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  1. As title I've got some Newlon Precision blanks that I'm not going to be using, these were originally bought for a 7mm/.284 Shehane: 1 Bushing sizing die Size 7mm #3 1 Body & forming die 7mm #3 I'd prefer to sell both together so looking at £100 posted for both look here https://newlonprecision.com/ for any information
  2. As title I have a few spare Hornady puller bullet collets, both brand new and never used, the .308 is still in packet but the 7mm has been opened. #6 for 7mm / .284 #7 for .308 looking for £15 each posted.
  3. For sale, Wheeler trigger pull scale, brand new and never opened as bought in error (I wanted the electronic one), looking for £25 +postage
  4. I'll let you know once it sells as I'll need to keep things if it doesn't
  5. Sorry I completely missed your post, you're probably sorted now but yes it is still available
  6. back up for sale due to buyers circumstances changing
  7. Hi, The aggregates are worth doing as they don't cost much and without winning any single shoot you may qualify for a final (I managed to qualify for 2 last year and didn't win a single event), I'm guessing that you already know but the .308 will put you in FT/R and the 6.5 will mean F Open. It's a good competition with a lot of friendly people. As said you may want to book the accommodation early
  8. Due to shooting more F class now I could do with selling one of my creedmoors to make space for an F Open rifle so one of the following needs to go: Scopes & bipod in photos are NOT included with either rifle (or for sale) Semi custom Tikka T3 - built by Steve Kershaw (invoice for work attached) : 24" fluted Sassen S/S barrel with 8.5 twist and 18x1 thread for moderator Bolt has been fluted 20 MOA rail Atlasworx DBM (this Tikka uses AICS style magazines NOT plastic Tikka ones) Updated bolt shroud and handle Wildcat Predator moderator (all
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