i bought two years ago they are all stored in an air tight wooden box in a locked cupboard .i bought 4000 as the last lot a gun shop had ,they have now closed/bankrupt.any way no problems with the 3000 i have used but of the new 1000 box i have used 25 and had 4 fail to fires! so far no signs of damp ,primers look same as any other primer except instead of being blue inside these are red but are the same batch number as the previous 3000,not sure where to go with this as it makes me think twice before pulling the trigger ! having loaded empty cases with ten of these primers i went up my zeroing field and pointing into my back stop fire all 10 with no problems.so did i just get unlucky a have four duds in my 4000 or should i only load these primers for target practice and buy some more primers for field us.?
  5. SOLD scale in original box and excellent condition,bought by me a few years ago but I have never used them,SOLD
  6. good afternoon ,could you tell me what makes the tikka t3 mag rare? very interested as I can buy lots of t3 308 mags but is your a steel magazine ?
  7. banus02

    Long range scope

    get yourself a nice leupold mk4 m1 30mm tube 8.5x25x50 target turrets mil reticle cheap at £800 life time warranty.
  8. banus02

    Rust pitting or whats the cause

    good evening,i have a cz 527 1 in 9 twist and the barrel is worse than that but cz said its out of warranty and barrels are consumables,i hope tikka do the right thing for you.
  9. banus02

    Long range scope

    if you intend to use a rifle for range work avoid the 204 ruger,<I would not use 22/250 either!> buy a 223rem,long barrel life,cheapish ammo,lots of good makers cz,tikka,styre etc etc 1 in 9 twist or faster and as said a vortex or Japanese made zeiss will work well.good luck with your choice.
  10. banus02

    A mates tikka T3 6.5x55 varmint

    good afternoon ,accuracy kills not speed! go shoot something,good hunting,stay safe.
  11. banus02

    A mates tikka T3 6.5x55 varmint

    good evening,i run a 20"tikka s/v using 120 nosler b/t at 2640 fps n560 48gr excellent accuracy and kills what ever its aimed at no problems.
  12. he was on the forum an hour ago send him a private message
  13. SOLD 2x 100 count boxes 87gr vmax ,£20 per 100 posted, 2boxes of100 95gr sst 6mm £20 per 100 posted in England.SOLD
  14. banus02

    reloading 6.5x55

    good evening Curtis,in my tikka I use the nosler 120gr and n150,my 20" barrel produces 2640 fps and is very accurate
  15. banus02

    rifle bolt question

    good afternoon,i have a 243 Winchester coyote lite and find that the bolt is very loose in the action,it closes and the rifle fires ok but a little concern as to how loose the bolt is,the rifle has fired less than 1000 rounds from new and is a stalking rather than a range rifle.perhaps this is how Winchesters are made and I am comparing it to my tikka so it feels worse than it is.i am a little concerned about using it as I don't want to get injured or damage the rifle.it sits in the cabinet and only see the light of day a couple of times a year ,it is accurated but as stated the bolt is a very loose fit.

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