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  1. you must have been a forum member for 30+ days before you place a sales add
  2. good evening,have you owned the bushnell ers from new ?
  3. seriously. !! its against royal mail regulations and must be by special courier and expensive!
  4. good luck with the sale ,good buy for some one. <a year ago i would have bought the vortex but now life has changed for me and thousands of people>
  5. sold flambeau outdoor scoped rifle case plastic foam lined used £25 collected sold
  6. grs bi-frost stock for tikka t3/t3x i have gone back to factory stock this is the light brown/sand coloured stock used but in good condition SOLD
  7. unopened 1 kilo tub of n540 swap for an unopened 1 kilo tub of n150. i am on the oxon/berks border m4/a34 area
  8. good evening bob ,my son is law is trying to get his fac asap but thames valley say not until restrictions are lifted and the gp say not doing medical paper work ! so bit of a bugger. if it ever moves forward i will be in contact ,all the best stay safe .
  9. good morning,an auction house would sell for what ever was offered and in bobs case he is trying to sell to a forum member at a good price so both parties get a decent deal,why would he go to auction and lose any money left in the sale? bob always looks after his kit and will tell you if there were any issues .an auction would be usefull as a last resort if the items needed to be sold desperately but in this case they dont .!
  10. good evening ,yes remember that but will always remember the lsd drug film
  11. if i recall correctly the 6br uses resized 223rem case so small rifle primers even cci will be fine <i only use federal primers !
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