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Found 20 results

  1. Just thought I'd share a foxing rifle I've been using recently. It's providing to be a great setup with some well proven kit. A Tikka Super Varmint build using some nice kit from Tikka, Pulsar, PSE and Tier-One. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViU7-BvO67g&t=94s
  2. As above ati folding stock. It’s as new, I bought and never fitted it. I might have the box somewhere. Unsure of the value Looking for £120 courier delivered I believe this a fair price. Pm me if you disagree.
  3. For sale is a Accuracy International Chassis System stock in Arctic Warfare design, was used with my former Remmington 700 SPS Varmint .308. Comes with 1x AI 10 round mag and 1x Non-OEM mag holds 9/10 rounds. KRG Bolt Knob - Tactical handling and lager size than standard knob. 20MOA 200mm long rail - Don't remember brand. Picture below shows the full setup but only the parts as listed above for sale. Would like £350.00 for the lot, posted UK. Advertised elsewhere.
  4. Selling a SSS stock for Rem 700 SA. These stocks can be re-inletted as far as I am aware by SSS to pretty much anything you want. It has been devcon and pillar bedded to a Rem 700 action. Fully adjustable cheek, length of pull and comb height.It's made from their carbon fibre/fibreglass so its mega strong and rigid. It comes with AICS bottom metal, but without magazine. Would have cost in the region of £1000 when made with the adjustable parts. I'm open to offers £350
  5. Hi All I have purchased an adjustable stock for my Ruger 10/22 so have the Hogue (dovetail for-end type) for sale its a one piece stock so not the version that breaks apart. Its only a few weeks old and only been used on the rifle for one session of around 80 rounds. Absolutely no marks other than the ones that rub on and off such dust and fingers :-) Its a lovely Matt black colour so if you want to upgrade your standard to the hogue version then this is the one for you! Just the stock...no rifle (picture is from a website just to show the stock type...let me know if you want pictures of the actual stock...although its identical and no marks as its practically brand new) £65 posted. Thank you,
  6. I am reluctantly selling my fajen ace varminter stock. I had be fitted to a Remington 700 bdl varmint short action. The stock is in good condition with very little mark. This is a solid stock that easily soaks up recoil, ideal for large calibres and long sessions on the range. £80 https://www.midwayusa.com/product/109373/fajen-ace-varminter-stock-remington-700-bdl-short-action-remington-varmint-barrel-channel-laminated-wood-coffee-drop-in-finished
  7. GRS BERSKER REM 700 SA stock Two months old with original box and 5 shot detachable mag £320 posted
  8. happyshooting

    XLR Industries Element Chassis

    Hi, I am new to the forum and I am also new to centrefire shooting. I am currently researching the equipment/platform I want to use, and I was looking for a reasonable priced Chassis system for the Remington 700. I came across the XLR Industries Element Chassis, which I think looks really good. They are an US based company, and I can't easily see a UK supplier online. I notice that one or two people on this forum have the chassis, so does anyone know where to get them from? Cheers, Chris
  9. Rifle stock to fit a Tikka T3 supervarmint .223 action, complete with recoil lug, beyond that completely untouched and no marks or dinks whatsoever. Would pass as new, but had been fitted to a rifle at one point for a target plinking session. £400 posted (£110 off McAvoys prices +p&p). Pictures uploaded to a GRS Folder in my Classifieds; http://s408.photobucket.com/user/Sandy_750/library/Classifieds/GRS%20Stock?sort=3&page=1 A good deal for someone.
  10. I'm after a replacement stock for my Rem 700 SPS Varmint. The standard plastic stock is awful, and makes the gun very unbalanced and heavy over the nose. I like the look of the AICS but would like some opinions on those stocks or other similar stocks that people have experience of and would like to share. The MDT TAC-21 was the other I was considering. Thoughts anyone?
  11. SRGNXL

    rifle chassis

    Has anyone seen this chassis in the flesh? It's made for rem700 SA and LA which should also fit the custom clone actions out there. found it on fbk called LARS
  12. For sale: CZ455 Varmint thumbhole laminate stock. This stock was fitted to my new rifle and has been out of the cabinet just a single time, I bought the rifle as a package but always intended to swap the stock for a Pro-Varmint to match my other rifles. Well, my new stock turned up this morning so I now have the thumbhole for sale. As expected, it's in fantastic condition, will be supplied in a Boyds box. Pictures below. Looking for £90 plus post. And how it looks fitted on a rifle:
  13. FOR SALE: Laminated Thumbhole Stock to Fit Tikka T3 Varmint- £120.00 Good Condition and Ready to fit a T3. stock.pdf stock 2.pdf
  14. One Tikka T3 Sporter Stock, Bought new last June, in good condition - a few light scuffs commensurate with regular use over some 1000 rounds. This stock combined with my .223 T3 shot very well and held zero with no problems. The stock has a 2-way adjustable cheekpiece and a butt pad adjustable for height and cant as well as LOP by way of spacers. The forend has an inlet Anschutz style rail and comes with a sling attatchment and a rear QD sling loop. £275 + £12 P&P Advertised elsewhere.
  15. In stock now are the first batch of MDT Skeleton V2 stocks to hit the UK via the official distributors. Most of this first consignment is already sold, but there are two stocks still available in black. Perfect for that minimalist look on either a TAC21 or LSS. They're priced at £235 + p&p and available to purchase here
  16. Rifle stock to fit a Tikka T3 supervarmint, complete with recoil lug, beyond that completely untouched and no marks or dinks whatsoever. Would pass as new, but had been fitted to a rifle at one point for a target plinking session. £410 posted (£100 of McAvoys prices +p&p). Will upload pictures / link soon in good daylight. A good deal for someone.
  17. For sale is my Boyds laminate varmint thumbhole stock in nutmeg colour. This was bought to go on my Tikka T3 Varmint but never got fitted and I have decided to go for a chassis system. The stock is in as new condition and was bought in the finished state. Im looking for £120 posted. http://i1290.photobucket.com/albums/b521/JDBenelliM1/Tikka%20T3/IMG_35101_zpsf98b8580.jpg http://i1290.photobucket.com/albums/b521/JDBenelliM1/Tikka%20T3/IMG_35091_zps365ff07f.jpg Any questions please ask. Also advertised elsewhere. Cheers John
  18. TSG


    Anybody know who has a good stock of magpul in the UK? Obviously not the PRS air soft version. Particularly looking for a PRS/ ACS stock for 308 AR. Thanks
  19. Any one know where I can get a Wild Dog Tactical stock for a T3 in the UK?
  20. AICS Stock, 1.5, Black, Short Action, Non-Folding, 10 & 5 round .308 magazines and custom stock pouch. Stock has barely been used, as much as two shoots and looks brand new except for two slight scratches from the mounted bipod. Shipped with a SKT custom stock pouch for the AICS which holds the 10rnd magazine, clear panel for range cards and slots for a few tools. *Installation instructions included* £500

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