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  1. updated price and will spilt if any interest
  2. It's done using the TAB-U Vertical Tactical Adjustable Stock pad
  3. As title, I'm selling my .308 Ruger Precision as I've been concentrating on F class and it hasn't been used this year, it's got the following upgrades and is great to shoot, a very reluctant sale but I'm using it to fund an F Open rifle Ruger Precision in .308 Timney Trigger (original will also be supplied) 26" Criterion barrel - Changed by Steve Kershaw as has had less than 300 rounds through (load development and 1 club shoot at Bisley) Anarchy Outdoors 40MOA rail (original 20MOA will also be supplied) MDT vertical grip (original will also be supplied) V-TA
  4. For sale ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 5-20 (latest firmware installed) complete with standard illuminator, all mounting hardware and sunshade Looking for £625 + postage, I drive between Teesside & Bisley often so could meet/delivery if near my route. Also listed for sale elsewhere Thanks Deker
  5. A read the post wrong, thought they were all. 284. I'm interested in the RCBS .284 die set
  6. Whichever he takes I'm interested in the other one 😀
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