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  1. dont blame him as paypal are anti shooting! bacs would do i expect but up to the seller how he wants paying .
  2. perron,this could be posted to you for around £20 except the powder and primers <if he has any> so a bargain. go for it
  3. good afternoon, has the scope tube been resprayed? if so can i ask why .looks like parts of the tube have been over sprayed BUT it may be just the light when the photo was taken.
  4. banus02

    Tikka T3 Bolt Shroud

    contact tikka direct ,they will <normally> give you a uk stockist that actually has a shroud in stock
  5. banus02

    Tikka T3 Bolt Shroud

    good evening,a t3x will fit and is metal and yes has a spring inside .i have one fitted on my t3 243 and the one that came on my t3x both work perfectly. i made the mistake of buying a copy/after market shroud and had issues .hang fires/light strikes etc.buy genuine tikka parts and you will be fine.
  6. banus02

    Meopta OPTIKA 6

    they are not in the meostar range much more like the meopro range, ie middle of the range scope.in reality probably a sub £500 range of scopes but they do have decent glass but as far as i am aware and could easily be wrong.they are made in the usa and are aimed at that market. if you want the best scope for your money look at the meostar range.
  7. damn wish i had seen this add before i would have bought the 243 dies. nice set for some one
  8. good evening,nothing in my pm box,its clear so dont know why they have not come through!
  9. sold an unopened one kilo tub of vit n540 powder £75 collected sold
  10. good afternoon ,thank you ,good luck with the sale
  11. banus02

    Vortex Warranty Work - Who's needed it?

    i had two vortex viper pst 6x24x50,both failed to track both return and replaced ,one of the replacements would not hold a 100 yard zero.i dont own an vortex,s any more! the warranty is of no use if you can not use the scope!
  12. good evening , yes it has 1/4 moa turret adjustment

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